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A new town, hell a new country. Yumiko was not quite use to the busy London street. A Japanese girl with a short boyish cut, natural beauty, graced with intelligence of an unnatural nature. She had been sent from Japan on a special case and to assist the infamous detective, Sherlock Holmes.

Three days ahead of schedule, she had arrived at 221B Baker st and knocked on the door softly. 

Watson was the one who answered to the door. "Hello? May I help you?"

Sherlock stood looking out the window vacantly and boredly. He slowly played a boring sounding tune on the violin, his piercing blue eyes just staring into nothingness. The nicotine patches on his arm wasn't helping him at all as he craved for a cigarette. With nothing to do, and boredom creeping over, he was about to throw the violin through the window.

The tiny little Asian girl bowed and introduced herself. "My name is Niikura Yamiko. I am looking for sir Sherlock Holmes." Her English was flawless and even with the her thick accent it was easy to understand her.

Watson gave her a quick look up and down, then back into the house. ".... Why would you be looking for him?"

Sherlock missed just one single note on the violin, and that meant enough was enough. He slammed it down roughly on the desk and started to pace, tapping his long fingers together just at the tips. He grumbled as he tried to think, then looked under the skull for the cigarettes Watson was hiding from him. "Damnit John.." he grumbled under his breath.

Yumiko looked at the doctor and sighed. "One word... Moriarty." she answered. She battered her eyelashes in hopes that the man would take her to the one man that she was looking for.

Watson's eyes widened slightly. He stepped aside to let her him. "Of course. Come, please." the doctor led her quickly up the stairs and opened the door. "Sherlock!" He called, then grumbled when he saw his friend rummaging to find the cigarettes. "Resist your addiction for a moment."

"I can't think without them John, you know this! Gah, sitting here with nothing to do is driving me absolutely insane." Sherlock said as he paced, then looked at the girl behind him, or what appeared to be a girl at first. Sherlock looked at Yumiko intensely. "...who is this. What does he want?"

Eyes widen and panic filled her eyes. Yumiko had never told anyone her secret and she had done her best to hide it. But leave it to the wondrous Sherlock to figure it out with one glance. "Konbanwa Holmes-san. Atashi wa Niikura Yumiko desu. Atashi wa warui nyƫsu ga tsuite kuru." she said in her sweetest voice. Hi mr. Holmes. My name is Yumiko Niikura. I come bearing bad news.

Watson looked at Yumiko oddly, back to Sherlock, then back to Yumiko. His eyes finally fell to Sherlock once more. "He?"

"Well go on then. You're boring me with taking the time to tell me what is going on here." Sherlock said and flopped down into the armchair, folding his hands into his lap. She was obviously Japanese, and she was a he. Sherlock figured that much out, and was a little curious as to why this specific stranger had such terrible news. He was sure taking his sweet time about it, that was for sure.

Yumiko turned to Watson. "It was a slip of the tongue I'm sure." She said as she turned back to Sherlock. "Well you'll have to forgive me but I am still trying to wrap my head around it. It's Moriarty..." She paused and looked the taller man in the eyes. "He's alive."

With those words, Watson completely forgot about the questions he had. "Alive? How can he possibly be alive!?"

Sherlock seemed surprised at first, but then he broke out into an odd little smile. "Is that so?" he said for a moment at first, then jumped up out of his seat with a laugh. "This is brilliant! I wonder what his next move shall be then. You." he said and pointed at Yumiko. "You must tell me how you came to gain such knowledge. Sit down, Ms. Hudson will make you a cup of tea."

The girl took her seat in the small arm chair across from the other and nodded. "He was in Japan a few short days again and is now back in London." He set down her bag and folded her hand in her lap. "I figured the gun shot to the head was all an act. He got his twin to take his place. James Moriarty is very much a real man as his brother Richard Brook. His brother had changed his last name in the actors guild to hide the fact that he and Moriarty were related. James manage to convince his brother to take his place that day considering his career had already gone down the drawn. So in the end the brother you had let die that very day was not James but Richard." She speech had taken on the same speed and snarkiness as Sherlock's did when he had managed to solved the case.

Watson took a seat close by and couldn't help but feel a twang of anxiety at the fear of another Sherlock. "How could you possibly know that? Further more, who are you to know that?"

Sherlock listened intently with a smile still in place. "I knew something was off about the whole situation. The chase is still on then, it seems." he said and sat in the seat across from the Japanese person, staring at him intently. "Now... perhaps you should explain your own situation."

She turned to Watson first with a sweet sincere smile. "I am, shall we say... a lot like Sherlock. Very intelligent. Almost too intelligent for my own good so some people say." She turned her gaze back to Holmes and took in a deep breath. "I was sent here on a mission from Japan to take out Moriarty before he decides he wants world domination." That was all he was getting out of the girl for now. There was no way she was ready to give that secret up yet. Though she knew the other detective already knew. 

"Are you a detective from Japan?" Watson asked, bowing his head to Mrs. Hudson as she gave them their tea.

"That is not what I meant, though the information is greatly appreciated." Sherlock said as he stared at her intensely, only looking away to give Mrs. Hudson a small thank you.

Bowing her head in respect to the woman who had place the tea down in front of her. "Hai, I am the consulting detective from Japan." She turned her attention to the tea in shame as she was about to reveal her biggest secret. "If you must know, thought I know you already do Holmes-san. I use to be male." She said quietly and sipped her tea.

Watson was quickly brought back to the original questions. "Wait what? You were?" He looked at his friend. ".. How did you...?"

"There is a shadow of an adam's applek on his neck, and the way he sits suggests the surgery was recent, because the way he's sitting suggests there is usually something to accommodate for." Sherlock explained and sipped his tea.

She sighed and placed her cup down on table and if looks could kill Sherlock would be dead a thousand times over with the daggers she was glaring at him. "If you don't mind Mr. Holmes I prefer it if you referred to me as I am. A woman!" She was pissed but she still kept he tone soft and even. Yes she had gone through the surgery but what no one know was they had done and experimental surgery where they had created an actually uterus and ovaries from her own DNA. So later in life if she ever wanted a child it could very well be possible.

"Sherlock, comply with the young lady as she appears to be, please. I don't need happened with Mary to happen again." John groaned, pinching the bridge of his nose. "So behave, for the love of god."

Sherlock looked at him and smirked. "But behaving is no fun."

"I can handle this one." She smirked mischievously. She leaned forward in her seat and gave Sherlock once over. "Let me see. The fact that you squirm so much is because you're a nicotine addict but everyone knows that. But there is an underlining fact that no one knows. You hate waring clothing because as a child your mother used the wrong detergent. You had an allergic reaction every time, judging by the tiny scars left behind from the scratching. Of course not all that noticeable to common people. The relationship between you and your brother is strain for the reason you were picked on in school as a child because of your intelligence and even if you asked Mycroft for help but he refused because he thought you were a menace and wanted nothing to do with you. Which in turn would cause fights between between you two and your mother. God rest her soul. Then there is the fact that you have so much sexual frustration because you have never known the touch of a male or female, there for still making you a virgin. And you will forever be that way because of your work and the fact that you are terrified of being touch. on top of that the only ones that ever seem to want you are the freaks and they tend to scare you... a lot... Am I wrong on any counts?"

Watson couldn't believe his ears. She knew more about this man that he's lived with than he did... Now that just wasn't fair. "... She just out Sherlocked... Sherlock."

Sherlock stared at her with a type of glare, but he was more confused than anything. Was this how it felt to be normal? "... I don't like it." he answered his own question out loud and stood up, looking straight at Watson. "John... cigarettes... now."

She giggled. It had been a while since she had last lain eyes on Sherlock. "I'm surprised in you Sherlock." She said softly as she place down an old picture of the twovd of them. long before the operation she use to go to school in England where she had met a little boy just like her. They were the only ones at the time far smarter than the rest. "You don't remember me. You promised you would never forget."

Watson held the case tight in his hand. "Ah, ah, ah. No... You're quitting, remember?" He looked at the picture. "... Did you have a friend? When did you have a friend?"

While John was distracted, Sherlock snatched up the cigarettes and put one in his mouth as he looked over. "Screw quitting." he said and looked at the image. His eyes narrowed dangerously on his handsome face as he looked back up at Yumiko. "You..." he mumbled. He looked back at Watson. "You have it correct. I had a friend, until he abandoned me to go back to Japan." he said disdainfully, lighting the cigarette and taking a deep breath from it. He looked down at his arm and ripped off the nicotine patch, sticking it on the wall.

"I didn't abandon you." She said with a sad tone. "I had to leave with my father. What else was I to do run a way and come live with you?" She had so many times since the past she had wanted to give up and find Sherlock. Even when she was a small boy she fell so hard for the taller detective but he would never in a million years ever love her not then not now. "Sherlock.." John grumbled and rubbed the bridge of his nose. He looked at Yumiko. "Why not contact him sooner?"

"Yes, why didn't you?" Sherlock asked, but it wasn't in curiosity as it was more than mocking. "Afraid Daddy wouldn't approve?"

Slowly standing slow she took a deep breath before she had hauled off and punched Sherlock square in the face. She leaned her head down so that what hair she did have covered her eyes and hide the tears that soon hit the floor. "You sir have no idea the pain that I have endured because of you and myself. I will never be accepted in my family or even in your heart." She finally admitted before running off and leaving them both behind. She made it as far as the cafe before she fell to he knees in a sobbing mess clenching the hand hand she had burn on Holmes' cigarette, to her chest. It wasn't the pain from her hand that had her in tears it was Sherlock's lack of emotion, inconsiderateness, and disregard of how she really felt for him that left her heart in pieces. 

John watched, a bit in shock, before getting up and walking over. "You have very terrible communication skills with women. Did you know that?" He left his friend there to hurry down and out of the building, finding Yumiko quickly. "Miss Niikura?" He asked, slowly coming up behind her.

Sherlock was caught off guard by the punch to the face. Even though he showed no emotion as he rubbed his jaw, he did feel a little bad. When John mentioned his terrible communication skills and walked out, Sherlock let out a sigh and lit another cigarette. "Don't I know it..." he mumbled to himself and got up from where he fell into the couch. He picked up his violin and seemingly sulked into his bedroom, closing the door from behind him. From the outside, all you could hear is a soft and sad droning of the bow being pulled across the strings in a heart wrenching melody.

The Asian girl jumpped when she heard the doctor's voice. She jumped to her feet and wipedjm at her face. "Yes?" She looked at him with the best efforts she had to make it looklike she hadn't been crying. "I am terribly sorry sensei I have behaved very unprofessionally. Please forgive me." She bowwed deeply at the waist and once again tried not to cry again. "I've known sherlock for years as you can tell " she looked down at the ground and aighed. "I have fallen for th wrong man I swear. And I have shamed myself and my family because I have fallen for such a man. My father never approved of me or myselfand what I have become. I also came running when I heard he had commited suicide my heart broke in so many ways. But then I ran into Moriarty and I knew that Sherlock couldn't be dead." She closed her mouth when she realized she had said too much.

John smiled sympathetically and gently wiped away her tears. "Don't worry about it love. Please ignore him, he's... Uh... Always like that. Never has change as long as I've known him." He pulled a napkin from his pocket and gave it to her. His eyes widened at what she said. "Moriarty is still alive!?"

Sherlock had been watching them from the window, and had decided he should apologise, despite how awkward it would have been. The man quickly left his room using his lethally long legs to get him there quickly and quietly. He got there just as John made his exclamation. "Of course. Were you not paying attention up in the flat, John? I'm disappointed, you were becoming so good at picking up details....." he said, but kept his eyes on Yumiko and took a deep breath. "I'm sorry I was so harsh..." he said, but it came out as an awkward mumble.

The brown eyed beauty smiled softly at john and thanked him for the napkin. She turned to Holmes surprised, even more so when he apologized. The only other time she had heard him apologize was the day she had left with her family. He had begged her to stay and apologized for anything he had done wrong as long as (s)he would stay. It broke her heart more than the other man would ever know but now here she stood, in front of the very same man that was responsible for making her cry. "It is alright Sherlock." She forgave him, like she always would for the man she loved so much. "Yes Moriarty is alive. That is why I was sent here from my department in Japan. Plus..." She paused and looked up at sherlock. Gods had he gotten tall and her at the full height of 5' even. All the better to fit into his ar-... not mustn't think such things he'll never feel that way about you. You disgust him like everyone else. she thought to herself and looked away quickly.

"Well I can hardly pay attention when you're around, let alone two of you." John grumbled. He looked down at her and tilted his head in a sort of lost puppy mannor. "Plus... What?" The good doctor asked.

Sherlock watched her reactions with a raised brow expression. "Yes so Moriarty is alive. It just makes things a lot less boring and dull."

"That it does. Then again you should come to Japan some time. We have many who are a lot like him." She said. She turned attention back to Watson and with her most charmingly sweet smile she shock her head. "It's nothing." Just that I had longed to see Sherlock again for the first time in 12 years, She thought almost a little too loud.

"No, no, no. If you're anything like Sherlock, you'll tell me." Watson pouted a little. "He always does that, tries to play it off cool. No. Tell me."

"Now John, you should know better than to make a lady speak something she does not wish to." Sherlock said to the one he still considered to be his only friend. It was childish, but he was still bitter over her leaving, oh so bitter.

Yumiko bow again at the waist and sighed. "No he's right Sherlock. No one should have anything to hide." I just wish that I didn't have to say it. Not with Moriarty still lurking about. "Ever since I had left that day when we were still young. What twelve years now? I had long to see Sherlock again." She felt he face turn bright red and looked back down at the ground. "That day I left my father knew something was wrong with me. I was too attached to the boy I had left behind. He forbid me to ever keep in contact with Sherlock." She looked up again at the detective with tears once again staining her cheeks. "I tried Sherlock I did. But he found the letter and burned them and there was no way I could call." Thinking back to those miserable lonely years of never having a single friend, her heart broke all over again. She wanted desperately to be held in the taller man's arms but she never he would never.

John frowned at the sad tale and glared over at Sherlock. He quietly motioned his friend to give the young lady a hug, a pat on the back, some form of comfort.

Sherlock clearly gulped, though it was inaudible. He looked quickly to John for a sign on what to do. John was always used to these mundane situations. He cleared his throat and reached out, paused a moment, then simply patted the small girl lightly on the head. Clearly he had no idea what to do in this situation.

She flinched before she realized what was going on and gave him a half smile. "Please, forgive me sherlock?" She begged looking up at the man.

"Oh for God sakes..." John muttered and yanked Sherlock over. "Arms out, around her shoulders, and close." He never thought he'd have to teach a person hwo to hug.

Sherlock's mouth twitched up into.. what was that, a smile? It immediately disappeared with John's attempt to teach Sherlock how to hug. "Oh come now John, I'm not that dull witted." he said and looked back at Yumiko. He gave her a nod, and he knew she knew what it meant; that he did forgive her.

Yumiko had caught the smile and smiled herself. It had been a long time since she had seen that on her long time friend and could tell that he didn't do it often anymore. But she swore she would do her best to get him to. "Right, on to matters of Moriarty." She said pulling the two into the cafe. "Sherlock you remember my twin Hotaru, Right."

The other Asian male stood up from the table he had been sitting at slightly
taller then his now sister and gave a deep bow. "It's a pleasure to meet you again Mr. Holmes."

"He's become a doctor like you sensei." She said looked back at Watson. "Please let us treat you to dinner. It's been so long."

Hotaru looked Watson one over and smiled before turning back to his sister.

John smiled sweetly to Hotaru and held out a hand. "A pleasure."

Sherlock nodded to Hotaru. "It's been a while." he said to the smaller male. He stood with his hands behind his back, his fingers tapping one of Bach's songs. Of course not the same one that was the supposed code, but none the less, it was something he had picked up when he was thinking. Damn that Moriarty.

Hotaru took John's hand and shook it lightly. "It's a pleasure to meet you as well." He said. His voice was soft and smooth as silk. You could tell that if he had tried he could have been a singer. "Maybe we could trade a few medical secrets once this is over." He giggled

" Johann Sebastian Bach aus overture number three." Yumiko said as she watched Sherlock's hand. "Also know as The Air in English." She new his little habits from when they were little. "It is evident you still play. Hopefully you are better then you were in grade school." she giggled softly before placing the file down.

John gave a warm smile. "I'm sure you've advanced far mroe than I, my friend."

Sherlock looked at Yumiko with a raised brow. "I was perfectly fine in grade school." he said, though he had gotten better, if he noticed the difference or not.

Both the twins giggled and both gesture for the other men to sit.

Yumiko gave Sherlock a sweet smile and sat down beside him. "So Moriarty is alive and I've already told you how. Thing is now is coming up with a way to get him. And with two minds that think a like this should be no problem."

Hotaru had tune his sister out in favor of tuning to the other doctor. "I could share some of those secrets now if you like." He said placing a gentle hand on the other's knee.

John glanced at his hand, confused, but smiled up at him. "By all means. I was a military doctor, so my knowledge might not be as vast as yours."

"Let's see what information you have on him." Sherlock said as he grabbed the file she had brought, opening it up and skimming through the contents.

The elder twin gave John a half smile. "In Japan we have no military. You are lucky to get that experience." As the words were out of his mouth he realized that some people get traumatized. "Well okay, maybe not lucky, but you have experienced a for more greater deal then I have. I have gone to medical school so I know only what they taught me. But I believe that if I was in the US they wouldn't let me into the army for one reason." he paused and blushed looking away slightly to try and hide it.

"He had entered Japan two weeks ago under his brother's name." She pointed out a picture for a surveillance camera that clearly showed their nemesis face. "He was seen leaving a day ago with a plane ticket back London for the same time I arrive. We took two different planes that landed at the same air port. I saw him for all of two seconds and then he disappeared again. I'm thinking he took the elevator and a mad dash out the back of the building where he already had a car waiting for him."

John gave a slight tilt of his head. "One reason? What is it, if you don't mind me asking?"

Sherlock let out a sigh. "So he's disappeared again.. what was he doing in Japan in the first place?" he stopped and grinned. "Oh you clever bastard..."

"I am as gay as gay come Dr. Watson." Horatu said with a soft, sweet, shy smile. "Besides I would rather stick to medicine. The violence from war actually really upsets me." He was highly anti-war because it had what taken their mother from them when he had visited Iraq to help the needy.

She looked at Sherlock and tilted her head almost wondering what sherlock had gotten out of it that she hadn't. "What do you see?" she asked

John gave him a quizzical look. "That... Doesn't really matter to them." He said. He looked over at Sherlock when he heard him speak and looked to Hotaru. "One moment. "What is it?"

"He was getting some allies there. He was recollecting his assasains. I've heard rumors that he's also been to Russia and France since we last parted ways." Sherlock said, picking up the photo of the madman, smirking at it. "He wants a full out war.."

Yumiko looked at her twin with that all knowing glim in her eyes. "Would explain why he brought some of Japan, China,South and North Korea's most deadly warriors and assassins." She looked at Sherlock and placed a gentle hand over his. "We need to stop him this time."

Hotaru nodded and turned his attention back to John and grinned sweetly. "Looks we'll be joining teams doctor." He said happy that he would get to spend some personal time with the doctor.

John nodded, and smiled at Hotaru. "Hopefully we won't have to patch these two up too often.."

Sherlock slammed the photo on the table and stood straight up. "Let's get started then. Back to the flat."

Yumiko giggled and the twins followed them back to the flat. He was the Sherlock Yumiko knew, the smart show off that sometimes gave her a run for her money. The one she fell in love with all those years ago. Though after see him again after so long she was falling even more in love with the man who stole her heart.

The taller twin looked over and had to laugh to himself. He could see this was going to be another Irene Adler situation and at that moment he fell the need to protect her. He Knew Adler, he also knew how he broke her heart as well. Looking back to John he smiled and leaned over to whisper. "I fear for my sister's heart." He point to the girl who no stood so close to Sherlock, practically glued to the man, peering over his arm. "She loves him so much but I fear he will only break her heart."

John followed quietly and nodded. "I fear for her as well... But, stranger things have happened. You never know what he might do.."

Sherlock wasn't used to someone hanging over him the way Yumiko was, so when he walked, he walked with a stride that seemed leashed. He didn't want to upset her again by making her feel like he was trying to get away from her, which was the case. God he hated females sometimes, only because of the crying thing. He hated it when women cried.

The girl could see that she was being a pest and he was trying to escape her. So to her she did the only thing she knew that could keep her from getting on his nerves. She sat in the nearest chair. Once she got a good look at the table she was sitting in front of, she realized it wasn't a table at all but a small piano that had been cover in case files and book. Not to mention the dust. She moved a few things a side and open the lip covering the keys and smiled. She prayed that it was still in tune. She hit a few keys and when she realized it wasn't to bad she started to play the one piece that Sherlock and herself use to play together as kids. Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, a piece she knew was only for the piano but she knew sherlock had made the melody to it a long time ago to accompany her.

Hotaru watched and noticed that she had found the piano. He sighed, she was only in for heart ache just like before when they were children. He looked at Watson with almost a sad gleam in his eyes and sighed. Oh how he wished just he and his sister could have solved this case on their own

John looked over, frowning. He could tell that this was a song she played in heart ache. He nudged Sherlock, motioning to the piano, silently telling him to join her.

Sherlock looked at John as if he knew better, a habit the super sleuth always had. Instead of joining her at the piano, he went to his room. When it seemed like he wasn't coming back, the violin could be heard accompanying her, and he walked out playing. Whenever he couldn't think, it helped him to compose and to play, and that's what he assumed Yumiko was doing.

Hotaru moved over to John's side and whispered to him. "The melody he created for this song. They played it together for a recital together and won first place." They would play it together as kids when one knew the other could think straight." He rested his head in his hands and sat and watch the two play.

She smiled as she played listening to the melody from the violin. She had grown to love the sound so much. She could always tell by the way that he played just how he was feeling and what he was thinking.

John looked at Hotaru and nodded, a light frown on his lips. She knew about more about him from being a child than he knew as adult.

Sherlock finished off the song and watched Yumiko. "Did you figure out what you were trying to think of?" he questioned.

She slammed her hands down on the keys causing a bad combinations of sounds. "His was a hoax. It was to get his brother out of the way cause he had threatened to expose Moriarty everything he's done all the place he's been and hides, his involvement." She stood started to pace the floor. "So When they had you commit suicide it wasn't to just burn you it was to test you. And now that your back he knows and he's after you once and for all. But this time he's coming back with a vengeance. But Why?! What happened that night that he would compromise everything regather all his men and mo.- aaaah..." In a rant of rapid fire Japanese curses and explanations spewed forth from her tiny mouth.

Hotaru just stood there and shook his head. He leaned him and whispered once more to John. "It's because she's involved and Moriarty thinks that Sherlock may actually have feelings for her."

John looked at him, then at Sherlock. "... That won't be good... As much as he doesn't seem it, Sherlock is human and if emotions get in the way.."

Sherlock tried to keep up, but he could barely do so with her cursings and how fast she was speaking. He walked over and grabbed her by the shoulders. "Yukimo. Easy. Explain in English and slowly." he said.

She looked up at the man that stood a foot exactly a foot taller than her and glared. "This time he's going after your heart. He's going after what you love the most. John, Mrs. Hudson, Irene, Lestraud, hell even..." She paused, Yumiko had keep taps on him even if she couldn't see him and knew somethings that had been going on. Including the girl at the moruge that saved his life. "Molly." She wasn't quite sure how he felt about her but she certainly knew how she felt for him. There would be no love lost on her end if Molly had disappeared. But for the sake for he best friend she didn't want to see him in pain.

"There will be no love lose if something were to happen to Yuki....Yumi-chan." Hoturu was still having trouble with his "sister's" new name but he had come to accept that his brother was actually his sister. "He seems to be very vehement against getting to know an old friend. Especially one that has been in love with him since grade school."

"Then you have to be under careful watch." John told Yumiko. "Knowing Jim, he'll go after the person closest to Sherlock... And that's not me anymore."

"Anyone who is close to me, John. That does include you." Sherlock said, suddenly worried about Mrs. Hudson and Lestraud as well. "He saw last time how quickly I will do anything to protect those I care about.. perhaps that was a mistake on my part... damn sentiment..."

Yumiko nodded over to her twin and looked at sherlock. "I'll be fine as long as my brother is protected." She looked at Holmes a gave him a sad smile. "I will stay by you even if it kills me."

Hotaru went to interject but knowing his sister he just sat back. "I wish she won't say things like that." He turn to John and sighed. "She is all I have left in this world. I have no friends, no other family."

John frowned deeply, seeing the sadness in Yumiko and Hotaru's eyes. "That just won't do. Sherlock and I will do our best to protect both of you."

"Agreed." Sherlock said, having heard the two's mumblings the entire time. He was good like that, and had chosen to ignore them for the most part.

Yumiko smiled slightly but she knew his reason why. Or at least she thought she knew why. "Sherlock, I can handle my own you know this." She insisted. She knew that he was only going to protect her because of her brother. She was no where near his heart like she use to be. A connection she had long since missed since the good old day they were kids.

Hotaru could see it, hell he could feel it. The pain that his beloved twin was feeling. This time it was his turn to shed the tears she refused to cry. Heart break, sorrow, fear, and guilt were all he could feel from her.

John took Hotaru's hand and led him out to the other room. "Sherlock needs to speak to her." he said once they were out of sounds reach.

"Still." Sherlock said as he looked out the window. "I would very much prefer if you moved into the flat. Your brother can come too if he wishes, but if he does that crying thing again, well..." Sherlock said, looking at her from the corner of his eye. He hated crying, mostly because it made him feel bad, which required feeling emotions. He really did dislike them, and preferred to keep them bottled inside.

"I can't stand it when she does this." The Japanese boy sighed out of no where burying his face in Watson's chest. "I love her to death but sometimes her pain is just to much to bear. Especially when it comes to him."

"The we'll take the flat beside you. Clean it up and make it livable." I can't stay here with him. Poor Hotaru and I will never sleep. She thought to herself. "And just to not the only reason he was crying is because of me. Because I refused to."

John didn't expect the contact, but welcomed it none the less, wrapping gentle arms around him. "Please ignore him. He really does have the best intentions..."

Sherlock didn't understand why in hell she would want to cry. "Why do you refuse to cry? Is there a reason to?" he asked.

"wow for someone so sharp sherlock you really are stupid." She said as she stormed back over to the piano. "It's nothing just forget it." She sat back down running her fingers over the keys longingly. "You will never understand."

"It's just... it's not him I'm worried about." Hotaru sniffled and wrapped his arms around him as well. "It's my sister."

"He will step up and protect her." He sighed softly, petting Hotaru's hair.

Sherlock watched her reaction as she stormed back to the piano, confused by it. "...It's obviously not nothing." he said and walked over, putting a hand over hers. "Help me understand."

Hotaru looked up with his with his already wide eyes and gave him a slight smile. "you think?" He asked softly.

"How can I?" She resisted the urge to pull her hand away looked up and hoped he couldn't see right through her.

"Sherlock protects things he cares about. And, though it's hard to see, he cares deeply for her. I can see that much." He said

Sherlock kept his hand firmly on hers. "Help me..." he repeated.

She looked to the very much taller man and sighed. "If I knew how I would." she gave him and sad smiled.

Hotaru smiled softly at john laid his head back down on his chest to listen to the man's heart beat.

John's cheeks flushed lightly, but he let him. Watson seemed a tad uncomfortable. "Hamish... That's my middle name. Just in case you were wondering."

(Always with the middle name when he becomes the most uncomfortable lol)
Sherlock stared at her, then slowly let go her of her hand. "Is it not simple?"

Yumiko looked Sherlock in the eyes and without any further hesitation she got up on her toes wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. Something she had been wanting to do for a while.

Hotaru on the other hand could feel the other man's awkwardness and moved back. "sorry about that."

"No, no. It's alright. Just... You know. Living with Sherlock, I'm not use to that sort of thing."

Sherlock looked utterly confused as she kissed him, but when he tried to think, his mind just frazzled and popped. He slowly melted into it though and awkwardly wrapped his arms around her.

"It's quite understandable." Hotaru giggled softly. "Sherlock is still a virgin. He's not all that touchy feely." He looked toward the door and his eyes widen as he caught sight of the other two. "oh my."

Yumiko held him tight to her and a single happy tear rolled down her cheek. For years she had dreamed of this and finally it didn't go horribly wrong. She pulled back and rested he forehead against his. "Wow." Was all she could say.

John peered out through the door, his eyes widening a bit. "... Well. Bout time." He chuckled and shook his head.

Sherlock's head was spinning. He stared at Yumiko and for once, couldn't think of any words to say.

Yumiko giggled a little and kissed his cheek. "Mind numbing isn't it." She asked slowly letting go of him. She had never felt such passion in a kiss before. Almost like a spark igniting a flame deep within that she thought had died.

The elder twin watched and smiled on the scene. It seemed as though she had managed to kiss the almighty Sherlock speechless. "Can you believe this?" He said turning back to the other in the room.

John smirked and leaned against the wall. "I know. Sherlock hasn't said anything witty or clever for a whole 2 minutes."

"Damnit I can still hear you two!" Sherlock yelled out to the two gents in the hallway. He put his hand on his chin as if he was in deep thought. He was trying to figure out what it was that he felt. Feelings? Proposterous, he didn't have feelings.

"Sherlock stop thinking for a moment." She said taking his face in her hands. "And you two shut up for a minute." She looked into the eyes of the famous sherlock Holmes and tried to get him to focus. "Close your eyes and without using your head tell me what your heart is telling you."

Hotaru watched and knew exactly what was going on. She was trying to make him see things with his heart. A trick that he himself tought her she had become fridgid herself.

John covered his mouth to not snicker. He peeked back out and raised a brow. "What is she doing..." he mumbled to himself.

Sherlock took a deep breath. "I'm using my head because I cannot tell what the hell my heart is saying."

She pulled him in again this time for a far more simple chaste kiss. "I understand." She said softly and caressed his cheek. "I too had that problem until my brother taught me how to channel it." She held his hands in both of hers and smiled up him. "How about this. Look into my eyes and and tell what you see."

"She's doing exactly what I taught her to do." Hotaru said as he took his hand and made his way down the stairs. "I think it's time we gave them a little privacy."

John pouted, wanting to see the innocence that was Sherlock Holmes, but followed. "Pretty amazing lady, your sister."

There it was again. That odd sort of thing when she kissed him. What in the hell was that? It didn't help that this was his first time kissing someone besides his mother, or someone on the cheek. This was more. More intimate, more sparks.. more oddness he just wasn't used to. He opened his eyes and stared deeply into hers. " make my mind go blank... not sure if I like it or not.."

Hotaru smiled and nodded. "She's a better person now than she use to be." he said softly. "It wasn't that she was horrible or anything when she was younger just... Miserable. our father would bet her endlessly specially after he for out about Sherlock. He would find any excuse. But it only got worse after she told what she really was. She's only been out of the hospital for little under five months." He looked up the stairs and sighed. "And yet she still loves our father. She doesn't harbor hatred like most us humans do."

She smiled and placed a hand over his heart. "It gives you a clear mind and a sense of peace from the over processing brain of yours." She laid he head on his chest and listened to his heart beat. "You can't sleep because your thoughts are constantly racing. You don't eat much because it make you feel ill at the thought of food because your mind can't make up what it wants. I Understand all too well."

"I'm glad she's better..." John smiled lightly. "And I hope she'll make him better. Maybe he'll be able to see things in a different light." He shrugged.

Sherlock let his body do what it wanted, which was to wrap his arms around her and held her close to his chest, buring his face into her hair and letting out a sigh.

Hotaru shrugged. "Doubtful." he laughed looking back to Watson. "It's sherlock."

She had longed for this day for so long and now that she finally had the man in her arms she couldn't be happier. "You'll get us to it." she said with a smile.

Sherlock had absolutely no idea what he was doing, but he knew this wasn't the time to do it. He cleared his throat slightly and looked down at her. "Should we be finding more on Moriarty..?" he questioned.

"It's Sherlock, but hey. Stranger things has happened." He said with a sweet smile. "I think we should all relax for a moment and get something to eat though."

Yumiko nodded but still with a smile on her face. "I believe him to be in a warehouse." She said going for the file. "Or at least somewhere close. Of the bank in Blackpool." He pulled out a secerity footage photo and showed Holmes. "Something big is going down. I'm just not sure what exactly. I just know he wants you to suffer."

Hotaru smiled and took John's hand. "Why don't we get lunch and we'll bring it back to them." He could that they were back to talking shop and probably weren't going to be very hungry.

John nodded and lightly held his hand, less awkward about it now. He looks around, humming lightly. "So... Um... Have you ever been here before?"

Sherlock looked at the file, studying every inch of it. He wanted Moriarty gone for good. He was annoyed the fact that he was still alive.

She had the file mesmerized at this point. It was all she had done to keep her mind off of Sherlock. "What should we do?" She asked softly watching the detective look over the file.

Hotaru nodded and grinned. "We went to school here when we were younger." He said as he turned to look that the other man. "That's how she knows him so well and how I know Mycrof better."

"His brother?" He chuckled lightly. "How is your relationship with him? He and Sherlock don't get along.."

Sherlock let out a sigh and rubbed his temples. "I need to go to my mind palace.." he mumbled and made a beeline for his room.

She stayed quiet for his sake. She knew wait that meant didn't want to disturb him.

The taller twin looked at his companion and shrugged. "Mycrof is all right. I mean... he and I.. well were closer than him and sherlock for sure."

John raised a brow, feeling some weird mix of curiosity and... something else. "Closer?"

Sherlock closed his eyes and sat in the kitchen, his hands pointing which way and that, trying to think of possible places where he was hiding currently, what actions to take, and all of the above.

Hotaru shrugged thinking back to those years of grade school. "He's the one who gave me my first kiss." He sighed, not such a fond memory for him. "Needless to say we stayed friends after I punched him."

She stayed still going through her own thoughts trying desperately to help him. She could only hope to come up with a solution soon.

John chuckled lightly, imagining the situation. "Yes, I see how that could have been worthy of a punch to the face." He smiled sweetly.

Sherlock's eyes snapped open. "He's back in Russia. He's gathering forces there and are coming back to London to do the dirty work... they're going to try and lure me out.." he mumbled. "Which means... I cannot do any more cases..." he said softer, the realization making him both angry and depressed. Sherlock, sitting at home doing nothing but smoking and shooting holes in the walls, playing violin with nothing but his thoughts to keep him company? This was not acceptable.

Hotaru giggled and nodded. "I use to beat him up a lot for various things. But we've come to an understanding now...." He paused and smirked cockily "It's never going to happen between us."

Yumiko looked up and shook her head. "That's not true." She said going over once she knew it was save and she wrapped her arms around his shoulders once she was on her tiptoes. "You have me and you don't need to stop. I can help you with the Moriarty case." She kissed his cheek in hopes to calm his never. "Maybe I can help you with that being a virgin problem." She teased.

"Ah, I see- wait what?" He looked over, confused as ever. Mycroft was gay? Why didn't he see it before? "He was... Interested in you?"

Sherlock leaned his head back with a groan. "No. I need to stop otherwise he-" he stopped when he realized what she said and looked back at her. "Wait... how did you know about that?" he questioned.

Yumiko giggled and nipped his ear. "Because I know you." He whispered before sucking on his ear. "I've been able to read you like and open book."

"Not really." The short male said as he lead John right into a good restaurant. "He thought I was a girl for the longest time. He never believed me when I said I was a boy. It wasn't until we showed up recently that I showed him proof." He grinned.

John's cheeks flushed a little, wondering how he proved it. "I see... And um.. What was his reaction?"

Sherlock's long, elegant fingers gripped slightly into the kitchen table where he was standing, taking a small, quick intake of breath. Why did she know his weakspots, and was exploiting them.

Yumiko grinned and pulled back enough to look at him. "To most people you are hard to read. Me..." She leaned in and kissed him passionately. "You're like an open book."

Horatu rolled his eyes remembering exactly what Mycrof's reaction was. In the best Mycrof imitation he could do, which really wasn't all that well considering his accent, "I still don't believe you."

John covered his mouth, trying not to laugh. "Well then... He's-ah... Not as smart as one would think."

Sherlock was about to comment, but she kissed him, and it made his mind go blank again. He stared at her with those intense blue eyes of his. He had no idea what to do, but he knew very well what his physical side wanted to do.

Hotaru laughed and shook his head. "No I guess not." He said the door open for him.

Yumiko could tell by the lack of words what she had done to him and mentally made a side note. "I can help you keep you busy." She suggested.

John bowed his head with a smile and stepped into the cafe. "Especially not with some of the things that have happened with Sherlock..." He said softly.

Sherlock shook his head of the thoughts that suddenly raced through. "N-no.." he stuttered slightly and cleared his throat. "It's alright."

Hotaru nodded. "I can only imagine." He said as he sat down and picked up the menu. "Specially with all the stuff that happened to him in school."

Giggling she grinned and and slowly let go. Yumiko knew the needed to thing. She took het seat back at the piano.

John nodded. "He still doesn't like talking about those things... But oh well." John looked over the menu.

Sherlock stared at the wall, trying to wrap his mind around both what just happened, and what was going on within himself.

"He really had a hard time." Hotaru told John as he looked over the menu and pouted when there was nothing on it he wanted. "Not academically but my sister and I were the only friends he had until we moved."

Yumiko moved over to the window and watched at the restaurant across the street where the other two sat and smiled. "I think aniki like your friend there."

"That's... Kind of sad." John frowned and looked over the menu. "Hm... The broccoli chedder soup looks fantastic..."

Sherlock had to think a moment on what the word she said meant, but then he got it and grinned. "Really? You think so?"

Hotaru nodded, thought he was missing home cooked food he figured he would try something new. "Why don't we don't we both get it." He smiled with grace as he placed the menu down and daintily place his head over his closed hands.

"He seems to at least." She said watching through the window. "He's flirting up a storm." She turned back to look at sherlock not noticing one of the men that had just watched walked in to the little restaurant. 

John glanced up at him and smiled lightly. "Sounds good." The waiter came over. "John! How are you? Is this your new date?" Watson let his head fall into his hands. "... No."

Sherlock chuckled. "John could use the cheering up I suppose."

Hotaru giggled and looked at John. "Do you get that often?" He asked before turning to the waiter and ordering.

"I agree." She agreed before looking at a book he had on the table and recognized it almost instantly. "Where did you get this?"

John ordered afterwards, pinching the bridge of his nose. "Yes. Yes I do. Every restaurant Sherlock and I went to, he would have known the waitor, and they would have thought I was his boyfriend."

Sherlock looked at the book. "Don't rememeber. Not important." he said with a shrug.

Again the asian man giggled and smiled. "Interesting." He looked around and took a note of a man in sunglasses and a hat. Something was off about him. "So which way do you swing?"

Yumiko looked at it again. "Sherlock... He's here." She flipped through the book and knew exactly what she was looking for. He had been in the house, there right where she stood but where was he now.

John had noticed the man as well and hand the knife on the table within reachable distance. "I um... I swing both ways... I guess.."

Sherlock got up and looked at what book she was talking about, since he had no clue.

Hotaru smiled and place a hand over the one that wasn't over the knife. "You guess?" He asked still keeping a watch in his peripheral vision.

Yumiko held up the book and the photo from the file that she had brought with her. Accross the pages was writen, 'I'm back'.

John looked at his hand, distracted from the man and now looking directly at Hotaru. "I um... I don't.."

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