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2006-12-22 22:34:26
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Garden Gnomes shall take over the world!!!!!!!!!!

Are these gentle creatures of the garden or feared beasts that will one day reign supreme. Share your thoughts on these mystical garden things and one day they may destroy the world. Mwhahahaha. So if u <3 garden gnomes or think they have horrible conspiracies against all of man kind this is the place 4 u.

wonderful gnome banners!!!!!!! plz add any if u wish.

Poems about garden gnomes. Feel free 2 add a wonderful poem about the delightful creatures of the garden

Join us!!!!(please join!) click on edit page and add your screen name in brackets like these[].

[sXe=clean punk]the maker of this wonderful gnomish place
[The Cats Pajamas] also a maker of this page
[courtney callypygous]i think gnomes are kinda scary
[your mom goes to college24] ug! gnomes are dumb bastards that give me nightmares....
[Gorgeous Eyes Shine Suicide]-awesome!!

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2006-12-22 [The Cats Pajamas]: EYEA

2006-12-23 [courtney callypygous]: lol oh ok

2006-12-25 [your mom goes to college24]: every rose has it's thorn!

2006-12-25 [courtney callypygous]: ohh poison wrote that so what did everyone get for christmas

2006-12-29 [sXe=clean punk]: icky i hate that song!
i got a new shnazy guitar! that's sum other stufff....what did you guys get?

2006-12-30 [courtney callypygous]: lol dc sneakers and a new digital camera i saw ur guitar be4 u did haha its redddd

2007-01-01 [sXe=clean punk]: yes yes i no....nooo it's vampire red lol

2007-01-03 [your mom goes to college24]: well...i gotts a ipod and tabs and strings and socks!

2007-01-05 [sXe=clean punk]: oh that's cool

2007-01-06 [courtney callypygous]: yup yup

2007-01-09 [your mom goes to college24]: tis indeed.....

2007-01-09 [courtney callypygous]: .............

2007-01-10 [sXe=clean punk]: wow what a heated convorsation

2007-01-12 [courtney callypygous]: yup

2007-01-13 [sXe=clean punk]: lol so whats been up with you guys lately

2007-01-13 [courtney callypygous]: nm jc quite bored

2007-01-17 [your mom goes to college24]: have you ever wondered what it was like waaayyy back when like in the 1840's?

2007-01-19 [courtney callypygous]: ughhh how random.....i think it would be horrible

2007-01-22 [sXe=clean punk]: i think that it would suck because of how we live now...we'd b all amish like

2007-01-22 [your mom goes to college24]: yea it pretty much would sick.....having to like watch yourt back because someone might like take you horse...then you would be horseless

2007-01-22 [courtney callypygous]: lmao!! and we wouldnt have comfy sneakers!!

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