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"She her own time. I'm sure." Ara said softly looking up at him a little, rubbing his lower arm with her hand.

"I told her my sceret just a few moments ago.." Cyclone sighed

"She say anything?" Araphina asked him and then pulled back and hugged herself tightly, walking a few steps forward.

"No she didn't" Cyclone just kept walking...

Araphina looked at him and watched him. She said nothing and did nothing. Sencing something was bothering him deeper then just her sister. She sighed and sat down on the porch swing and looked up.

Cyclone goes off into the woods to meditate and clear his mind

As the night feel, Araphina was in her study working on something. Jotting things down and tucking some papers away. She sighed, rubbed her face and then kept on writing. She was stuck in her on thoughts and world. AS nothing existed, but her and her work. Like normal. She was sucked into her own little world. While her heart waited for her husband's safe return back home.

The front opens as Cyclone stagers in. His face was bloody and he had a limp

Ara cracked her neck and set about scribbling on a fresh peice of paper. She was so wrapped up in her work. She didn't hear the door. She paused and then
inhaled and about gagged. "Blood?" She mumbled and then looked around. "Cyclone.' She said then pushed herself up and ran for it. She skidded down stairs and then gasped. "Cyclone.' She said and then walked over to help him to the couch. "Honey. What...what happen?" She asked, then set him down and ran to the kitchen to get a rag to wipe off his face and other things to fiz him up.

Cyclone looked up at her and said "Wait I need to tell you something" He looked in bad shape and scared

Araphina walked back into the room and started to wipe off his face."Okay. tell me. what is it?' She asked him as she went baout cleaning up his wounds.

"While I was in the woods clearing my mind I was attack by Hades' goons. They were able to sneak up on me." Cyclone looked worried

Arapahina nodded and then patched him up and sighed as she then slid from the couch and threw all the blood stained things away. She then turned to face him, hand on her stomach. "Did they follow you back?" She asked.

"I don't think so, I killed the ones I seen but we should keep watch for now on.
I must go to our lake out back" Cyclone looked at Arapahina

Araphind nodded and then watched him. "Well your not bleeding anymore. But the pain will last for awhile." She said, then gave him a half smile.

"IF something happens I will be in the lake for the next hour" Cyclone walks out the back to the lake

Ara sighed and then watched him walk out the door. "Love you." She whispered and then walked back upstairs. Changed into her her night gown and then crawled into a bed. Alone.

Cyclone stopped at the door and as Ara walked up the stairs he said "I love you too" and he walked out the door and jumped into the lake where he starts to meditate at the bottom of it

Ara sighed and rolled over and felt the bed. Still empty. She rolled back voer and then started to hug and hold her pillow. As she used to do as a child.

Cyclone walks in a little after mid night fully healed and lays next to Ara

Ara rolled over in her sleep and then nuzzled agianst him. Sighing contently.

Cyclone held her as he feel asleep after his long day

Roughly about 10AM Araphina rolled away from him and slipped from the bed and walked to the bathroom and started to throw up in the toliet...agian.

Cyclone rolled over and started to wake up shortly after Araphina. He layed there for a little while thinking of last nights events

Araphina walked out of the bathroom, wiping her mouth and then looked to Cyclone and smiled softly. "Morning love."

Cyclone looked to be in deep thought but he replied to Ara with "good morning hun" But he seemed lost in thought not really aware of what is going on around him

Araphina nodded and then walked over and sat on the bed, looking him over. "You seemed to have healed well." She said reaching out to check his face over.

"We can't wait anymore we need to start on our mission" Cyclone looked into Ara's eyes as he held her hand. "we need to leave today"

Araphina advoidded eye contact and nodded then looked away her haif falling in her face. "I know." She whispered.

"Then please het everything ready and I will be back in moment I need to go talk to my father..." Cyclone looked at her because Cyclone has never really mentioned his father

Ara nodded and then slipped from the bed and then bent down and pulled the bags from under the bed. She then laied them ontop of the bed and start to gather anything and everything they would need on their trip. Not even really thinking about what he said.

Cyclone kisses Ara on the cheek and then he takes off. Heading towards town and think about the long road ahead of them. 

Araphina was looking over a notpad as she shifted her bag on her back. Walking next to him.

"Umm I thought you were ganna wait at home until I got done at my fathers place?" Cyclone looked at Ara puzzled

"Figured I should tell him myself that he is going to be a grandpa." Araphina said casually. Like nothing was new.

"i see well I wasn't actully ganna tell him that" Cyclone looked down at the ground as they walked

"" Ara asked and stuttered as she then froze and watched him as he kept walking.

"Yes I knew, I am very good at knowing things no one told me. But thats besides the point. Lets just keep going please?" Cyclone looked at Ara and smiled a little

Ara folder up her notpad, shoved it into her pocket and then huffed and started to stor past him, walking swifter. Not in the best of moods.

Cyclone walked along side her not speaking and feeling bad about telling her that.

Araphina glaced at him, but that onle angered her more. She grumbled and then sighed and slipped into a steady quick pace. thinking about a few things.

"Ara, the only reason I didn't tell you that I knew was the fact I was waiting for you to tell me.. but I guess my father should know before me..." Cyclone looked at her but hen he slowly kept on walking

"Doesn't matter." Arapahina said. "You knew anyway." She said then shufted her bag and sighed. She stopped then sat down and covered her face with her hand and knees and started to cry.

Cyclone knelt down in front of Arapahina and took her hands in his. "Look the only thing that matters to me is protecting my family it doesn't matter if you told me or I just find out as long as we still love eachother ok?"

Somethine inside of Ara snapped. She stood, glared at him and then headed back home. "I'll see you when you return!" She called back to him as she then almost stormed off. Walking the last 4 miles over agian.

"Ara wait! Please? Ara!!" Cyclone called after trying to get her to stop, and his mind was racing and he was unsure of his upcoming task

Araphina waved her hand as she then started to disapear into the wind. Becoming nothing more then the brezze it's self. She then soon enough found herself storming into their house, slamming the door and dropping the bag. She grumbled and then started a shower. The sand and grass alwasy got to her. And since she was home, she was taking a long hot steamy shower.

When Ara came down from her shower she saw Cyclone sitting on the couch in deep thought, it looked like he had been crying

Araphina walked past him, still naked and slightly wet from her shower. "I thought you were leaving." She said walking into the kitchen and getting herslf some ice water. She then walked past him once more, only slower. Then she noticed that he had been crying. She slammed the water down and then growled. "What?" She demanded of him. "I wanted it to be a romantic surprize." She said. "But no." She said. "It can't be cause you already know." She added. She grabbed the water then turned to leave.

"Ara I know you are mad at me and I am sorry for finding out and I would rather be here with you and let the world go then out there not knowing if you are ok..."he said

"I have cold water." Ara said, not turned to look at him, her own tears falling down her face now. Finally realizing she was snapping at him for no reason. "I'll be fine." She said, the tears heared in her voice just then. She then started to slowly walk back up stairs.

"Look Ara, I know you can handle yourself but these guys are not our usual bad guys they are gods and they can kill you with out a sweat"

"And pregnate or not. I'm still half a goddess." She stated and then headed up the stairs to dress and maybe read.

"I know you are but I still worry, I am sorry" Cyclone watch her walk up the staris

Ara pulled on some sweat pants and one of his shirts and then made her way into the spare room. There she stared at the oak crib and all the odd ball stuff she'd gotten in the past 2 days, then the tears came and they came hard.

Cyclone stands in the door way for a moment and then he decides to let her have some space for a while

"Cyclone?" Araphina called out through the house. Looking for her husband. She wasnted to talk to him. She wanted him to hold her. She sighed as she walked around looking for him.

She saw him sitting under a tree out back looking at the sky

Ara walked out half way to him and then turned around. Deciding to leave him be then. She sighed and then turned back to him and then back to the house.

"hey Ara, whats on your mind?" Cyclone seen her standing there

Araphina sighed and then walked over to him and then sat down next to him and looked up at the sky a little. "I'm sorry." She said. "I'm sorry I freaked out and I'm sorry. I've put you behind schedle." She said. "Just. Please. Go see your Uncle and then come straight home." She said and then took his one hand into hers softly and looked from the sky to him.

"I promise I will be back as quickly as possible and I am sorry too" Cyclone looked at her

Ara leaped into his arms and held him close as she did so, trying to hold back her tears.

Cyclone kisses Kass good bye hold back most of his emotions and starts to leave

"I love you." Araphina called after him and sighed as she truedn back tot he house and then walked inside, locked the door and then fell to the floor behind the door, crying.

Cyclone takes off full speed towards his uncles' house not looking back or stopping, he must make it as quick as possble

The following morning Araphina rolled over and then curled up and laied in Cyclone's place in the bed. She inhaled his scent deeply and then placed her hand over her stomach. She rubbed her thumb agianst it and then bite her lip. "Guess I should eat." He mumbled and then clombed out of bed, dressed and headed down stairs to eat something.

Meanwhile Cyclone had just arrived at his uncles and to his utter horror his Uncle was dead, they got to him before he did. "This can't be happing, I must hurry home"

Arapa froze short as she saw someone standing at her fridge.

"You know you don't have much." THe man said and then turned to look at her. "But...alas." He said and then pulled a sword from the fridge and kicked it closed. He then lunged at her, pinning her to the floor, the blade to her throat. He laughed as she tried to throw him off her.

Cyclone was in a rage and he made it back to the house in a matter of minutes and kick the door open but before he had time to react from what he saw, he got pushed back out of the house by an invisible force 

"I wasn't expecting company." Araphina gasped and then flipped herfeet up and kicked him off. She heared the door and turned to look at the guy then cut her across the cheek. She gasped and then ran for the door. "Cyclone." She said and then saw him laying on his back in the grass. SHe ran over to him, holding her cheek as she blood dripped down and landed on him. The guy stood in the door way and slowly stepped down the stairs. "Aw. So sweet." He said and then flipped his sword at them both.

Cyclone pushes Ara out of the way and flips up ready to fight this foe as he sees the sward flipping twards him, he catches it and whipes it back at himw

"It's not you I want." The man. "It's the child." He growled, shifted, moved next to Ara and then disaperaed in a quick sand storm. As the sand settled they both were gone as if they never were there.

Cyclone starts scaning the area looking for any trace of where they went to "why does he want my child?"

Araphina found herself awake oh a bed. She sat up and looked around and looke down. She was in a elagante gown. As she moved her hands she found she was chained to the bed. She started to freak out before breathing deeply.

"I see your awake." The man said as he stood up from a chair in the corner. "I'm Archon." he stated. "You'll stay here in Didymos with me. Untill that baby is born. So please. get comfy." He said and smiled then walked out of the room. Her chains disapeared as he locked the door.

Cyclone could not find a thing, so he decided to go to his father and ask him if he can help

"Cyclone." His father said as he sat up from his afternoon tea. 'What brings me the honor?" He questioned as he stood up and bowed his head. "How's that little wife?" He asked and then smiled. "Doing well I hope." he added and looked up at his son.

"well the thing is, my wife as been kidnapped and I need to find her, I need your help"

Styxx nodded. "I see." he said and then sat back down. I guess that does pose a problem on the fmaily happiness." He said. He pulled a crystal ball from his robe and then set it on the table and watched as Ara's face came into the orb. "SHe's safe." He said, looking at her. Knowing Cyclone saw nothing, as he saw almost everything.

"Can you tell me where she is at? I must find her, the guy that took her said he wants our child"

"The child of fate." Styxx said. "She's someplace I know not." He added and then looked up to his son. "Did the man say his name?" he asked. "Or any other hints?"

"nope, he never said his name and the child of fate?"

"Could be...Greece somewhere." He said noteing the look of the bedroom. "Yea. greece." He said and looked up, ignoring his question.

"Father? What do you mean childe of fate?"

"Oh nothing. nothing." Styxx said and then smiled. "Better plan your trip. It's a bit to Greece." He said a simple stupid smile on his face.

"The trip will not take me long, now please father tell me about the child of fate"

Styxx sighed, "It was said when you were born that your first born would be the daughter of the final fate." he said. "That's all I know." He added. "Really."

"I see, well I guess of to greece I go" Cyclone snaped his fingers and vanshed

A month later Araphina sighed as she shifted on the bed. SHe wasn't sure how long she'd been here. But Archon had treated her like nothing more then a princess." She sighed and then groaned as the chains rechained her to the bed. She sighed as Archon walked in. As always he was in black leather pants and a lost white button up shirt. "Afternoon." She said softly.

Archon smiled at her and then sat on the bed. "Afternoon Ara." he said as he then started to feed her. He still didn't completly trust her. So he fed her. She was only allowed to move on her own when he wasn't around. And even them. A bath and sleep was about it.

Cyclone has been looking all over Greece but he has not found her yet

"I know who you seek." Came the soft voice of a female. Just then the goddess Apollymi apeared off to the corner of his eye. "Follow me so we can talk." She said and then disapeared.

Cyclone followed her wondering why she was going to help him, since the gods are supposed to be under hades control 

Apollymi walked out and sighed. 'So you married my daughter." She said softly. She was in a black sheer gown with a black cloak hooded over her. She pulled the hood down and out spilled her brown hair that fell all around her. Her swirling silver eyes glisened in the light of greece as she sood before him.

"Yes I married your doughter, you know where she is?"

Apollymi nodded. "Her father has her." She said and looked away from him. "Keeping her locked up like some animal." She spat. "Damn him." She grumbled. "I've been here waiting for you." SHe said. "Only we can save her." She said. "But I don't know where in Didymos palace, she is." She added.

"Lead me to the place and I will be able to find her. And that guy was her father? Do you know anything about the child of fate?"

"I can take you to the palace." Apollymi said. "But that's about it. And as for the final fate." She shook her head. 'I'm the great destoryer. Araphina is the daughter of the future and past, the child is the final fate. The last straw." She said. "What you unborn child says, goes." She said, pulled her hood up and disapeared. SHe was then in a small apartment just down from the Didymos Palace. She raised her hand out to her daughter standing in a blue gown in the window. She hadn't a clue he was her father. And she wanted things to stay that way. For as long as she could.

"Don't worry, I will save her but one more thing why does he want the child?"

Apollymi sighed. "He feels that with the child he can control his own fate." SHe said. "What he doesn't know is that once the child gets close to someone, they can no longer see that person future. Nor can they see the future of someone who will affect their own future." She said and dropped her hand and looked at him. "He wont fight you to much for her." She added. "But he will return later for her. He just wanted her to know him. and that he wont hurt her. He might actually just give her to you. once he sees you." She said and looked as as Ara walked away from the window

"I will return" Cyclone disapeered in a flash and reappeared in the room where he saw Ara looking out the window

"CYC-" Araphina hushed her tone and then ran for him. Granted she was only 2 months pregnate. She had the start of a baby bumb that showed greatly thought her blue silk gown. "I've missed you love." She whispered, embraceing him.

"Good, lets get out of here" Cyclone grabed her in a hug and they disapeered

Archon walked into the bedroom and sighed. "Looks like I'm going to have to change her room next time." He said and then tookt he food tray out of the room.

Apollymi was sitting in a chair off to the side. She saw then togehter and then disapear. SHe smiled. "Go home." She called out. Go home and be safe." She said and then disapeared herself. Her minions were screaming at her for leaving.

Cyclone smiles and teleports home with Ara and sits down to relax

Ara feel to his feet and leaned in agianst him and inhaled. "I missed you." She hummed softly as she wrapped herslf around him.

Cyclone kisses her and hugs her "did the guy tell you anything?"

"Nothing other then our baby will be a special goddess someday." She said softly with a simple sweet smile.

"Our baby is going be the final fate, what it says goes"

"The prophacy." Araphina mumbled softly and then back away and stood up. She was in deep thought as she mulled this over. "They say it was just a legand. A simple story for us gods to fear." She said over and over as she paced and then placed her hand on her stomach. "The final fate rests within you." She said "That's the words she ment" She turned to look to her husband. "My grandma. She always told me that. Always. I never understood." She said. "wITH HIM, the final fate shall rest within you." She mumbled and then fell to the floor holding her chest, trying to taking in all the information.

"Ara, are you alright?" Cyclone rushed over to her to check if she would be ok "what does this all mean?"

Araphina reached out and clinged to him. "Just. Hold me." She said softly. "Please. Just hold me." She whispered before she buried her face in his chest.

"Is our baby going to really be that bad?" Cyclone looked down at Ara worried about everything

Ara had fallen asleep agianst his chest. The stress and scent of her love inhaled into her head and she fell into a deep sleep. The best sleep she had ben in since she was kidnapped. She shifted a bit and wrapped her arms around his neck to be sure he didn't disapear on her.

Cyclone laid there holding her deep in thought wondering what lays ahead for them.

A little while later Ara yawned and then pulled back and sighed. "I'm thirsty." She mumbled and then stood up and staggered her way to the kitchen. She walked out a bit later with a glass of ice water. She was yawning agian as she then stumbled up the stairs and then headed for the bedroom. She walked in, stipped her clothes from her body, downed most of the water, fell onto the bed and as soon as the blanket laied over her naked body she fell asleep.

Cyclone remained in the same spot. His eyes close deep in thought, thinking on what they should do next.

"Cyclone. Please. Come to bed. I miss my husband by my side." Came the sleepy voice of Araphina as she shifted in the bed making room for him to come into the bed with her.

Cyclone went and layed with her but still in deep thought. He was worried about their future.

Arapahina snuggled up agianst him and sighed. "I love you. Please tell me this is all going to be okay?" She said as she woke up a little. She was tossing and turning most of the night. "Please." She said softly looking up at him.

Cyclone looked into her eyes and smiled. "I promise you that as long as we are together everything will be alright"

'What if I die. Or whate if our child kills me. Or you." She said as she Buried her face into his neck and inhaled. "I wouldn't beable to live without you." SHe mumbled softly.

"Don't worry my love, our child can not kills with its powers because they don't work on people who he or she is involved with"

Araphina sighed and pulled back and kissed his cheek softly and nuzzled him softly. "I love you. And out baby. SO much." She whispered. "ANd I will do anything to be sure that the baby and you are forever safe." She added. "Even if it means my life.' She said softer.

"Hey now, its my job to keep you two safe hun, don't worry about me I will be fine" Cyclone smiled and kissed her forehead

Araphina shook her head. "No. I love and care about you to much to lose you. I refuse." She said. "I will not stnad by and let them take you." She said as she clung to him even harder.

"I feel the same about you and I refuse to let that happen to you my love" Cyclone kisses her lips

Arapahina groaned and then melted agianst his kiss, reaching up and cupping hier face softly in her hand as her eyes closed softly.

Cyclone holds the kiss cradling her body in his arm enjoying the moment

Ara pulled back and placed her forehead agianst him, panting softly. She shifted and then sat on him and leaned down and nuzzled his neck softly. She missed him so much in the past month. This was what living was all about for her.

Cyclone held her and smiled. He missed her and never wanted her to live him again. The month with out her was hell to him.

"I love you." Araphina whispered softly agianst his ear and groaned as she lowered herself agianst him and smiled and then inhaled and shuttered. SHe missed the way he smelt and felt agianst her.

Cyclone kisses Ara's neck and whispers in her ear "I love you too" He missed being able to hold her and feel her body next to his

Arapahina grinned and then sighed and started to pull back from her husband. Ever as her body screamed to be near him, touch him. Make sure this was real and not just another one of the many dreams she had over the last month.

Cyclone smiled and stared into her eyes. He was glad she is safe and was wondering if he should tell her that the man was her father

Ara finished and then snuggled into his side and then yawned as she drifted back to sleep.

Cyclone held her and drifted off to sleep too

It was early the next morning and Ara was holding her hair backa s he face was heaved over the toliet. The morning sicknedd hit her about a week ago. It really was the worse feeling.

Cyclone goes and make sure she is all right and holds her hair for her

Araphina pulled back and then wipped her mouth and sighed. "Started sometime last week." She said and then gave him a half smile. "It really is the oddest feeling ever." She said and then sighed and reached up and flushed the toliet.

Cyclone helped her up "You know, I think I have cure for your morning sickness. Its an old family secret" 

"I'll try anything." Ara said and then sighed. "But I have to brush my teeth." She gagged and then froze. Okay. False alarm. She then smiled to him and made it to the sink and started to brush her teeth.

Cyclone let her be and went down stairs to the kitchen and started making the cure for her

Arapahina walked down a little later in a pair of his sweat pants and her shirt. Her pants were a bit snug and uncomforable. "Hey." SHe said as she walked into the kitchen.

Cyclone just got done making his drink for her "here drink this, it will help you"

"Um and your sure it wont hurt the baby?" Araphina asked as she walked over and looked from the glass before her to her husband's face. She then reached for it and sniffed it and pulled back and sighed. "100% sure?" She asked. It didn't smell good, but she was sick of barfing in the mornings and late afternoons.

"Yes I am positive it won't. My mom took it when she was peregrinate with me"

Arapahina nodded and then downed the entored glass. She pulled it away and stuck out her tounge. "it's tangy and bitter." SHe said and then handed him the glass and then smiled as she felt her quesyness fade back.

"Sorry I was thinking about adding something to make it taste better but wasn't sure if it would mess with it. you feel better though?"

Ara nodded and smiled. "yes. I actaully feel like I could eat reall food for once." She said and walked over ot him and kissed his cheek softly.

Cyclone smiled and return the kiss "I am glad you feel better hun"

"Hm...i want pancakes." She said softly and then moved away from him and started to fix herself some real food for the first time in like a week solid.

"Ok hun, why you eat and wake up, I need to go to town to get somethings ok? be back in a few hours" Cyclone kissed her neck as she cooked

"Tease." Ara said softly and then nodded. "Okay. Be safe." She said and then gave him a soft smiled and went back to mixing the pancake batter.

Cyclone smiled "Tease? why cuz I did this" Kisses her neck again while hold her waist.

"Hmm..." Araphina hummed. "Yea. Maybe." She said and smiled pressing agianst him softly. "I'm not making my food and your not going to town this way." She said and then felt the baby flutter. "Cyclone...will you still want me when I'm fat and pregnate?" She asked, looking into the bowl of batter.

:Ara, I will always want you, I love you" Cyclone smiled and kissed her neck again

Araphina smiled as she turned around and then kissed hims softly. "Go." She said. 'Before i lose my craving for food." She said and then laughed softly pushing him in the ass towards the door.

"Alright hunny I will go, be back soon and I always knew you like grabing my butt" He loughed as he went on his way

Arapahina smiled and then turned back around, laughing a little as she then poured the batter into the pan and then watched as her panckaes started to cook. She inhaled and it didn't make her sick for once.

Cyclone walked down the path into town just enjoying the sun light and fresh air. Something about today made him feel good

"Clone!" Came the calls of his good friend Hades. "Hey man." He said and then wrapped a arm around Cyclones shoulders. "You and that girl get married?" He asked, "Cuase I heared she was expecting."

"Um yeah we did, why you askin Hades?" Cyclone didn't trust him much he had a bad feeling about him

Hades pulled back and adjusted his shirt and then nodded. 'Well Congrats." He said softly. "I got married myself." He added. He then held his hand up to him and then grinned, like a young fool. "Best thing I ever did." He said.

Cyclone shook his hand and smiled a little "Congrats to you too then" Cyclone then truned to leave

"Good day to you then." Hades called and then walked over to a beautiful brunette and then laughed as they both walked away.

Cyclone went to the market and started shopping. Its been forever since he been here last. Everything seemed to changed.

Back home Araphina had fallen asleep on the couch a book open agianst her chest, her hand wrapped around her stomach as she napped.

Cyclone entered silently and set the stuff on the counter and kissed her softly on the forehead and went up stairs to shower.

Arapahin rolled over and then yawned marking the book and then setting it on the coffee table. She sat up and streatched and then yelped and leaned down and held her stomach and screwed up her face a bit and then eased. Darn growing pains were worse then ninja's in japan.

Cyclone had just gotten out of the shower and was walking down stairs to cook dinner for her.

"Hey love. How was the market?" Araphina asked as she stood up and then walked over and wrapped her arms around him and laid her head asignast his chest.

"Good except for my run in with Hades, I really don't trust him" Cyclone held her for a moment running his fingers through her hair

Ara hummed softly at his hand in her hair. SHe loved it. "I heared he got married." She said and looked up to him. "She has changed him a great deal too. He no longer the trouble youth i remembered him to be. he was more carefree and fun." She said. "I ran into him a few times." She added.

"I know things about him most don't, he may seemed to have changed but something isn't right with him" Cyclone then kissed Ara on the lips and went to start making dinner

"OH wait a minute." Ara said and then pulled him back agianst her and then leaned up and kisse dhim deeply, wrapping her arms around him agian, pressing close.

"I thought desert came after the main course not before" Cyclone said teasingly.

"okay. Fine." ara said and then pouted as she wlaked over and yawned softly and picked at the grapes he had bought. Perfect. just was she wanted. SHe pulled them fromt he bag and then walked over to rinse them off and then pull them fromt he steam.

Cyclone smiles and tarts to make dinner, he made Ara's faveorite. He wanted tonight to be special

"Hmmm. Pork chops, mashed potatoes and peas." She inhaled and smiled. "Smeels very yummy." She added and then popped another graped into her mouth before she put the grapes into the fridge and then got out the flavored water that she opened at lunch.

"Yes tonight is ganna be a special night for you and me." Cyclone smiled as he sat down to let the meat cook

Ara took a drink of her water and raised a eyebrow. "And Um...why is that?" She asked him softly. Kind confussed. It wasn't a specal date of any kind. Or not that she remembered anyway. She stood there baffled at why tonight was so special.

"Because how often do we go out on dates or do anything romantic?" Cyclone looked at Ara

Araphina shrugged. "Hardly ever. But you and I both know I'm not that kinda girl that minds not doing that." She said. "I enjoy staying home, drinking beer and eating pizza as well." She said. "I mean granted I can't drink the wine I like right now. But water and the fake sparkling stuff is just as good." She added and then wlaked over to him and wrapped her arms around his waist and laid her head on his shoulder blade and sighed softly. "But I'm touched that it matters to you."

Cyclone kisses her "Its not only that hun, but I got to thinking and I decided on something. Please don't get mad?" Cyclone looked at her awaiting her answer he was not ganna finsh unless he knew he was in the clear.

Araphina raised her eyebrow. "No promise till I know what it is." She said and pulled back from thin and crossed her arms over her chest.

"Well we got what like four or five months before the baby is to be born right? Well I decided to go and see if I can find the gods light"

"Without me? Oh likes Hades you are." Arapahina snapped and then walked away before she said something she didn't mean. "No!" She yelled back and then stormed up stairs.

Cyclone shut the stove off and decided to go for a walk to give her time to cool down and he needed time to think...

Araphina was up stairs sitting in front of her mirrior. She stood and then shoved a pillow up her shift and turned the the side and groaned then tossed the pillow off tot he side and then slumped down and started to cry.

Cyclone walked down a path leading to a cave that he used to play in as a kid. His thoughts going to old times..

Araphina had cried herself into a deep sleep.

Cyclone returned home and sat on the couch flipping through the channels`

A moment of two later Araphina shot up in bed screaming her head off. SHe looked down and was sitting in a poll of blood. She screamed some more and then sat up and looked around and felt agian, panting. It was only a nightmare.

Cyclone ran up stairs to see if Ara was ok

Ara was panting, her hands covering her face as she did so, sitting in the bed.

"Are you ok?" Cyclone was worried to death about her

"Blood. There was so much blood." Araphina said as she looked up at her husband, tears pouring down her face. "It was all over me and the bed. And it was like a sea of it around me." She shook her head then covered her face agian, sobbing.

Cyclone was struck with horror he knew what that means but now was not the time to show fear so he went and held Ara in his arms "It was just a dream hun, its ok now i am here"

Ara turned agianst his embrace all anger melted into horror and fear. She slowly stopped crying and then just laied there agianst him softly sniffling.

Cyclone held her and kissed her forehead "don't worry nothing will happen to you, I will not allow it to"

Ara shifted and then leaned up and kissed him. SHe shifted a bit more and then laied him down agianst the best and crawled ontop of him. She smiled, and nibbled his neck softly, pressing agianst his groin.

Cyclone returns the kiss holding her close as she pressed against him.

Araphina groaned softly rubbing herself agianst him. She pulled back and moved her hair behind her shoulder and then started to move to get off him. Surely the weight she gained was enough for him.

"Where do you think you are going?" Cyclone grabs and pulls her back to him and kisses her again

Araphina groaned and lower her self to kiss him back. She wiggled herself agianst him and groaned. The feel of him under her was always awmazing to her.

Cyclone kisses her neck as he holds her close. THe feel of her being close to him always gave him a sense of peace

Ara nuzzled agianst him, "I love you." She whispered softly before she fel back to sleep laying ontop of him.

"I love you too Ara" Cyclone said it just before she passed out on him and he lay there holding her

Araphina woke up and then sat up. She was sitting next to Cyclone in the bed. She was so freaking hungary. Then she remembered the dinner and felt bad.

Cyclone looked to be in a deep sleep moan a little then snores loudly. Ara has never seen him sleep that well before and usually he was the first one up

Ara thought best to let him sleep. She then slipped from bed, grabbed some clothes and then padded her way down stairs. Wearing his pants and her own shirt. She then went to the kitchen and sighed at the food and then started to take care of the mess.

Cyclone woke up an hour later and stumbled his way down stairs looking for Ara

The kitchen was completly clean, as Araphina sat at the table eating 4 pancakes stacked on top of each other.

"Good morring hun. Did you sleep well?" Cyclone strechted a little and yawn as he went to get some orange juice

Ara nodded. "Yes. I always sleep better in your arms." She said softly. "THere is more panckaes there on the counter." SHe said. "This is my second plate." She grinned as she was 3/4th of the way done with.

Cyclone smiles "I see you were hungry. Not mad anymore either?" Cyclone starts to make a plate

Araphina shrugged. "I was hungary and no. And NO. I don't want to talk about it." She said and then stuffed her face some more.

Cyclone left it at that and just went to eating his food even though he knew they needed to talk about it some time

Araphina finished and then sighed. "I is stuffed." She said and yawned. "And I feel like i could sleep for a month>' She said and then laughed softly.

Cyclone smiled as he continued to eat in silence, he wanted to talk about last nigh so he remains silent while he eats

Araphina huffed. "I'm sorry. I wont lose you while I'm here far and pregnate." She said. "I refuse." She added adn then stood up and started to wash her plate, fork and glass.

"You won't ara, I will be find don't worry" Cyclone stop eating he lost his appitate

"No. NO. NO!." Arapahina slammed her fist agianst the counter and turned to look at him. "JUST NO!" She said and then growled and then stomped past him, grabbed her book and stormed out the back door. She sat on the porch swing as the tears feel silently down her face.

Cyclone took care of the dishes and left out the front door. He was ganna let her be for now. He left her a note on the table

After she read a chapter of her book. SHe walked inside and saw the note. SHe set her book down and picked the note up and read it.

Dear Ara,

   I could never expect you to understand why I am doing this. I love you and as long as the gods are evil. We are never safe and I would rather die protecting then die just sitting around doing nothing and I know you can't fight as well as you used to with being pregnant so I am doing this by myself.

      love, Cyclone

She sees tear drops on the paper 

"DAMN HIM!" Araphina screams, drops the note and then started to gather thing into her pack. SHe was going after his ass, if it was the last thing she did.

Cyclone did start walking at first then he stopped and sat he couldn't do it. He wanted to protect his family but he couldn't leave to do it..

Ara got everything ready, shifted the bag on her back walked out the front door then froze. There he was sitting there. "You ASS!" SHe screamed, took her map and books and threw them at him, then the bag and then stormed back into the house. How could he do that to her, make her worry and cry and break her apart. SHe screamed from inside and then screamed as she walked up the stairs then screamed agian as she then shut and locked herself intot he bathroom. "FUCKING ASS!" SHe screamed before snhe turned over, pulled her hair back and then was face first into the toliet.

Cyclone sat there tears rolling down his cheek "why can't she understand that this is hard on me too..."

After a moment she pulled back and flushed the toilet. The stress was making this 10 times harder on her body then it should be. Or so she hoped. SHe got up, brushed her teeth, then walked out of the bathroom and down stairs. She was standing at the window, looking at her husband sit there and...cry? He was crying. She shook her head and then blinked. He...of all people. the strongest persons she knew was in tears.

Cyclone got up then and started to walk back to the house. He decided to stay home for now.

As soon as he stepped through the door she wrapped her arms around him tightly. 'I'm so sorry." She said softly as tears started down her cheeks agian

Cyclone wrapped his arms around her too "No I am sorry, I should of never done that..." He was crying even harder

Arapahina pulled back and then wiped his tears away from hin and kissed him hard. "I love you, you never forget that. ever. No matter what i say. and promise me. promise me, that when you do leave, you don't just leave me a note." She said.

"I promise but I am not leave, I am staying here with you" Cyclone kissed Ara softly and tried to smile a little

She cupped his face in her hands and sighed. "And we both know you will go. Maybe night right now, But you will." She said and then kissed him softly.

"No I am not leaving you ever. I can't do it. Today was the first day I have cried in a long time. I am not doing it... I can't"He said

Araphina sighed and then dropped her hands. "Can we just watch a movie or something. Just be a normal couple. For a moment." SHe asked him.

"Or we can have that dinner that never happened and a movie?" Cyclone smiled this time

Araphina nodded. "Okay. I guess dinner and then a movie." She said with a bright smile on her face. "Sound good." SHe said and then held him close before letting him go.

"You pick either go to the movie place to pick the movie or cook, I will do which ever one you don't do"

"You cook. And I'll go get us a movie." Ara said smiling. SHe pulled her shoes on, grbbed the keys and then headed for the door.

"Ok then i will see you when you return" Cyclone started prepping the cooking things.

Ara sighed softly. SHe pulled her ceel from her pocket and then dialed a number as she started her car. She smiled and nodded. "I'll be there Savitor." She said and then hung up and left almost bouncing.

Cyclone starts working at blinding speed to cook. He loved to cook and he was real good at or so he had been told by friends and family.

Hout and some later Araphina returned and sighed. She pulled the picture out and grinned. She grabbed the movie and put the picture into the DVD case and then got out she walked up the stairs and then intot he house. "Somethign smells great." She said, taking her jacket off and then her shoes, dropping the keys in the dish by the door. She then set the DVD down on the coffee table and then sighed as she walked into the kitchen.

Cyclone was standing over the stove flipping a stir fry around in a frying pan with one hand and adding seasonings as he went

Araphina smiled. "Hun?" She asked and stepped around him and then wrapped her arms around him, placeing her hands on his chest.

Cyclone kisses her and smiles "Yes dear?" his hands go to her waist as he just stares into her eyes and smiles

"I just wanted to tell you I was home. And I got Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark." She said and then smiled softly.

"Oh thats a good movie. dinner is almost done too" *he smile as his hands leave Ara's sides and keeps working on the food*

"I'm going to go put on actaul clothes." Araphina said and then smiled and then pulled back and went up stairs. She walked down stairs little later in a pair of jeans that she foudn that still fit her and one of her slightly sexie tops. Her boods having gotten a bit bigger as well. She then bounced intot he kitchen and leaned agianst the far off counter and watching him work.

Cyclone smiled at her as he started getting the table ready. He put a candle in the middle and lit it. Then he put plates where they were to sit.

Ara smiled. "It smells and looks great.' She said and then cross her arms over her chest and then helpd him transer the food to dishes and then to the table.

When they finshed, Cyclone pulled a chair out for Ara and then sat himself

Ara folded her napkin in her lap and smiled. "Oh it's great." She said looking out over the table and inhaled. 'Smells wonderfull." She said and then started to serve herself.

Cyclone smiled as he started to load his plate. "I can't wait to watch the movie can you?"

"Course not." Araphina said and then smiled and started to eat. 'I knew you like it. And i've seen peices of it. So it'll be nice to actually sit with you and watch it." She said, grinning as she ate.

"well that is if we pay attention to it" Cyclone smiles and winks at Ara as he starts to eat

Ara raised a eyebrow and then shook her head as his intent finally hit her. "Oh boy." SHe said and then smiled at him. 'You make me smile." She said as she ate softly.

"THats what I am good at" Cyclone smiled as he started playing footsies with her under the table*

Arapahina laughed. 'What are we 12 agian." She asked and then flung a pea at him and laughed. As she then held her napkin up to shild her from anything he might throw.

Cyclone flicked a pea and laughed a little "No we aren't 12 again we are just in love

She shilded it, stuck out her tounge and then went back to eating. 'Yea suppose so." She said and then nudged his foot with hers, smiling over her stir fry.

Cyclone smiled returning the nuge as he ate his food and laughed a little

Arapahina smiled. "I think the baby and i are stuffed." She said a little later leaning back agianst the chair. She huffed and rest her hand on her 2 month prego tummy. It wasn't much, but with how fit and in shape she was. it was clear she was pregnate.

Cyclone smiles "Wanna go watch the movie then hun?" He was in a really good mood

Araphina nodded and then moved back and got up and yawned softly. She then walked intot he livingroom and sat down and smiled at the case. "Hun. Can you put it in please?" She asked him. "We can clean the kitchen later." She said.

"Ok hun" Cyclone grabs the movie and puts it in as he sits next to Ara

As He opende the case something feel out and onto the floor. Araphina bit her lip softly as it did so. Would he notice. She wondered and then sighed as he then sat on the couch next to her. Guess not. She saddened slightly.

Cyclone stopped from sitting down when he notices somthing on the floor and picks it up "whats this?"

Ara smiled. "Flip it over hun." She said and then waited.

Cyclone looked at Ara for a moment and then slowly flipped it over...

It was the ultasound picture of a small figure yawning at the camera. Araphina smiled. "Like it?" She asked.

Cyclone's face turned red and he smiled "Wow, I am ganna..... be dad.." this is the first time it sunk in for him

Araphina smiled. "So you like it?" She asked and grinned, shifting up a bit, looking at him. Not even noting the movie anymore. In interesting in her husband reaction.

Cyclone nodded slowly and started to smile "It never hit me until now, i am ganna be a father"

Ara nodded and placed a hand on her stomach and smiled. 'And I a mother." She said. "I had the appointment made when I first found out I was pregnate." She said. "But yea. There's the proof." She said. 'We're going to be parents."

"I am glad we met that day..." Cyclone smiles as his thoughts drift back to the first day they met and what a day it was...

"Three years ago." Araphina said softly. "Oh that day was something.' She said. "I jumped into the river right next to you and you swam away so fast." She said and giggled softly. "Like I was going to eat you." She added and then sighed. "Who whould have thought that this is where we would be now, you know?"

"I know, If some one told me I was ganna end up marrying the hottest women in the world I would of not believe it and yet ther you are"

Araphina snort and then sighed. "Oh it was some life we had., Huh?" She asked and then grinned. They spent the first 1 and something courting, then Ara was taken away from him for 6 months and then the other remainging time they moved in together and then before long, she could think of life without him. So they married and here she was, pregnate.

Cyclone smiled at Ara and he held her as he turned his attention to the movie "I say we need to relax now what do you think?"

"Sounds like a nice plan." Ara said and then sat back agianst the couch and sighed.

Cyclone puts his arm around Ara and relaxs on the couch watching the movie

Araphina nuzzled agianst him and smiled. "You smeel nice." She said. "Makes me want chocolate." She said and then sighed softly.

Cyclone smiled "Oh you mean like these" He pulls a box of chocolate out

"AHH!" Araphina squealed and then kissed his cheek over and over and then took the box and started to tear into it and then popped a peice into her mouth and groaned softly. "Thank you."

"I bought you them last night.." Cyclone smiled and went back to the movie

Araphina smiled. 'Well thank you." She said and then held one out to him. "Here. i share." She said and grinned.

"Nah I got my treat, probably the last time I do it too after the baby is borin..." Cyclone grins

Araphina sighed and then ate the chocolate. "Cyclone. What are you getting at?" She asked and then turned to look at him, setting the chocolate box off to the side on the table.

"Ummm nothing.... oh look a movie.."  Cyclone tries to watch the movie...

"If you don't talk to me. And Avoid it. It will piss me off. Now what is up?" Araphina asked. Surely there wasn't anything. They had known each other for 4 years now. Lived together for 2 and married for almost 1.

"Well remember the night I was gone after our fight? I went and got wasted at the bar..." Cyclone looked at her...

Araphina wanted to pll away as tons of things ran through her mind. "Yea. I remember that might. It was over your father or something." She said. "What happened?" She asked him, looking worried. HEr hand over her stomach. As if to protect the child in some way.

"Nothing happened I just went to the bar and drank some and talk to a friend and thats it..." Cyclone looked her

"I think your not telling me everything." Ara said softly and then sighed. "But okay." She said. "I wont let that ruin tonight."

"I am sorry hun. never ganna happen again" Cyclone sat back and tried to relax and finsh hte movie

Ara nodded and snuggled agianst him and then kissed his cheek and then neck softly smiling at him.

Cyclone smiled and blushed as he held her in his arms and watched the movie with her

"Cyclone." Araphina whispered agianst his ear. She blew air across it softly and then sighed. "Guess not." She said and then snuggled close and gave in and just watched the movie.

Cyclone smiled and before Ara knew what happened Cyclone was kissing her deeply

Ara groaned and then smiled as she returned the kiss. She gasped softly and reached down and started to caress him over his pants.

Cyclone broke the kiss for a moment "Told oyu we weren't ganna watch the movie" He smiles and starts kissing Ara again his hands cradling her back

Araphina groaned and pulled back. "Oh Cyclone. I've missed you so much. Oh gods baby." She groaned agianst his ear, rubbing him softly. Not caring about the movie. They had it for a week anyway.

Cyclone pulled her even closer hes hand rubbing her too now as they kiss deeply.

"Cyclone. Turn the movie off and meet me in bed." Ara demanded. She shifted and then kissed him softly and pulled back and headed up stairs and into the bathroom.

Cylone smiled as he watched her walk away and then went and shut it off and ran up stairs to the room

Araphina walked in a little later in nothing but her panties and bra. She closed the bedroom door and then walked over to the bed and turned profile view. Showing off her slighylu prego pudge. Grinning and then walking over to the bed and crawling up into it.

Cyclone smiles as he lays there in his boxers which look like a tent already and he pulls ara to him and kisses her

Araphina gasped and then kissed him back, laying back agianst the bed. Pulling him over her. She longed for him to touch, want, need her. EVER SINCE SHE got back. 'Cyclone...i want you." she said softly agianst his mouth.

Cyclone smiles "I want you too Ara" He moaned this into her mouth as they kissed and he start to slip her bra off

A good hour and a half later Araphina rolled over and then yawned. She snuggled up agianst her husband and was fast asleep. She was to weak and or tired for anything else. He really had her spent and sated.

Cyclone layed there unable to move he was trying to catch his breath

Araphina yawned and scratched idly at her side and then went back to snoring softly.

Cyclone falls into a deep sleep after the long day

Araphina woke up sometime around 11AM and rolled over and streached and sighed. Sleep was good. But she couldn't sleep anymore if she wanted to.

When she rolled over she saw Cyclone was already up and about

Araphina got up, pulled on some lose comfy clothes and went in search of her husband. "Cyclone?" She claled out once or twice.

Araphina heard noise from out side it sounded like hammering.

Ara raised a eyebrow and then walked outside to look around. 'Cyclone!" Sh called out agian, looking around.

Ara sees Cyclone over to the side hammering at a piece of wood

"Hun? What are you doing?" Araphina asked as she then walked over to where he was hammering and looked it over. "Cyclone?" She asked. Trying to figure out what he was doing.

"Oh hey Ara, I hope I didn't wake?" Cyclone stopped and went and kissed Ara and smiled "I am just ganna add on to the house"

"I'm not sure I understand." Araphina said. "This already a 3 bedroom 2 floor plus basment house." She said and then sighed. "I guess this will be your pregnacy project and sewing will be mine." She said. "But please be carefull." She added.

"I will don't worry hun. And besides this is good training for me because when you are able to travel and fight to full power we are going to do our quest" Cyclone smiled and then with little effort he picked up five logs and carried them to his work area

Araphina sighed and then shook her head as she then turned around and walked back inside. She had a shower to take and a spare bedroom to clean out. Roughly 5 hours later Ara stood back from the clean room that was going to be the babies room and smiled. She then held her stomach and then gripped the arch way and grunted and fell to her knees. She sat there panting. She hadn't eaten all day.

Five minutes later Cyclone decided to head in and take shower and see how Ara was doing. When he got into the house he went up stairs and saw Ara on the floor. He ran to her and picked her up in his arms and carried her down stairs to the couch. He then went and started making food. "Ara you will be fine hang in there, I will have food for you"

Araphina groaned and leaned over and held her stomach. "I didn't even think." She said and then sighed as the pain eased. "I was just so caught up in cleaning up the room." She got up and walked into the kitchen, still holding her stomach. "I just. I'm sorry." She said softly, sitting down at the table.

"Don't worry, here have an apple to hold you over ok? Food will be done in ten minuets" Cyclone smiled as he went back to work on the food

Araphina nodded her thanks and then started to eat the apple and humm as the food hit her stomach and the pain decreased a bit. She then startde into the rest of the apple, smiling as she ate it. It was rather yummy.

Ten minutes later Cyclone put a plate in front of her and smiled "Enjoy, I need to take a shower be back down after that ok?"

Araphina nodded. "Thank you." She said and then set the apple core aside and then started to the eat the food he made. That was the first thing she fel in love with. His cooking. She then smiled and hummed as she ate. The baby feeling better and content as she ate.

Cyclone went into the shower and let the water hit him. He always took long showers. It gave him time to think about everything going on

Araphina was half down witht he food on her plate as she sighed. She was completly full. There was no way to take another bite even if she had to. She got up and then grabbed a bottle of water and sighed as she drank half of it.

A little while latter Cyclone came walking down from his shower "Feel better now?

"Oh yes. thank you agian." Ara said and then leaned agianst the counter. "How you feel?" She aske him. "hows the building going?"

"It is going, I should be done in about a month. And the shower was nice" Cyclone smiled at Ara

"Well that's good." Ara said. She smiled and then walked over to him and grinned. "I'll enjoy watching you work for a month." She said and then waggled her eyebrows.

Cyclone smiled and laughed "Yeah just remember to eat so I don't have to save oyu every time" He kisses her as he laughs more

Ara huffed. Then she stuck out her tounge. "Yea yea. I'll be more warry on the eating thing. Since I know it effects me a great deal." She said.

"Good because I wouldn't want anything to happen to you" Cyclone hugged Ara and kissed her

Araphina groaned as her slender arms wrapped around his built frame and pressed agiast her, smiling as she kissed him.

Cyclone held her a bit longer and kissed her deeply not wanting to let her go

Ara soon pulled back breathing heavy and grinned.

Three months later Araphina was sitting on the back porch. She wind and air was very cool agianst her skin. Fall had hit. She placed her hand on her 6 months pregnate stomach and sighed deeply. She was getting really big. They had a pretty peacefull past 3 months. Cyclone worked on the house and she napped, ate and kept up with the house work.

Cyclone came to the back and joinded Ara "Its finally done all I need to do is paint it"

Ara smiled and sat up a little more. 'That's great hun." She said. "Waht color? The same as the house? or should we re-do the house?"

"well first come take a look at it" Cyclone smiled at her

Ara nodded and then held her hand out. "Help up. Please?" She asked. She had no issues getting down in her 6 month. It was getting up she had trouble with.

Cyclone helped her up and led the way. When Ara got in sight of his project she saw a minni house like that looked just like their house.

Araphina smiled. "It's great." She said and then leaned close and looked it over, wrapped her one arm around his waist and the other resting on her out streatched stomach.

When Ara looks inside a window she sees it is set up like a play room and it is only one room

"That's great." Ara laughed softly and then winced. "Stop kicking mommy there." She said and then took her husbands hand and placed it over the stop on her stomach were the baby was throwing a fit.

Cyclone smiles "Wow the baby really is a live one" He looks down at Ara's belly as the baby kicks

Araphina nodded. "Atleast he's not streatching on your blatter in the middle of the night." Ara said and then smiled softly as the baby settled down a bit.

"Yeah I know, I bet you can't wait until the do date... I know I can't" Cyclone smiles at Ara "Lets go into the house and I will start dinner ok?"

"Sounds great." Ara said and then pulled back and started to head inside the house.

Cyclone smiles and follows her into the house "What do you feel like tonight hun?"

Araphina thought about it. 'Well. Thinking gyros." She said and then licked her lips.

"Ok as you wish" Cyclone smiles

"Or. Roast beef sandwhiches and curly fries." Ara grinned and nodded. "Yea that.' She said. "Nom nom. curly fries." She said.

Cyclone smiled and just started cooking humming a song

Araphina reached over and then sat down as she pulled her parenting book closer. She opened it and started to read, reading some outloud for his information as well. They only had 3 months before the baby will be born.

Cyclone sat next to Ara as the food cooked and he let her prop her feet up on his legs as he listen to her read the parenting book as he rubbed her feet smilling

Arapahina smiled as she shifted her legs in his lap and contuined to read to them both. She loved this part of her day.

Cyclone smiles seeing Ara getting comfortable as he rubbed her feet and listen to her read on.

Araphina stopped and inhaled. "Hun. you might want to check the food." She said, shifted her feet and smiled.

"huh what the food... oh crap" Cyclone got up in a hurry to check the food hopping he hadn't burned it

Ara laughed softly as she marked the page in the book and then got up to get them both something to drink then. She was humming softly as she did so. She opened the fridge and poued them both some milk into large glasses.

that was close, almost messed it up. You have away of distracting me" Cyclone smiles at Ara and then he starts fixing their plates

Arapahina smiled. "Well. I rather still distract you then you have no intresting in me at all." She said and then sighed and looked down at her stomach and placed a hand on it and bit her lower lip. She was fat and huge and very much worthless anymore. She didn't know how he could still look at her with the desire he used to.

Cyclone smiled at Ara as he put the plates on the table. "You will always distract me no matter what you think you look likely, I will always find you attractive my love"

Arapahina sighed as she looked to her plate. "I look like a hippo." She said and then started to pick at her food.

"No your not, you are going through one of the most beautifulest things in the world, you are carrying life" Cyclone smiled at her

Ara sighed. "But I still feel like a hippo." She said and then started to eat.

Cyclone did not try to say anything else so he started eating but looked up every so often at Ara

Ara ate abut half he plate and then sighed. SHe got up, grabbed her ater and then walked into the livingroom. She was all of a sudden not hungary any more. She sighed as she then made her way up stairs. She'd read her novel.

Cyclone finished eating and he decided to throw a baby shower for Ara but not a huge one just a few people...

Ara had fallen asleep on the bed, book resting over her face as she slept softly.

Cyclone stayed up a while getting things ready for a baby shower... he never really been to one or anything so he was doing his best

Araphina woke sometime in the middle of the night and yawned. SHe had to pee. So bad! She got up and walked over to the door, crossed the hall and then smiled as she used the bathroom. Darn baby and his pushing the blatter.

Cyclone was still down stairs, he had passed out working on the baby shower. He had been working on it for some time.

Araphina yawned as she walked passed the stairs seeing the light on. She then slowly venturned down stairs and cracked a smile at the bags of party favors, streams, banners and even a list of food. She walked over and then leaned down and kissed Cyclone's neck and then bite his ear softly. "Honey. Come to bed." She said.

Cyclone looked up at Ara sleeply and without thinking he said "Can't hunny I have to fimish your surprise baby shower..." as he finished he looked up and realized what he just said "I mean..."

"That stuff can wait." Ara said and then reached down and then took his hand into hers. "But I can't." She said with a soft wink and then nibbled his neck agian, pulling back to look at him.

Cyclone's jaw dropped alitle "I see..."  he slowly get up and starts to walk rwords Ara

Ara grinned, took his hand and then led him upstairs to the bedroom.

Early that morning Ara has woken up from morning sickness. It was a calmer and less gross then when she first found out she was pregnate. She then smiled at her sleeping husband, thinking of last night and the feel of his muscles and words of care as they made love. She then padded her way down stairs and started to make pancakes and bacon for breakfast.

Cyclone woke shortly woke after she headed down stares to cook aand he layed there smelling the food as his mind wondered back to last night. And he smiled at it

Ara hummed as she set the plates on the table. "Cyclone!" She yelled up the stairs. "Breakfast." She added adn then walked away and back into the kitchen, still humming.

Cycloned smiled and started to get vready to go down stairs

Ara was pouring orange juice when she heared him upstairs. She then set it on the table and sighed. SHe held her stomach, sat down and then waited.

Cyclone came down a few seconds later and smiles "good morring"

"Morning love. Sleep good?" Ara asked him as she was buttering her pancakes.

"Yea I did, how about you?" He smiled as he sat down and started to get his plate ready

"Lot better then what I have in what feels like months." Araphina said with a huge grin as she then put some syrup on her pancakes and then started to eat.

Cyclone smiles as he starts to eat "I am glad t hear it"

Araphina smiled and then eat in peace. "So...the babyshower." She said and then looked up at him, grinning over her fork of pancakes.

Cyclone looked at her "what are you talking about?" he tried holding back a grin as h spoke

Araphina huffed. "Oh." She stuck her tounge out at him. And grinned then stuffing her face acting like she wasn't smiling.

Cyclone dlowly started to eat again after holding back a laugh.

Araphina shook her head. "Oh boy." She said holding her stomach. "I know your there." She added and then inhaled and sighed softly. "Hey hun?" She asked after she finished her food and looked to him. "We need to think of a name." She said.

Cyclone smiled "Yeah I know we do... but what to na,e our kid..."

"Well I've kinda thought about it." Araphina said. "And if it's a boy I like the name Savitar." She said with a proud smile.

Cyclone smiled at Ara "That has a nice ring to it"

Ara nodded proudly. "But what if it's a girl." She said. "I've only thought about boy names." She added. "So think of a girl name." She said and then smiled sweetly.

"Hmmmmm.... let me think on it for awhile hun ok?" Cyclone smiles at Ara as he starts to think of a good name..

Araphina nodded softly and then went back to finishing up her food, a soft smile still on her face as she thought about thigns.

Cyclone continued to eat as he kept thinking of names for girls not being very good at names...

"You don't have to come up with it right now." Ara said adn then patted his arm lightly. "We still have 2 months to figure something out." She said adn then stood and started to clear the table.

"I know hun, I just want to be ready you know?" Cyclone got up to take care of his plate

Araphina smiled and took his plate from him and kissed his cheek as she then turned and started to wash the dishes.

Cyclone kisses Ara on the neck "I think I am going to go take a shower"

Araphina nodded and smiled at him as she started clearing off the rest of the table. Once finished she walked into the livingroom and then winced as she held her stomach. The baby was kicking at her ribs. And laughing. She swore it was laughing at her discomfort.

Cyclone stood in the shower letting the water run over him as his mind went into deep thought. He was still thinking of a girls name

Ara had falledn asleep watching tv and reading her latest novel. She woke up to hand on her side and smiled sleepy and then went to scream and disapeared. She apeared in a room she didn't recanize. But once the door clicked she was then strapepd down by chains she did noticed. She then gasped as the man walked into the room. She was trapped with him, once agian.

Cyclone woke a little later and realized Ara missing from the bed. He begins to search the house. He looked every where calling her name. Now he starts to panick... "Where is she..."

Off somwhere Araphina sighed. "What do you want with me!?' She demanded and pulled at her chains.

Archon walked in and then stood at the foot of the bed and folded his arms over his chest. "Now now love. We've been over this. I want the baby. Not you." He said eyeing her ever larger stomach. "I see things are coming along fine." He said and then nodded in her diresction as she then was dressed in a greek goddess type gown. "That's better. Wear the robes of your lineage. It suits you." He said and smiled as he then looked to her face.

Cyclone starts getting angry and worried search for Ara now all over the country side "how could this happen... how could I let her vanish..." He started to blame himself for her disappearnce

Araphina sighed and gave in. "Whatever." She said and then yawned. "Can you please leave so I can go pee and then take my nap." She said. "You happened to kidnap me midnap." She said.

Archon sighed. "Fine. I'll return in about 2 hours to bring you food." He said and then stood up from where he sat on the bed and then walke dout of the bedchambers releasesing her from her chains. He locked the door, pocketed the key and headed down the black marble hallway.

Cyclone got ready and headed out to try and fine her again and speaking to himself "If it was her father again I think he wouldn't hide her in the same spot twice but still I will start there" He took off heading to the castel

Ara sighed stood up and then made her way to what looked like the bathroom. She smiled as she looked around and then walked over and did her business and then walked out and sighed. She took a closer look around and sighed. He really had everything ready for a baby. Just then there was a knock and then the door opened and closed very quickly.

"Hi!" Came the sweet sounds of a female. "I'm Steph. I'll be your midwife." She said. "There is another. But I'll be the breathing coach and the one that will walk you through things." She said. She was bouncy, brunette and young from the looks of it. She had on a dark red skirt and off the shoulder top, her white apron tied off in the back with a perfect bow. She smiled and walked over to her. Taking soft steps. She walked around Ara and nodded. "Your filling out greatly. Edna will be greatly happy. She'll be in much later to check on you." She said and grinned. "But sent me to make sure you were in form and such." She added and stood, then looked at her. "I see that your still agjusting and everything." She added. She then held out a ball and squeezed it. "I want you to practice. Squeeze. Hold and then repeat." She said. "Do it every so often." She added. "That way when going through labor you wont be sore in the wrist as well." She said and then smiled and bounced out faster then Araphina could blink. Leaving her there with the squish ball.

Cyclone arrives in the village just out side the castel and he looks for the house where Ara's mother was. He hopped that she could help him again. He goes and walks around town for a few hours before he sees it and he slowly makes his way to the door and knocks "I hope she is in there..."

"Oh Crap!" Came the rough voice of a male. There then was a thud and a soft "Gotcha." Just then the door opened to a tall lanky male. Standing in a door frame that made him look all that much taller. "Um. Can I help you?" He asked the other man.

"Um, yes there was a women that lived here, she help me awhile back. Does she still reside here?" Cyclone looked at the man, hopping he would know something

"Mom." The man said and then moved aside for Cyclone to enter. "I'm Urian." He added and then closed the door after him.

Apollymi walked in from the room around the corner, "What is it my son?" She asked, looked up and then froze as she saw Cyclone. "He took her agianst. Didn't he?" She asked. 'How far along is she?" She asked right after pulling Cyclone in and forceing him to sit at the table making the 3 of them tea.

"She is around nine months I beleive, sorry my mind is scattered" Cyclone's body was shaking from rage "Do you know where he is keeping her?"

Urian shook his head. "She's only 7 and a half." He said. "I've been watching." She said and grinned and set tea down infront of them and took some in his hand and sat down as well.

Apollymi nodded. "I thought she wasn't nine yet. He wouldn't have risked that." She said and then stired her tea thinking it over. "We have a month and a half to get her. The sooner the better. Granted He wont hurt her. For that I am sure. He knows that she is her father. She however doesn't knew either of us." She said and then bit her lip softly. "What he will do to the child. That. I don't know." She heared Urian sniffle, then she reached out and rubbed his arm softly. "Your baby sister and her baby will be okay." she said.

"Do you have any idea where they are at?" Cyclone was worried about Ara, he has never left her side since the last time she was token unless he had to. "We need to find her soon"

Apollymi bite her lip. "Come with me." She said set her tea cup down and then walked from the kitchen into a really small room off tot he left. She sat down at the table and then reached down into the basin of water and pulled a sofra up and then held it in her palms. As it started to glow she set up on top of the water, waiting for the picture to clear up.

Cyclone stood near her watching in amazement. He waited for her to do what ever she was doing in silence.

All of a sudden there was a clear picture of Araphina with her arms up and a peice of string around her stomach. Then a beauty with aubrun hair popped out from behind her and laughed then nodded, they were talking. But words and sounds were not heard. "Well she's with the midwife." Apollymi said. "That's Edna. She helped me with Ara and Urian." She said softly. "So atleast if we don't get there in time. Edna would refuse him to hurt eaither of them." She said and relaxed a bit then let the ball fall to the basin bottom with a clunk. She looked up to Cyclone.

"If you don't mind me asking, why doesn't she know either of you?" Cyclone stood there this question has bothered him for some time now. He has always wonder why... He was relived now knowing Ara was ok

"She knows of me. But can't not see me." Apollymi said. "Her father has wanted to kill her from her birth. But I stopped him and placed her in the belly of a pregnate Queen. She was raised next to her twin till she was 21. When she was 21 she came full term with her powers and became the goddess that was told to bear the final fate. Her father leared of this then went from killing to to wanting her first born. All because his 3 daughters forsaw that she would bring him to life." She sighed. "Damn bastard daughter's of his ruined my daughters life. And If I EVER see him. I'll turn him to stone and send him to the underworld!" She said and then looked away.

Anger serge through Cyclone and his eyes started to glow a golden red color. "He will pay for this. I will not allow him to hurt neither of them I promise"

Apollymi stood and then sighed as she walked over to him and pulled him into a motherly hug. "Calm my son." She said softly, rubbing his back. "I need you calm. I can't save her." She said and then held him tighter. "I need you level headed and calm." She said.

Cyclone was shaking in rage "I will be fine, I can handle this" He was always like this. Hus emotions controlled his power. Each feeling displayed a diffrent amount of power, anger and rage put him at max

Apollymi pulled back and smiled. "She really got lucky with you." She said and then turned away before he saw her tears fall down her face. She then wipped her eyes fast and then walked around him and out of the room and back to her tea. Patting Urian on the shoulder.

Cyclone smiles a little and turns and leaves the room too and sat in an open seat. "There is still much I need to tell her..." He said in sort of a daze

"As long as she is pregnate. She will be safe." Apollymi said. "But once she has the baby. I can't promise he wont toss her into a basement." SHe said. "Granted he doesnt' kill her. Unless he want's the baby breast fed then he will keep her around." She added and sighed. "I need sleep." She muttered. She downed her tea then walked off down a hall.

Urian stood and watched his distressed mother go and then sighed as he sat down and looked from Cyclone to his empty cup.

"Everything will be fine I promise" Cyclone said this and rgen stared off in deep thought

"You going to stay here?" Urian asked. He hated silence.

"yeah for tonight why?" Cyclone smiled as he leaned back in his chair

Urian stood and sighed. "I'll ready the guest bedroom." He said, pushed in the chair and stalked down the hall across from where his mom walked into.

Cyclone chased after him "There is no need I seen a tree near by I will be there if you guys need me ok?"

"No." Urian said and turned and glared at him. "Brother in law stay here. Or I chop down tree." He said. Do I make myself clear?" He asked. He raised a eyebrow and looked at Cyclone.

"Look it is nothing against you, I just have a lot on my mind and I think best out side in nature ok?" Cyclone tried to smile

"Fine." Urian snapped. "But promise one thing." he said. "You be in this bed when mother wakes. So she will have my ass." He said. He then brushed past him and walked out of the bedroom and then into his own room.

"Oh I won't even be sleeping..." Cyclone left the house and went to the tree and jumped in to it

Araphina was sitting at the bay window and she sighed. Softly. She looked at her food tray and then shoved the rest of it away. She then walked over and crawled into bed and then tried to sleep.

Cyclne sits in the tree in deep thought thinking about what to do

"CYCLONE GET YOUR ASS OUT OF THAT DAMNED TREE RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!" Came the screaming of Apollymi.

Cyclonw looks "why? I am meditating up here..." He yelled back but not because he was mad only because he had to in order for her to hear him

"Cuase you being up there and not talking to me doesn't solve the issue at hand. Just makes me worry all that much more." She called up to him, hands on her hips. "Please." She said. "I'm worried about her too. Don't make me worry about you."

"I will be down in a few,,," Cyclone replided still in his own little world. He was a little more then just worried about Ara

"Fine." Apollymi said. "Then I'm coming up." She added and th en started to climb the tree. She then sighed as she looked over at him, sitting on the branch.

Cyclone looks at her "I am ok just clearing my mind..." He always has done this kept his feelings locked up

"Well I check in on her shortly after I woke. And she's going though breathing classes." Apollymi said. "So she's being taken care of and preped. "Granted they have like a month and a half to go. So they will be on here all the time." She said. 'So I say we start thinking about where he might be taken her." she added.

"Yeah I know, but you know him better then I do..." Cyclone sighed "I just hope we can get to her on time..."

"you Know I could balem you for all of this." Apollymi said. "I told you. I warned you he'd be after her after she got farther along." She said then huffed. "Forget it. We need to focus on finding my daughter." She said. She then disapeared and reapeared at the base of the tree. She then stalked off into the house.

Cyclone jumped down and followed her in "look if you find out where she is, I know I can save her but we need to be quick because I need to do a little side quest before I get to her.."

Apollymi turned on her heel and then poked him hard in the chest. "What in the hell could be more important then you say...pregnate wife?" She asked. "ANd my pregnate daughter?" She asked and then shoved him a little. SHe may have been small in size, but she couldf hurt him if she had to.

"You do not understand... What I am going to do will help me save your doughter and the love of my life..." Cyclone just stood there

"Fine." Apollymi huffed then walked away from him. 'Then go. Don't let me stop you." She said as she disapeared from his view.

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