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“The golden realm holds within
The child of darkness’ line
Born where no knights will go
Although the land be fine

The lord of blackness, in his tomb
Knows not the time or place
So neither shall those of light
That wish to save their race

Such will be the Night’s child
The child of darkness’ line
His power, black or white,
Hellish or divine”

This is the foretelling of the birth of a peasant child to a village that hasn't seen a royal guard in over a 1000 years which will set the world in motion. This single child, prophesied to be either the savior of light or the champion of darkness, is known as the Night’s Child. He is the son of the avatar of darkness, and is that which the great forces of the world have sought throughout time.

Long before his birth, at the edge of the golden realm of Belatona, four dwarfs with greedy hearts tunneled into the mountains in search of a cursed treasure rumored to sleep within. Instead of finding the treasures that they were seeking, the dwarfs found Alekai's tomb and, in their greed, smashed the bonds that held the tomb tight. Two died that night, and their two companions survived only long enough to tell the tale. Mere weeks later both slipped into madness as the darkness, Alekai, ruthless and full of hate, poisoned their hearts. Restless malice swept the lands as the darkness searched for the child. The forces of light fought vigorously against him, trying anything to stop Alekai from accomplishing his task, which would drag the world back into the chaos it was born from. The dwarfs tried with all their might and magic to seal him back into the earth but failed in their attempts until their great council came to the decision to ask the Queen of Belatona for help. Queen Water Lily, an extremely powerful water nymph and ruler of all races in Belatona, sent forth her most powerful mages and they placed Alekai back into his Earthy tomb where his powers were neutralized. The mages she sent were the Elven maidens of Na'seari, and they made sure that he would not be able to leave his tomb unless the Night’s Son set him free. The Night’s son, Alekai's only son, was sought of by the Elven maidens of Na'seari and killed at birth.

Or so they thought…

The birth of the Night’s son can happen anytime in history and so the killing of a child they supposed was the Night’s Son failed in stopping the prophecy. Now, millennia have passed, and Alekai’s son has not only been born, but is now a fully grown man. The bonds on Alekai's tomb have begun to break as the Night Son's powers grow inside him without him knowing. Alekai has sent his deadly Meralei out to hunt for the Night Son, to bring him back and set his father free. Meralei are dark creatures that are created from humans that were so far taken into darkness that when they died they became corrupted souls and reawakened as beasts of darkness the used to control. Along with them, Alekai sent forth his legions of werewolves, vampires, orcs and other dark creatures that are in service to him, to search for the child. A force of light unknown to the Elven maidens but known to Queen Water Lily also searches for the Night Son. They are called Dra'Nadi, a faction of Changelings, Mermaids, Dragons, Fairies and Hobbits all loyal to the Queen. Their wish is to find the Night’s Son and use him to fight the darkness that pursues him. The citizens of Belatona are noticing these changes in the world now, and are raising questions that need answers. So it is a race against time to find the Night Son’s and the possible end to life.



[The Black Cat in Your Path] and [Artsy] are the new Retainer's of Belatona.
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If you have anything your not comfortable discussing with them, you can always message me, you'll just have to be patient until I get to it!

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2009-05-11 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Ooooh, interesting... *likes this* I may just join after all. ^^

2012-01-28 [Synirria]: Eh, it's had its ups and downs. I've changed the story line and restarted it

2012-08-12 [Synirria]: I hate having the rp at a pause

2012-08-12 [Atayemi]: This is very, very intriguing!

2012-08-12 [Synirria]: Thanks. It's older but there's no reason you can't come in.

2012-08-12 [Atayemi]: Awesome!

2012-12-11 [silent_voice]: So, if I write up a character for this you'll let me play too?

2012-12-11 [Synirria]: Lol of course, but it has to be good ;)

2013-02-21 [Danboo]: How ironic, the last time someone posted in here was on my birthday.

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