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2007-08-11 03:13:43
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This Wiki has been created by Erin [Lost_In_Love] and Cytheria [Just Another Perfect Day] in order to give you all a small glimpse into our minds and our conversations.



Cheeseburger and Big Mac

We are sappy, twinsy, friendly, mcgorgeous, unique, dorks.

The Quotes: 

Quote #1: 

Quote #2: 

Quote #3:
"woo hoo! / whoop / woot!"

Quote #4:
"Grrrr.... UGH!"

Quote #5:
"You said it!"

Quote #6:
"The difference between men and women."
"Men have a penis and women have a vuh-gine-uh!"

Quote #7:
"Yes, please! Will you get the glass?"

Quote #8:
"Don't say sorry!"
"... sorry!"

Quote #9:

Quote #10:
"Yahoo Messenger sucks!"

Quote #11:
"The stupid computer's being stupid again!"

Quote #12:
"I forgot what I was going to say!"

Quote #13:

Quote #14:

Quote #15:
"Kangaroos have sex 80 times a day??"

Quote #16:

Quote #17:

Quote #18:

Quote #19:

Quote #20:

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2007-08-10 [Lost_In_Love]: ha! i love it already!

2007-08-10 [Just Another Perfect Day]: yay!!

2007-08-10 [Lost_In_Love]: haha! greatness!

2007-08-10 [Lost_In_Love]: haha! just keeps getting better!

2007-08-11 [Lost_In_Love]: haha! i almost forgot about that one!lol

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