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Bangs ran deep into the cave and things only got darker and the smell was horrible, although even that was an understatement. She was losing light but found Saru quickly enough when she slipped on some moss and slipped off a ledge and Saru was right below.

In the typical comic fashion. Saru was pinned under bangs in the tangled jumble they had ended up in. "What just....." He noticed who it was and imediatly burnt up, his face a glow.

She looked down and saw Saru and she quickly got off of him and brushed the dirt out of her hair. When she was done she looked over at him and asked, "Are you okay?" She offered a hand to help him up.

"Um..yeah. I think so." Saru helped himself up, his eyes a bit downcast. His staff had tumbled across the ground leaving him in his human state. His, neat hair now a mess that almost resembled his monkey form. "I apologize, but if i may ask what brings you down this way, and in that state miss bangs?" He replied formally, his human state seeming much more well mannered and intelligent than his other two.

She took a step back in surprise. "Woah monkey, never heard you with manners before." She blurted out. She giggled a bit and said, "Sorry just took me by surprise. Hiuko said you down here and there was something strong down here. We swapped bodies and I ran down her as quick as I could. I'm glad I found you though before whatever is down here did."

Saru blushed before retrieving his staff, his hair instantly wild and mamed, his incissors extended and the tail appeared from no where. "Eh dont get used to it. It hurts my head." He looked away quickly as to not drool at the sight of the half demon. "Um so i didnt know there was anything down here."

"Well Hiuko said there was something down here, he looked tired so I came to get you. She looked around and said, "I don't see anything down here though... I wonder why." She was looked around squinting in the darkness, she was completely oblivious to what was going on.

That plotting bastard. Saru's fist shook in rage. "Well, we cant go back so foward is the only way." He looked straight ahead as he walked not letting his eyes stray to her at all in fear of actually swooning.

She walked beside him and ran right into a wall next to a tunnel entrance, which knocked her back on to the ground. "I can't see a bloody thing here, its too dark. Damn it Hiuko, took my good eyes away." She said trying to get back up.

"oh yeah cats have night vision." Saru managed a chuckle while he offered her a hand, his other pressed firmly against the wall so he wouldnt get turned around in the black void.

She could just barely make out his hand reaching to her so she grabbed it and held on while they worked their way out. She still feared that there was something in the cave and hoped her lack of night vision wouldn't hinder things. However denounced to the two, they had in fact disturbed something that had been sleeping for a very long time. The sound of a tail slithtering across the ground echoed throughout the cave.

"Please tell me you just scuffed your feet." Saru sighed, before his face went stark red when he realized she was clenching his hand. He almost forgot to breath before he came back to his senses and gripped his staff readily as they continued to walk.

Bangs shook her head and realized there was something in the darkness. She made a hissing noise... a human one anyway, and before she knew it she had let go of Saru's hand and was pinned between the cave wall and the tail of something large and scaled. The tail moved away and she regained herself in the split second before a second tail came crashing into her and knocking her unconscious.

Saru's staff was gone, fused into his body. He now stood about seven feet tall and pretty built. His massive hand shot out to catch the tail before it hit, not knowing where it was simple judging from bangs used to be.

A third tail went to hit Bangs while she was down but Saru had grabbed it just in time. Then a fourth shot out to attack Saru, in the darkness lay a beast with ten tails all poised to strike one after the other in half second intervals and they were all going to attack Saru till he let go or died, whichever came first.

The strike hit dead on causing him to flinch and leaving a whip like mark across his chest. "No more.." He huffed, his muscles taunt as he reared back trying to jerk the beast towards him for a head butt with his profound strength.

Saru pulled and the creature started to move but it plunged two tails into the ground behind it to keep its ground and continued to strike at Saru with its remaining tails.

Saru was knocked flat, then sprang up roaring. He charged forward his hand lashing out in a series of chops in order to deflect the rest of the blows. He drove straight on trying to close in.

It kept on its assault but when Saru drew too close for comfort it opened a mouth under its first mouth and small versions of itself came out, they were about knee high and each had about 12 tails. Four came out and attacks Saru's legs while he closed it while the main one focused on the upper body.

Saru was forced to his knees from the blows. He Plunged his fingers into the rock and lurched up a huge chunk of rock to shield himself, then he reared back and hurled it at the two minis.

The minis were squashed and three more came from the darkness, the tails started to disappear into further darkness. One of them as they passed into the darkness was holding an unconcious Bangs. It was there for a mere half second before it disappeared. The four minis attacked and more could be heard down the tunnel coming for him.

"Fine!" Saru closed his eyes as his staff appeared and materialized in his hands, his from shrinking to his lanky normal monkey form. He sprang up swinging on the nearest tail and flipping onto the next beginning to run down it making his way towards the beast.

The further down he got the more started to appear and they were climbing along the walls and cieling with their tails to attack him, some even jumping at him.

Saru triedhi best to dodge them, planting his staff into ones back and swinging around, sliding across the ground on his knees to avoid a tail swipe, the springing up into a flip hands planting on a another to gain ground. His tail lashed out parrying a few strikes as best he could.

Saru was able to get through the largest mass of the minis and he was now in between a fork in the tunnel and the mini's nipping at his heels.

He spun his staff over his head in order to buy some time before sticking his nose in the air searching for that scent he was familiar with, He inhaled finally picking out bangs aromatic soft fur like aroma. He launched off trying his best to out run the abomonations.

Though the scent came from both directions one was stronger than the other. The minis stopped chasing him as he went down the tunnel. It was a straight shot and the further down he went the more webs showed up and the larger they were. If he ever looked behind him he would notice a large web blocking the way out, a web strong as steel.

Saru twirled back and started to spin his staff like an alternating helicopter blades trying to saw his way through the webs in order to make his way down the tunnel. "Hold on bangs im coming."

Not too long after his spinning staff a myriad a large spiders easily half hid size came at him being the source of destruction to their homes, food, and eggs. They attacked by biting with neuro-toxins where ever they could.

"What in the hell is with this cave? Im going to kill Steel when i see him, dumbass choosing a freaking infested hole for a fighting ground." He slapped and tore at the attacker as best he could looking buck alike a monkey covered in fleas in the wild

The spirders flew off him but they they would hit the wall be stunned for a second at press the attack. Some started to shoot webs to try to Hold Saru down.

Saru reformed his ape form and started to sprint on all for ignoring the pain and venom surging through him. His massive strength broke the webs as he simply charged forward like a tank blindly surging through.

He broke through the webs and something large fell from the cieling with a loud crash that sent a shockwave through the cavern. There now lay a spider twice the size as the others. She yelled something in another language and a dark voice said something in the same language from the darkness on the other side of Saru. They conversed and Bangs was thrown from the darkness in front of Saru's feet. The dark voice said, with an egyptain accent, "Run ape!" Then it moved forward to show it was twice as large as the one that lured him down and it easily had 30 tails. The spider and tail monster stood on both sides of him their minions on either side and also crawling down the only other passageway out. With the venom coursing throughhis veins what could he do to save Bangs in time?

The sight of bangs battered and unconcious snapped him. Saru's eyes went straight white as his incisors protruded becoming as animalistic a possible. He reared back his chest bulging as a monstorous roar erupted from his core, normally enough to make most flinch. His reason was gone, pure unbridaled rage and power fueled him. His right hand lashed out immediatly crushing a minion without a pause, his strength was easily three times his normal rediculous strength. He released a massive punch that connected with a glancing blow but it imploded from the power of the near miss.

The minions stopped but they still block the ways out and only one tail monster and spider walked forward. They weren't the largest ones but they were near the same size, obvious elite warriors. The spider climbed to the cieling while the tail monster started shooting out its tails in an attack

Saru belted out another roar before he took off on all four building momentium. His eyes were blank and full of malice his muscles bulging ready to release their potential. He launched into a tackle his right hand drawn back in a massive punch aimed for monster completly ignoring the tails.

A web caught the monster and lifted it over Saru's range of attack but not the monsters and it landed safely away from Saru after throwing about twenty jabs itself at a blinding speed. Meanwhile the spider worked up something to stop Saru's moevments completely.

Saru slid around on three limbs turning around. His madened eyes glared as he reared back, his anger seeping through his aura. His face immediately slammed into the floor causing the very stone beneath them to crack as it quickly spread creaping up the walls and shattering the ceiling causing large chunks of stone to break away and fall.

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2011-05-07 [Hiuko]: Sorry but this got more intense than I thought.

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