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The ULTIMATE Quotes of Caffy and Emi

Chav quotes

Chav Are you a Goth?
Emma + Caffy No
Chav Are you a Skater?
Emma + Caffy No
Chav Are you a Hippy?
Emma + Caffy No
Chav Whey what are you?!

Chav I wouldn’t dare have hair like yours
Emma I wouldn’t dare have a face like yours

Emma This coming from the boy who pisses behind a bus shelter every night

Random chav Red hair blowing in the wind…
Emma Okaay…

Emma They’re speaking in rhymes! Is this like a new thing now? It’s cool to speak in rhymes?

Random quotes

Emma + Caffy Ahh we meet again… xD

EmmaIt's like, I’ve just bought this table made of cardboard...

Caffy OMG a handicapped duck!

Caffy I've got that song on me phone if you want it
Emma I haven't got that phone
Caffy ....What?!

Emma *points* ELEPHANT!!

6th Form quotes

Nisha It's running, I mean swimming!
Emma It's like a Jesus duck!

Tom 'Hidey' *laughs hysterically* it's a girls name!
Hidey Harvard!
Tom My name already has a 'y' it doesn't work!
Hidey I didn't put a 'y'
Cath I didn't know Jackass had a 'y'

Kate Just go in!
Cath Nar! She's proper scary... she like looks at me like she's hungry! Like when a kid is walking down the street with a mars bar and all the fat people like stare at them? Well she gives me the mars bar look!

Staying in

Emma All I heard of what Nicole just said is 'I poked some lad right... and then broke his pencil'
C *laughing hysterically* What?!?

*Emma and Cath checking out the new apps on myspace*
Emma I thought that said 'Molesterer'... Oh yes, "Molester your friends... ONLINE!"

Going out

*On the bus back from Metro*
Idiot Chav There was this time once right, that someone smacked a brick off the back of my head cos I wouldn't give them tabs. I was like WHOA! I was unconcious like, but I was like WHOA! ...Good times...

Emi and Caffy's Caravan Escapade

Cath I wanna take the lead, oooo like the pink power-ranger!

Caffy Follow me like a Power Ranger!

*after buying a chainsaw and singing to Alphabeat's Fascination*
Dad Fingers on the floor, sew them back on
Fingers on the floor, sew them back on
Fingers on the floor, sew them back on
Fingers on the floor, sew them back on

Dad Whey you never told me you's were going out!
Mam David I told you the other day man! Though you were probably busy thinking "Ooh logs, logs, logs" uh huh "logs..." aye man "logs...burn, ooh burn..."

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2009-02-16 [.//~CAFFY~\\.]: haha some good ens like

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