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The White House used to be a symbol of democracy and freedom, that was before the Nazis moved in and made it their Command center for the entire country. Now its beautiful white exterior is marred by two, building tall, Nazi flags, and their national symbol of the eagle atop the swastika sits proudly atop the building. The once clean cut lawn, now reduced to a yard of barbed wire, sand bag bunkers, and defensive installations. This has to be the single most occupied part of the country.

General Hanz Dulhelm walked through the halls of the Presidents former house with his hands behind his back. Most would assume that it was just more comfortable to walk this way or gave him an air of superiority, in reality it put his hands closer to his Lugars in case he needed them quickly. He walked into the war room, his trench coat flowing behind him revealing his nice, clean General's uniform and all the awards he had won in service to the Fuhrer.

Following close behind the general was the Fuhrer's usual shadow, Sigu Althaus, was watching her own feet move foward along the plush carpet. This place was too...comfortable. She had no idea what any of these higher ups saw in such a place. But, she was told to do some recon on the place, find the best place for snipers to hide, so she was casing the halls behind anyone she could find, seeing how she would kill them if she had that assignment.

The large figure of Rocco Faust was doing what he had been told, and what he had been told to do is be a door stop. He stood there, holding the door open and watching the incoming people from behind; one General and his shadow. He huge man gazed at Sigu as she stalked along behind the general, but the smoked glass of his helmet mask made it impossible to see his sensative eyes. At least this was an easy job... but he had a feeling that wouldn't be for very long.

As General Dulhelm entered the room all the subordinates came to attention and saluted. "<At ease. What is our situation so far?>" he asked as he looked at a map of the country and of the D.C. area.

One of the higher ranked officers in the room stepped up to answer the question. "<We have had only minimal troubles in most of the country. However, it has come to our attention that Anti-Nazi resistance movements are spreading through the country from where they started in California. Most have been small problems, hitting supplies trains or patrols, but we are preparing against them.>"

Right, so they were taking out the supplies and patrols. Of course they are, this isn't Germany, this wasn't what Hitler promised. Hitler promised a strong Germany and now they were completely spread out across the world. Rocco's face was completely still, both the dramatic helmet mask and his own terrifying one as well. This place was going to hell and back, and he would know it, the demon was impressed by it.

"<Order the capture of any resistance members they encounter. Take them in for interrogation to find out where they are from and who their families are. If they dont sell out their families, then burn down the whole town.>" Dulhelm ordered without much thought. "<Anything else?>"

Approaching Rocco from behind, as silently as a cat, Sigu pantomimed stabbing him in the neck with an invisible knife before turning and pantomiming the same with the officer next to him. "<Killed you,>" she whispered to both of them. Noting where the alcove in the room was that she had planned the attack from, she continued around the room, silent once more.

Rocco rolled his eyes, it wasn't as if she was pretending that he hadn't noticed her. He had just not moved. Ok, she'd been silent, but he could have stopped a knife easily. He didn't move, he wasn't supposed to move, he was a doorstop. Let the girl have her fun, it was more than anyone else was having right now.

"<Also, we discovered that a note was being circulated to certain inhabitants of the New York City area.>" The next officer in line said. "<We were unable to catch the person handing them out, but we located several people that had received the letter and had them put to death.>"

"<Jumping the gun are we?>? General Dulhelm said, raising his eyebrow. "<Good job anticipating the move, however. If you find anymore, try to capture the person for interrogation as well.>"

Interrogation, interrogation, this was making the human part of Rocco feel ill. If he wasn't a corporal then he wouldn't be a doorstop right now, and if he hadn't been a GOOD corporal then he wouldn't have been a fancy doorstop in such an important place. A muscle in his arm twitched, all resistance and torture here, nothing about making anything better...

Having nothing to add to the meeting, and only being there because most everybody gave her free reign, Sigu stared at the officer who said they had put the person to death. Really, it was so simple to see that these people of the Fuhrer's were by far the most useless types. They could all die and no one would care. Except for them, of course. The only one with any intelligence it seemed was the General. But even his was limited. She frowned and looked around the war room. This was not a good place to have a war room.

Rocco's rubbed covered hands squeaked as he clenched and unclenched his fists, the sharp tips of his fingers not appearing through the carefully maintained covers. He did look like a strange mixture of clothes and armour, some of it not making any sense. His mask placed on the front of his helmet would serve almost no purpose, it wouldn't stop but a few bullets, maybe a knife or so, but it wasn't a gas mask either. He looked strange and intimidating, what people liked to have guarding doors.

The rest of the officers had no new information to share so Dulhelm finished the meeting with a few other orders. "<Double escorts on all shipping runs and double all armaments on the trains carrying them. Make sure all snipers are reporting in every hour and anytime they see something out of the ordinary. Have the Clockworks and the Steams begin building by building sweeps to clear out the ruined and derelict buildings, then have the buildings tore down and the grounds prepared for new projects.>" With that he turned and strode out of the war room. He stopped infront of Rocco and turned to look at him, as if gauging the sanity of the individual infront of him.

The hissing breath that came out was more than a little demonic, but Rocco's face was hidden behind the greek tragedy mask. Great, a General was looking at him, this usually meant they either didn't like him or they wanted him to take the mask off. Then they tended to freak out when they saw his face. He kept staring forward however, right over Dulhelm's cap, although the eye holes of his mask were smoked glass so the General wouldn't be able to tell where he was looking anyway.

Sigu made to follow Dulhelm, but when the General stopped, she did not. Moving silently around to the side of the door, just behind Rocco, she eyed the room of officers. Maybe killing a few of them wouldn't be such a bad idea. It wasn't as if officers were hard to come by around here. They were a dime a dozen for the most part. She looked at Dulhelm and followed his gaze to Rocco. The man made a good doorstop.

"<You are very interesting.>" Dulhelm said as he picked and pulled at the man's mismatched uniform. "<May I ask where you acquired all of this?>"

"<Corpses.>" Rocco replied without thinking, then added slowly "<Sir.>" He'd been around the place it seemed, collecting clothes from dead people to cover himself up. They didn't know why he had all these different ones though, but he did, and he really didn't fancy revealing everything to this... General.

"<And what of this mask.>" Dulhelm asked, tapping his gloved finger against the chin of Rocco's mask. "<It is most definitely not of proper uniform.>"

"<No. But it is necessary. Sir.>" Rocco was trying not to roll his eyes, even though he could and it would not be seen. His teeth made slight clacking noises when he spoke, the bare bone colliding with no fleshy cushion to dull the noise.

"<Mine is not either,>" was all Sigu said to Dulhelm. She looked up at Rocco from the side and nodded. "<I like your mask.>" Then she was behind Dulhelm again, his silent shadow, nothing more to say to anyone.

"< You got a bit more then a little of the Nether didnt you?>" Dulhelm said with a grin to Rocco. He had been "enhanced" by the Fuhrer, much against his will.

"<The Nether got more than a little bit of me. Sir.>" replied Rocco simply, keeping all his answers only to the General and very concise. He had always attracted some attention due to his size, now looking like this... well it would be worse without the mask. He wanted to ask if the man had a point... but he knew that would just cause trouble.

"<Hm...follow me.>" Dulhelm said quickly before turning on his heel and walking on down the hallway, again with his hand behind his back under his coat.

Great, bloody great. Rocco stomped along, trying not to seem like the grumpiest hell beast in the room but that was difficult because he was. His teeth clacked slightly against each other as he moved, not because of the movement itself but because he was just so... annoyed right now. He shouldn't be allowed at these meetings, one day he was going to bite a person's face clean off. Still, he walked along silently, waiting for the General to tell him when to stop.

Durer whistled as he walked down the halls of the White House, his tune a chipper little thing that caused him to smile widely with each high note he managed to hit. His one visible eye scanned the area, flicking from window to door, he wondered if he was late for something? He usually was late, fashionable late of course. The man laughed at his own joke and clapped his hands. "<'Tis a wonderful day oh yes!>"

Sigu moved to follow behind Rocco as he left, moving around the others milling about the door. She ignored what was being said and kept going, thinking that it might be better if she was silent.

Dulhelm smiled inwardly as he made plans in his head, he was always trying to make sure he was ahead of the game, no matter what that game was. He spotted Durer whistling, walking down the hall and frowned. This was a military compound currently housing the most powerful military minds in the country and this fool was whistling and smiling like an idiot. "<Something pleasant you want to share?>" he asked as he approached.

Durer paused in front of Dulhelm, a smile gracing his face as always. "<There is always something pleasant on my mind, i'm like a ray of sunshine,>" he extended one arm as if to demonstrate just how graceful he was. "<Might I say you are look very well Sir,>" his tone went respectful bit didn't loose it's dottiness.

And now they were stopping for a chat. Great. Rocco tried to burn through the frontal lobe of the man they'd stopped to talk to, just so they could get all of this over with, but he didn't have that ability. Even though his demon side promised he could if he surrendered completely. Tempting, but no. So he just stood there, and made his breathing a bit heavier while he waited for this conversation to end.

"<You might, but I doubt I would believe your sincerity. And I'm sure your ray of sunshine should be focused down the sights of a rifle right now, killing this little resistance we have growing in our new country.>" Dulhelm said, allowing no emotion to show on his face.

A very non-descript man stumbled into the hallway. He did not look back and forth as one with his appearance would naturally do in the presence of such strong military force. His eyes found the General and he made a beeline for him.

"<I've killed all I've seen, I'm not hunting after all and can't will them out of their little hide holes>," Durer did a circle with his finger when he said 'hide holes'. "<They operate like rats as always, little footsteps that are hard to distinguish over the stomping of everything else, but I assure you that as soon as I catch wind of anything I'll tell you, but me just pointing my gun at thin air is a little - time wasting.>" The man smirked and bowed his head at Dulhelm out of respect. "<So I came here, wasn't that nice of me? It saddens me you doubt my sincerity, I thought we were were comrades? Comrade.>" Durer smiled a toothy grin, ever the one to fill the silence with meaningless conversation.

Upon seeing a man she did not recognize making a beeline for the general, Sigu promptly started masking her presence. She moved around the group of people and towards the man, aiming to trip him up before he noticed she was there. He got in, but that didn't mean he had to get back out alive.

Dulhelm saw the man walking towards him and moved his hands crept up his back, wrapping themselves around the grips of the dual Lugars on his back. Other then that he made no other motion as he continued. "<And what do you have that more important to do, then serve the Fuhrer, that doing so would be a Waste of time?>

The intruder kept walking towards the general, completely ignoring the others in the room. They were of no consequence to him anyway. He saw the subtle movement of the General's hands and figured naturally that he was going for some form of weaponry behind his back. He shrugged mentally, it didn't matter either way. Suddenly he noticed that there was now one less person in the room, strange he thought. The big man was clearly a threat, at least in presence alone. He had lived a long time and knew full well how deceiving appearances could be, and so knew also that the big man was not the biggest threat in the room.

Sigu didn't wait too long before her knife was out of its sheath and pressed in her hand. If the man made one wrong move, he was dead. It wasn't to protect the general. She did this to protect herself. Others would definitely use her for their own advantage. Not that the Fuhrer wasn't, but at least he allowed her to have free reign for the most part.

Rocco felt like just walking off, but still he stood there, hands clenched tight, eyes trying not to roll as he waited for this general to say WHY he was taking Rocco away from his post. So far it just seemed to be a whim, and it wasn't as if Rocco didnt have more important duties to hate.

Within the blink of an eye and the flash of a muzzle, Dulhelm had pulled one of his weapons and fired a shot right in front of the approaching person. "<It is rude to approach someone who is in a conversation with another person. Especially when you do not introduce yourself.">

With a great bow and flourish of his hands, as if the shot hadn't even fazed him, the man ceded the point to the General. <"I am at your disposal, Heerführer. I assumed you had been briefed on my arrival."> He added, tilting his head to the side. He was certain he had sent the proper paperwork, he was perhaps a little eager to meet his commanding officer. <"I am Major Gesicht.">

<"Ah, yes. I remember hearing of your imminent arrival, though a lack of a description leaves me open to unknown situations."> Dulhelm said as he holstered his pistol. He returned his attention to Durer, "<You should return to your post before you are considered in dereliction of duty and that isnt anything to smile about.>" He began to walk again passing Gesicht with a casual wave of his hand and a quick, "<Walk with me so we may talk.>"

<"Ja, Heerführer."> Gesicht replied and fell into step beside the General. There was a smile upon his face, <"Lack of description is the least of my abilities, Heerführer.">

Lucky bastard, lack of description... one of the things not a problem with Rocco's files. He walked just behind the two Nazis, keeping his mind on the feet in front so he didn't wind up taking a step too much and running over the General. Never a good idea, but it would get Rocco noticed...

Taking a few steps so that she was behind once more, Sigu reappeared next to Rocco, eying the newcomer still. She didn't trust him, that much was abundantly clear. There weren't many people she trusted, though. And she liked even fewer of them.

Gesicht turned his head around and saw the woman who's presence had suddenly vanished earlier. "Faszinierend." He whispered with a smile. He had seen many different enhancements, his own was incredible, but to actually be able to vanish from one's senses? Fascinating.

"<You actually interrupted me on my way down to question a prisoner we captured the other day.>" Dulhelm said keeping his gaze forward. "<My two colleagues and I were going to question him, I should say.>"

"<Well, by all means Herrführer, do not let my arrival disturb that. Perhaps i may join you?>" Gesicht asked him, offering his own talents to the interrogation.

"<No. I dont like too many people observing my work. The large man behind me is going to aid me and I do believe that I couldnt get rid of other one if I ordered her killed.>" Dulhelm said with the slightest glance at the train of people he was trailing.

Rocco found himself snapped out of his usual day dream of leaving this place and finding somewhere nice to settle down. "<What?>" he said simply at the General's words. He had not agreed to this.

"<As you command, Herrführer.>" Gesicht said, snapping him a salute. "<You said you wished to talk? Where should I await you?>"

"<You can meet me in my office later. I believe the Americans called it the Oval Office. My interrogation could take some time and I would hate to have you waiting there for hours.>" Dulhelm said, ignoring Rocco's sudden question.

"Nein nein. <It is not a problem, Herrführer.>" Gesicht replied, shaking his head and holding up a hand. "<I will be in the Oval Office.>"

Dulhelm nodded his head and pointed down the hallway to Dulhelm's Office. "<It is right down there.>" He then turned down another hallway and down some stairs to the White House Dungeon.

A little while later, Sigu returned to the halls of the White House. She was fiddling with her fingers, suddenly bored and frustrated at having been dismissed. Not even the Fuhrer dismissed her like that. She would play along, of course, until it became apparent that this general wasn't doing his job. Then she would kill him and the Fuhrer would find a replacement.

"Stupid... bleeding..." Rocco was muttering in english, so most of the others wouldn't understand him. He just might end up killing someone today, and he didn't want it to be someone who had just become annoyed that he was angry with a superior officer. Why didn't he just walk away? How many people could stop him? He looked around, spotting the crazy lady... she probably could if she tried.

"I could kill him...vhen ze time is right," Sigu said with a smile in Rocco's direction. "But zen, I could kill you as vell." She shrugged and looked away, waiting for his reaction. Sigu was getting bored with all this staying in one spot. She was an assassin and needed work. Looking up at the big man, she tilted her head at him.

"Yeah yeah. You good for anything else?" Rocco was feeling angry right now. It was difficult to control his anger, specially when everyone was screaming around him... Another murder obsessed moron who had probably imagined killing Rocco and everyone they loved already.

Sigu actually blinked for a moment, her smile fading. Looking to the side, she thought seriously. Was she good for anything else? She didn't really have any other skills. Besides being able to sleep with people. But that wasn't really a skill. Finally looking back at Rocco, she shook her head. "<No...I do not suppose I am.>"

"Sucks to be you" it was nice to speak English, it made him... not him for a while. He wasn't a german lad from the hilly areas who got into this because he was adoring his brother, but had been turned into this... monster. He was someone else. Someone that no one knew. Rocco looked around... he wanted to smoke. But HE didn't, his demon did, the demon wanted something noxious and ash filled. "Need to work on that whole 'I am not a weapon' thing you have going there" he muttered, starting to walk away, hoping the woman didn't follow.

Sigu immediately followed. "Vhat is zat supposed to mean?" she asked curiously. She stayed a step behind him, though did it without noticing. It was what she was used to doing. "Vy should I haff somezing else I am good at?" Her tone was not accusing or angry, just curious. 

Rocco shrugged, walking off quickly but knowing that Sigu would follow on behind. "<Because if you're just a killing machine then why should I bother talking to you>" it was easier in German sometimes, a mixture of not having to deal with the stupid accents the others had and the fact switching linguistics really confused others sometimes. I meant that they would pause, then he'd have enough time to leave.

Unlike most people, the shift in language didn't even phase Sigu, who was used to these sort of techniques. She hardly even noticed. "<If you did not wish to speak, you would simply walk off and not bother responding. If you want to know the truth, however, you have to ask the right questions.>" Just because she couldn't care about the well being of others, or others in general didn't mean she didn't sometimes want to talk to someone else.

"<I am walking in the other direction. See. Walking. I also like to tell people when they're dumb or being used>" Rocco said simply, walking past people as he moved, wanting to head outside for some fresh air "<And Why would I want to know the truth? What truth is there with you?>"

"<You are still replying,>" Sigu pointed out. She gave people dirty looks when they saw her behind Rocco. Most tended not to like the small assassin, and she didn't care if they did or not. She did care about her own future, however, and when people talked, it could sometimes jeopardize her moving up in the ranks. "<There is plenty of truth. Such as I know a truth about you, told to me by a very unwilling general who I was forced to dispatch.>"

The White House Grounds

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