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The world of vampyrs






Welcome those of the night,Please sit, drink and enjoy the red wine of life.Please for those of you that join go through the pics and choose your vampyr character.

Night walkers:
[Pyro Princezz]
[CherryChik3] - Dampiel, more or less
[katriana_borgova] - vampire with vengeance
[punk tinkerbell]
[J. "dragonruler" Rouse] Reyven (looks like Christian picture for description pictures)
[Gemini of the Black Rose]
[Cougar] is the original of the Heat Vampires. mistess of her own brood and interested in alliances.
[Effulgent Vampyress] Eternal Darkness Bathing in Blood
[ali the green frog]
[Shadow Minx]
[Mother of the shadows]
[Lola S.]


Vamp Gals
Vamp Guys
Our Vamps


Gunlou's Mansion

katriana_borgova's Mansion

J. "dragonruler" Rouse's Mansion

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2005-03-27 [The Keeper Of The Night]: Can you change my vamp to this one plz <img:>

2005-03-28 [Earoluim]: give me some time

2005-03-28 [The Keeper Of The Night]: I changed it

2005-03-28 [Earoluim]: ok

2005-06-23 [dribilie]: can i join your wiki??it looks awsome..

2005-11-06 [Strangeling]: gunlouc? i wish to join, and to be infiniti...may i?

2005-11-06 [Strangeling]: eh, is there any way to edit the existingpics? cos i REALLY want wings... ??

2005-11-10 [Earoluim]: yes you may and I can try for wings just give me time .

2005-11-10 [Strangeling]: yay!! *dances giddy dance* :) trhank you bunches

2006-01-31 [*Leric*]: any of you guys like to RP go to Vampires 4ever RPG

2006-01-31 [Strangeling]: lol wow, this ploace is EMPTY!!!! but sure i'll check the rpg, greatness :) me wuvs to rpg hehehe

2006-03-11 [Earoluim]: I apologize for the absense I have been busy with work latel but I am back for tha moment ,

2010-01-18 [Earoluim]: .....damn

2010-06-07 [katriana_borgova]: Holy crap, how time flies!

2010-07-07 [Earoluim]: yep

2010-10-20 [whispered_pain]: hello

2010-10-22 [Earoluim]: Hello. * bows my head *

2010-11-08 [whispered_pain]: *grins and bows back* wow not used to that kind of treatment right away

2010-11-08 [Earoluim]: It is a habit of mine.

2011-01-08 [whispered_pain]: well i dont mind it at all

2011-01-28 [Earoluim]: * Smiels and nods * Good

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