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2009-11-21 17:36:36
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The idiotic things Ian says

The new home for the things Ian says that I take dirty xD

Ian Eyebrow malfunction

Ian Pull me thingee out for me

Ian I thought it was a girder
Lil Emma A girder?
Ian Yeah
Lil Emma Like a big metal thing?
Ian ....What am I thinking of?
Lil Emma A garter Ian

Ian My thingy is hanging out the bottom of my trousers

Ian My nipples are hard...

Ian My thingee doesnt work

Ian *sniffs fingers* My fingers smell.......
*sniffs again.......Of chicken....huh

Ian We were talking about how I had hard nipples
Lowny But you're a Geordie, we don't feel the cold
Ian Well I'm sorry, that my nipples aren't Geordie enough

Ian Cmon Miss we're finished now can we go
Mrs. Eggett No just wait a few minutes, you know what Mr.Knight is like
Ian *walks toward door* Pleeeeeeese
Mrs. Eggett Fine, spell Schizophrenia
Ian Awww crap....S.C.H......I.Z...O.P..H...E..N.I.A
Mrs. Eggett No you missed an 'R'
Ian Fine let me spell something else
Mrs. Eggett *looks confused*
Ian *shouts* O....C....D *walks out of the door*

Mrs.Ward So what do we think?
Ian Well it could be deterministic because she wanted to wear something that matched her outfit
Mrs.Ward Ooooooh Ian's turning into our own little Gok Wan

Ian My thing's all sticky

Lil Emma Well I get it everyday now
Ian You get it off me every Thursday

Ian It won't come out!
Erin Shake it harder

Ian Someone sniff me

Ian I want one of them really long ones

Ian My crotch is all wet

Ian My penis just flew off my head

Big Steph Don't worry Ian doesn't mind sticky things

Big Steph Just lie there with your legs open and just kinda wink at people

Lil Steph *peering at Ian's t-shirt* Does that say cock legend?

Big Emma A butterfly is more manly than you

Ian I went to pull it up and it sprang back

Ian It all came out too fast

Lil Emma Buffoon
Ian Is that a type of monkey?

Ian I need a big one...I don't have a big one

Lil Emma Balls we have you know
Ian You have balls?

Ian If I make it really small it might go in

Ian Your fingers are small enough to make me squeal

Lil Emma Bad luck just follows you around like a cloud don't it?

Ian See? Gays can’t throw
Lil Steph Yeah but they can toss

Ian I'm bringing howdy back. Kinda like Justin Timberlake only not as sexy

Ian I'm not a gay gay!

Micheal Rocket Propelled
Ian Steph's farts?

Erin Ian I asked a guy out for you, but he said you were too straight looking
Ian I'm too straight to date a gay guy, coool

Michael If Ian were here he'd have pulled by now... Male, female *gestures at phallic shaped bar fitting*... object

Ian How does a T-Rex wank???

Ian I feel like a Drag Queen today

Ian Do them curtains look 3D?
Jess and Alex Yes cos they're real Ian
Ian No but I mean they look 3D. Like the colour looks odd.
Becky and Charlie Ian, they ARE 3D

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