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        THE RiNG (CAUTION- contains YAOI)

It was dark. Very dark. So dark that you couldn't see your hand in front of your face. There was some light coming in, through the top, but not enough to do any good. The room, in the darkness, was made of stone. Old, dirty, stone bricks; covered in mosses and molds. In the room, there was also water. There was water instead of a floor. There was no floor. Only stone, water, and dark. And in this room of stone and water and dark, he waited. He clung to the stone bricks, so he would not fall into the stagnant water below. He was in there with her, but he could not see her in the darkness. He hung there, looking around in the dark, looking up to where so little light shone in. That was the only way out, and it was sealed shut. He looked up at the RiNG of light, hoping that, some how, it would open. Even in the dark, alone, he had a name. It was Vash, and he and his name were trapped in the dark, dank well.

"Somebody . . . . . . Anybody . . . .Help me. . . .Help me."

He began to weep, tear-drops falling down into the water below him. He had been there for quite some time, and fatigue and insanity were taking their toll.

"Somebody . . . . . . Please help me."

His knuckles were white from gripping the stone walls of the well, and his legs shook from the weight they were supporting.

"Please. . . . .Wolfwood. . . . .Help me."

There was a breif moment of silence, but it felt like an eternity, and then there came, echoeing down the well, a scraping nise. It was the sound that is heard when a large stone is pushed along another. Vash looked up at the ring of light and watched as the heavy staone seel slid off of the well.

"Wolfwood!!. . . . .Is that you?"

The only reply he recieved was the sound of the massive stone lid hitting the ground with a thud. Blinding light shot into the well. Vash squinted, trying to make out whatever form had rollled back the stone lid. There was no one. He saw only the sun and the coulds drifting by over head. He grew sad again, but regained cheerfulness when he remembered that the way was open. With a deep breath, he gathered what little strength he had left and began, slowly, to climb out of the well. His hands grabbed onto anything that they could reach, and his feet scrambled about to find sturdy footholds. Slimy molds grew on the stone, making it even harder to hold onto the walls of the well.

*talking to himself*"Come on Vash, just a little further. You're nearly there."

Quickl out of breath, Vash stopped to catch what little breath he could muster. He leaned in toward the wall for balance while stopped to rest.

"Yep, nearly there. Just gotta'. . . . . .rest for a second."

He looked down at the water to see how far he had come. As he looked down into the murky water, he noticed somthing strange. There was a steady stream of bubbles rising to the surface. Vash's eyes widened with terror, and his heart began to race, faster and faster.

"No!!. . . . .It's HER!!"

No sooner had he stopped to rest, he began climbing agian; slightly less cautious of where or what he grabbed onto.

"No!. . . . . .Not her. Not now!"

Vash breathed heavily as he climbed. His palms began to sweat severley and his legs grew shakier by the second. He dared not look back down the well, he could hear he and that was more than enough for him. He couls hear her rise out of the water and begin to climb up the mossy walls. She was grabbing onto anything and everything, scaling the wall like a roach. He continued to look towards the opening and climb upwards. His hands were cut and scraped, his legs were bruised and bloody, but he continued up the wall as fast as he could. The hideous girl was closing the distance between them.

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2005-05-11 [ally]: Coolness *is curious about the hideous girl* :p

2005-05-11 [Rhammin]: have you seen The RiNG? if you have you'll know who she is.

2005-05-11 [ally]: Crap no, I've seen Scary Movie 3 though :)

2005-05-12 [Rhammin]: you would love the RiNG, even the music kicks ass

2005-05-26 [~Legato~]: wow, very interesting..

2005-05-26 [White Phoenix aka Ryoko]: ^^ I love this place.....

2005-05-26 [ally]: ^_^

2005-05-27 [Rhammin]: you must see the movie, the second movie sucks though, DON"T WATCH IT IT"S NOT WORTH YOUR MONEY.

2005-05-27 [White Phoenix aka Ryoko]: Mom said I could watch it once it comes out on video/dvd. I'm just gonna rent it so that I can see just how horrible it is. --U

2005-05-27 [Rhammin]: let me want me to watch it with you right?

2005-05-27 [White Phoenix aka Ryoko]: if it's not too much trouble, but you don't have to if you don't want to. ^^U

2005-05-27 [Rhammin]: well spending time with you is great, even if we're watching a Sh*tty movie like the RiNG 2

2005-05-27 [White Phoenix aka Ryoko]: nyao-kay (ok). Yeah; I might get freaked out a couple times....

2005-05-27 [Rhammin]: i was guessing that that was the reason, earlier, when the RiNG 2 was still in theartres you said you were gonna' force me to watch it with you even though i said it sucked.

2005-05-27 [White Phoenix aka Ryoko]: I did? oh................

2005-05-27 [Rhammin]: yeah, i remember becuase you made a fuss about it.

2005-05-27 [White Phoenix aka Ryoko]: O.O I did?

2005-05-27 [Rhammin]: yeah, how can you not remember?

2005-05-27 [White Phoenix aka Ryoko]:'re not making this up, are you?

2005-05-27 [Rhammin]: nope, it is all true, i don't see how you can't remember this.

2006-03-15 [Rhammin]: well, if any one want to go ahead and take over this wiki that's fine. i'm too busy to continue this story.

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