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2007-06-27 05:06:55
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Through my window...

Moonscale's Art Gallery

For more art see my Deviant art gallery:

~a work in progress~

Lady in Blue took me three hours with the touchpad mouse. 















More Watercolors:













For Elftown Council Portrait Gallery<img:stuff/moonscale%27sElegy2.jpg>







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2006-06-11 [Magic is in a Sunrise]: Is it watercoloring? I really like them. They are very defined but flowy... They sem so mature with a hint of childishness; like dreams...

2006-06-11 [moonscale]: Thank you, yes it is mostly watercolor- on printing paper unfortunately which is why it is so wrinkled.

2006-08-04 [Moonlit Serenade]: I think you create beautiful landscapes. Very wonderfully done. I have a few sketchbooks filled with watercolour paper. If I could, I'd give them to you so your pictures wouldn't wrinkle like that. I, myself, have not done watercolour in ages. I'd like to experiment with it, but I never get the time. Great job.

2006-08-04 [moonscale]: Oohh...thank you. *is touched* I actually do have some watercolor paper now, and I've used it once. Unfortunately it is too big to scan.

2007-01-27 [moonscale]: Well I finally scanned, resized, etc. a whole bunch of stuff. Some of these are just sketches but at least I'm getting my art together. I'll try and reorganize everything later.<img:44166_1164144921.gif>

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