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Through the Looking Glass review


Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll

Genre: Children's fiction

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The sequel is just as crazy as the first Alice in Wonderland book, and possibly a bit more insane. Some of the sane thoughts of the first (like saying what you mean) are carried on in this one. Although you mustn't get confused because Wonderland and the land through the Looking Glass are two different places. (Or I believe them to be.) In Through the Looking Glass, Alice goes through the looking glass (a mirror) into a strange land where things are as backwards (including time), The land through the Looking Glass also happens to be a giant chessboard. Alice (a pawn) must play through to the eight square to become a Queen. She meets some crazy characters along the way including, but not limited to: Humpty Dumpty, the Lion and the Unicorn, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, the White Knight.

Some of these tale we already know, but some we don't because they've been overlooked and turned around in films. (That's if you've only seen the movies and haven't read the books.) Although that makes me sad because all the tales increase the wonder of Wonderland. I enjoyed the sequel as much as the first and would highly recommend it.

Some may say that it's rubbish, but I think parts of it ring true...possibly because I think differently, and wish I could visit Wonderland and stand on my head.
/ [*Phoenix*]

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