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To Be a Harpy


This is the opinion of [Aeolynn]
 pertaining to how a Harpy society would be structured and ran,
 compiled together for the roleplay Defeat of the Duelist.


The Harpy is a near relative to Homo sapiens and Aves, a unique mix only matched by Bewingeds (Alvara) and Angels. Bewingeds have been linked to be ancestors of Harpies who eventually evolved to include human arms and hands.

They have a written history, breakthrough medicines, constant communication with their god, two languages, a unique social system and a Utopian society.



Although the Harpies have separate classes, there are no rules, nor discrimination among them. The classes include priests and priestesses, duelists, recordists, healers, teachers and crafters. Each one equal unto another. The only ones that do have authority over others are for an example is the high priestess, one per spire.

Priests & Priestesses:
-responsible for upholding Calamus' laws
-mediators of duels
-the final decision makers


-keepers of history
-scribes, who also teach young chicks to read and write

-responsible for the health of other Harpies
-researching new medicines

-Normally females
-teach everything from dueling, to history, to medicine
-teachers are held in the highest respect

-designers of armor for duelists
-artistic Harpies create pottery and tools
-jewelry makers

-numbers only second to duelists
-can make anything from paper, to blank books, to clothing, and glass containers

The spires are remnants of the once floating continent, raised into the air by Calamus during the first war between humans and harpies. Made from large chunks of red sandstone, Calamus has protected the rock from erosion, but that hasn't stopped the wind from depositing dirt onto the spires, some boasting miniature forests. One specific spire is dedicated to holding plants and animals for food and medicines.


Laws of Calamus:

Every Harpy has the right to decide for themselves, as long as it does not defy the will of Calamus
One should not kill unless in defense

Communication with humans is strictly limited
To teach is an honor and a privilege

Until a child is fledged they shall not be allowed off the spires
Never should an act of aggression be used against healers and priests



Although they speak English, they do on occasion use a more primitive vocalization called "Tcheir" here are some known words. Also, Harpies can communicate with their close kin. Most avian species respond to Tcheir.

is mother

is father

is mate

is halt, or stop

is love

is to hunt or kill

is to ask for help, or to say friend

is a battle call used by Gawn Phirefeather, might be translated as "die"

Cursed one


Relationship with Humans:

Strained at best. Consorting with them is frowned upon, but not forbidden, as there are a few human mates scattered over the spires. Most are prized for the crafts that they make. If a human defies the laws of Calamus, they can be punished by being removed from the spires, or in case of their mate (being male or female), banishment.

Many of the issues brought up by humans aren't caused by Harpies, but by succubi disguised as their rivals.


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