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True Life Cult


What 'God' do they worship?

A God that is going to show them the True Life they dream of.

Is their leader like a Messiah, or child of their god?

Their leader is the Messiah, their God personified.

Do they live in a community/have a central church/meet at random places at random times?

They are state-wide throughout Washington, and meet at certain places at certain times at the Messiah's discretion.

Is it revolutionary?

The members think so. They think their Messiah will lead everyone to the perfect dream life that they deserve, no matter what course they may take to get there. They have no remorse for necessary sacrifice to get Earth and all of its "deserving children" to their destination.

What exactly does a person go through when they become a member?

A brief initiation conducted by the Messiah himself, consisting mostly of questions reguarding whether or not the member believes they are deserving of the True Life. They then must be willing to give blood of some sort. This can mean anything from men whipping themselves, to women giving their virginity to the Messiah.

What's the whole process and what regularly occurs for members?

Members generally live a normal lifestyle, aside from the meetings conducted by the Messiah in certain places at certain times. Because of how many members there are, the meetings are broken up over about three days a week, usually lasting about two hours. Other than that, they go about normal-seeming lives, all the while trying to convert as many people as possible.


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2012-11-07 [Artsy]: I'll make sure to read this after work today, promise.

2012-11-17 [Artsy]: Did you just write this page up from questions I asked, or what that an awesome coincidence? o.O

2012-11-17 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Lol. No, we pretty much went off of the questions you asked. XD They were good questions!

2016-11-14 [~Valkyrie~]: So...the whole giving of blood part of the initiation...those are not exclusive examples, correct?

2016-11-14 [Synirria]: No no. If you've got an idea throw it my way and we'll see

2016-11-14 [~Valkyrie~]: None that I want to settle on just yet

2016-12-03 [~Valkyrie~]: Some questions to help me finish my character:
Roughly how many people follow the Messiah?
Is he close to his followers? Does he know most of them by name and try to make meaningful connections?
How long has this cult been around? (I'm gathering roughly a year?)
Does he have a sort of "inner circle" and if so, what is expected of them?

2016-12-03 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Those are some great questions, Val! We'll discuss the answers and post our responses here later! :)

2016-12-03 [~Valkyrie~]: Sounds good :)

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