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Twins at 11 Weeks

My belly with the twins at 11 weeks (Sept 28, 2010)
/ [Calico Tiger]

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2010-09-28 [Calico Tiger]: I'm gonna be ginormous ;_;

2010-09-28 [Jitter]: Hahaha nah, I'm just apparently not a pretty belly person :(

Seriously, my water had broken and the nurses didn't believe me and wanted to send me home because I "in no way was due yet" :P

2010-09-28 [Calico Tiger]: "Your water did not break. You just peed yourself"

*leaps across room to kill*


You are a pretty belly person! *bonks on head*

2010-09-28 [Jitter]: Actually I have that annoying defining uhm curve(?) where my belly button is. It separates my stomach from my belly and creates a camel effect -.-;;;;;

2010-09-29 [hanhepi]: you are going to be HUGE! you're going to need a hoist to get up from chairs durring the "ooh my fucking god i'm pregnant not broken, i can do it myself!" phase. :P

2010-09-29 [Calico Tiger]: My hubby seriously giggles every time I have to shift around in bed. There's all the grunts, the careful straining (pulling on the headboard instead of trying to use my belly muscles, etc...). It's more of a roll around type thing and hope I'm where I meant to end up x) I've started using the wii fit again to get my legs in better shape and a little stronger (lots of walking) so that I can stand up from sitting on my own for as long as I can (in times where those muscles are in call for, like from squatting).

2010-09-30 [hanhepi]: XD try it on a water bed.
good idea, the working out. that will be very useful later on. get them muscles strong now, and maybe you will be able to stand up. (rolling off the couch works too though. it was easier to get up from my knees than from a sit.)

2010-10-14 [Nioniel]: Sooo pretty! :)

2010-10-14 [Calico Tiger]: And that belly just keeps getting bigger. My poor belly button hurts x)

2010-10-14 [Nioniel]: Awww... :(

2010-10-14 [Calico Tiger]: Even worse? My husband finds my belly button funny. He says it looks like a stretched vagina XD I admit, I can't help but laugh at that as well.

2010-10-15 [Nioniel]: Reading that made me lol twice. ;)

are you comfortable doing shots of your tummy unclothed? I swear, photos of prego tummies are my favorite, cute new babies being a close second.

2010-10-15 [Calico Tiger]: Hmmm.... since it's just my tummy, I could prolly do it. Have to wait a couple of weeks. My mother-in-law comes out then and she got my hubby a new digital camera for his birthday. So we'll be able to take less grainy images :D

2010-10-15 [Nioniel]: Can the twins be sexed yet? You're nearly four months along now, right?

2010-10-15 [Calico Tiger]: Not quite yet. They've got their bits and pieces, but they're still a bit small yet to see. Sometime around Nov 2 (that's when we hit 16 weeks) we may be able to tell (if they behave and show us, that is).

2010-10-15 [Nioniel]: I'm so excited for you!

2010-10-15 [Jitter]: I was told at 12 weeks on both my pregnancies! If they're boys or there's at least a boy they might be able to tell!

Btw so friggin jealous of the nice round belly shape. I'll say it again. JEALOUSJEALOUSJEALOUS

2010-10-15 [Calico Tiger]: Naw, that's the umbilical cord that we saw. Absolutely. 100% No baby is that erect and gifted x) Although I'm sure the crazy bouncy one is prolly a boy and the sleepy, smaller one is a girl. Since girls are usually a little smaller and not as psychotic in their movements. But that's a generalization, of course. Could end up being the exact opposite for me :O

Don't be jealous of the belly ;) It's causing my spine to curve more and more, so my ass sticks out more. And even though it (my ass) is not actually any bigger, it looks freaking enormous, imho.

2010-10-16 [Jitter]: hahaha

I can scan you the sonogram and you will see my baby's balls in yo face :B

That sounded weird XD

2010-10-16 [Calico Tiger]: He can start singing some AC/DC "Big Balls" x)

2010-10-16 [Jitter]: YEAH

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