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... Greetings ...

... You are trespassing on Two Face's Property. She doesn't appreciate visitors very much ...

NAME ~ Twoface
AGE ~ None
GENDER ~ Female
JOB ~ Mastress of Twoface Manor
NOTE: Twoface is an evil mastermind who enjoys twisting reality to her pleasures.

Welcome to the world of Two Face.
Here, we only survive if we are liked by Twoface herself.
To survive, we need to work.
To work, we hunt.
To hunt, we use whatever we can.
Including our friends.

... The Master is waiting ...

Read the story Here: Twoface Manor
Meet the authors Here: Twoface Authors

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2009-06-12 [Rice]: Is this an RP?

2009-06-12 [Rook.]: well, i was going to start it as a story...

do you think it would make a good rp...?

2009-06-12 [Rice]: Up to's your wiki.

2009-06-12 [Rook.]: Well, I wanted it to be a story that I wrote with a few friends, but I just have to get teh story started....

Want to co-author it with me...?

2009-06-12 [Rice]: Sure.

2009-06-12 [Rook.]: Danke.

I'll give you the apssword to edit the next page, adn I'll put your name at teh bottom....

2011-05-16 [Lord Josmar]: Hello, I am an unofficial rep for Text Adventures. I am needing to know if this is infact an RPG or just a story, and if it is an RPG is it still active and accepting members.

2011-05-16 [Sir Riddle]: this one as well, is not active at the moment, and without clear indication that it will be again in the future

my apologies for the inconvenience

2011-05-16 [Lord Josmar]: No need to apologize. Just trying to clear the Text Adventures of inactive RPGs.

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