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Welcome to the entrance pool of the universalitarian movement

First of all I would like to explain to you the purpose of this modern philosophic stream.
I have been thinking about the origin and purpose of recent day religions as well as of the position of the single individual within our global environment. It took me a few years to come up with a logic conclusion that would solve the rather confusing puzzle of every day life (that we're faced to deal with anyway) into an abstract construction that makes at least a minimum amount of sense without having to fall back onto certain paradigms (ancient).
Since everybody is taking a different road in life and since our personal perspectives differ (depending on our past experiences), my final thoughts are most likely to be completely useless for most of you little fellas. But what matters is the concept that these ideas rely on.

This concept takes opportunity of the striving mentality that some of you might call your own.
It doesn't matter from what background you're coming from nor is it of any importance of which belief you're from. As long as you question your own presence and thoughts in a deliberate way, you're welcome and protected in our abstract walls of reason. (e.g. in my case that'd be Christian origin... but I refuse to be forced to believe into any kind (neither modern nor ancient) of interpretation of a copy of a translation of a copy of an old book! Whatever this books name may be like... I'm spiritual, but I rely onto my own strenghts and if God or whatever you wanna call him wants me to believe differently, he's better be using his unlimited powers to convince me - otherwise I'll simply assume that I'm doing fine with my believes and remain in my questioning, challenging, doubting, convincing state of mind).

I'd like to use this occasion to point out, that I have found no religion to be superior towards any other (which doesn't mean that there isn't one... I just didn't find any) and therefor I explicitely state that my thoughts are NOT to be used for any kind of religious stream in order to suppress the free will and reason of any person in general!

We express our detestation for any kind of fanatism, for it is the source of mental as well as physical oppression due to their own disability to reasonably convince other thinking beings! It is the excuse of the weak minded, the excuse of the impatient. Always be patient.

We express our disbelieve in formulating any kind of simple definition in recent terms of a definition! We are no masters of our own language, neither written nor spoken. A recognized word or expression causes our mind to react in specifically given patterns... patterns that are unique to every single human being. Therefor implies the same word a completely different set of subconscious thoughts and emotions to anyone of us. An effect that we're not even aware of! Thinking that a _recently_ defined word can be used to specify an abstract object (such as the personality of an incessantly developing presence) or even to categorize anything into more than just the obvious is probably one of the most fatal misconception of our human species. An error that is due to be eliminated!

Therefor it shouldn't be our goal to strive for single specific answers without asking the abstract questions and becoming aware of the surrounding circumstances in first place!

We're all children of the same breed. Everything is connected, if we like it or not.
And none of us has the personal right to run away from our place in life and history. Most people do though... and that is what makes it so hard for the others to remain.
Redundant (+unwanted) distraction is to be found everywhere. That must not be the case in our future!
Which makes me come to the term of our future... It is good to set one step ahead at a time, but sometimes you need to unchain yourself from your tainted presence within the walls of time! Don't just act like you had no influence onto our future. Think about it instead. Try to imagine of what you want it to look like and what it is actually gonna be like if you just remained in apathy. And then combine the purpose of your brain with the utility of your hands, feet and tongue.

Anybody who lives after these terms and conditions can be considered part of the universalitarian movement. But don't take things for granted. At whatever state you're in, whatever phase you're going through in your life right now... there's always an upgrade - alter our presence and never underestimate the power of a different perspective!

-- The Nameless

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2005-06-17 [BramJumelet]: then i would have to read it all over again, i'll do that tommorow!

2005-08-24 [3 Dreizig]: Wow...this needs to be updated and visited more often...nothing ever happens here...

2005-08-24 [w00kie:)]: True - but I didn't find the time to do any further updates lately... will do asap though! And well - it's not ment to become overly crowded anyways! People shouldn't feel lost over this issue, so there's no sense in spaming them with pointless undeliberated stuff 24/7 where it's clarity that is actually needed! Plus, I'm only trying to find some guidelines... the rest will always be up to yourself anyways!!

2005-08-24 [w00kie:)]: Oh, and I wanna make it clear, that it is NOT required to show up frequently. And I won't put up a member list, because it takes a little more to be a Universalitarian than to simply press a "sign up" button (for it is a steadily ongoing process)! But that just as a general information...

2005-08-25 [3 Dreizig]: Ahh, thank you though. I've been doing alot of questioning...probably too much for mental health, but you know...anyways, is it right to assume you wrote this page, or have found some answers? Out of curiosities sake...where did you find them?

2005-08-25 [w00kie:)]: There ain't such a thing as "too much questioning for mental health" ^^ - The mental health gets damaged once you start to worry too much though. And yes, I am the honorable author. No need to worship me though, I'm just the guy that likes to find definite questions :) (for it are the questions that matter, not solely the answers) The answers lie in front of you as the allsurrounding everyday environment... but you gotta ask yourself the right questions in order to get an understanding idea of it! And "where?" is not the right question in that matter... it'd rather be "How?" - in facing your inner soul and dealing with your most severe fears and dislikes.

2005-08-25 [w00kie:)]: Absolutely everything has a reason... if not even an authorization/right for existence. Neglecting this fundamental law will only result in an illusive ignorant picture of the world.

2005-08-26 [3 Dreizig]: Thats makes alot of sense...I might have been asking the same question too much, and not looking form a different perspective or so for an answer...though I am happy to say that I have come to a slightly illogical conclusion that as everything happens as is, I am happy with that, and will move on, nonetheless questioning this existence. ^^

2005-08-26 [w00kie:)]: Well... things tend to have a meaning, yes. Even the guy that lives in disguise will give you hints about the way our environments are - it just happens to be less obvious :) Always questioning your existence is a drag, don't do that. When you find a nice spot... try to enjoy it for a while and then go ahead. The restless will become the first who turns mad, for he's gonna fail to communicate with the people surrounding him in an adequate way. Plus - sometimes it are only gonna be a few moments in peace that you'll need to figure out the most complex equation... symbolically of course!

2005-08-27 [3 Dreizig]: Haha very true. I don't want to become mad, thats for sure...^^

2006-01-16 [w00kie:)]: started to update it a little bit... plus expanded onto a second page Universalitarians 2

2006-03-30 [Dil*]: This uplifting philosophy won't drive anyone mad, but nihilism could ^__^

2006-03-30 [w00kie:)]: Well, I'm just trying to remain open towards any kind of environmental influence that somehow chooses to pass my way! (no matter how difficult and awkward they might appear in the beginning!) Denying them would be ignorant and foolish to do! For chances are those deliberately unconcerned facts are sooner or later going to get back on you. Ultimately forcing one to consider them after all... thus, crushing them old abstract world constructs - forcing you to give in. So if that's what you mean... then yes :p

2006-03-30 [w00kie:)]: But what I ment with the fear to become mad is more related with the concern, that people might get lost in difficult abstractions. Some things simply do take some time to study and learn (like high level math for example)... and well - driving mad is also only ment somewhat metaphorical (since I don't believe that one can be driven mad unless he chooses to let this happen!) As long as one remains patient and interested there should be no reasons to believe that he/she is threatened by insanity. (yay, finally something optimistic!) :)

2006-03-30 [Dil*]: this wiki is your experience with the universalitarian movement? (is this related to the website organization?)

2006-03-31 [w00kie:)]: not at all... I shall sue them bastards who stole our name! But on the other hand... a name doesn't matter at all. So whatever. :p

2006-03-31 [w00kie:)]: Who are they and what are they about anyway?

2006-03-31 [Dil*]: haha, just type that into google and you'll find it.

2006-04-02 [w00kie:)]: actually, I did - but wouldn't find any hit at all about it? Maybe you ment "universitarian movement" (which wouldn't be related to the one I'm talking about ^^)?

2006-04-03 [Dil*]: oh dang, that spelling is so close... my relation whatsoever eh?

2006-04-03 [w00kie:)]: nope :p

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