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2012-03-07 15:57:39
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Useless Contributions

Welcome to the donation center for Lord Josmar's Emporium of Useless Information! Here is where all my fellow fact-o-philes can submit any facts you have that I haven't already posted.



When you submit your "donation(s) please leave your name and a form of proof so that I can verify it (like a wiki link or something that I can easily look up) so that I won't have to spend a lot of time searching for proof.

Once I start getting some submissions on this page I will add another small section on the main page to feature the donated facts with your name next to them. Awesome, right?!

1. A scorpion will sting itself to death if alchohol is dropped on its back [Susie-Q] here is a link to an experimeny peformed by an individual concerning the accuracey of this information.

1. if you add your age and the 2 end numbers of the year you were born the resulting number will always be 111 [niame] Anne rice: Date of Birth: 1941, Age: 70 Years Old. 41+70=111
Me:1991 age:20 91+20=111
David bowie:1947 age:64 64+47=111 (give it a try :3)

2. The actor that plays Arthur (The main character) in the 1989 version of the film "The woman in Black" also plays the role of James Potter in the Harry Potter movies. In the 2012 version of "The Woman in Black" the actor that plays Arthur is the same actor that plays Harry Potter!


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2011-10-02 [Susie-Q]: Ill see if i can find some proof for you. It was my highschool biology teacher who told me this so i dont have hard evidence but i will do my best :)

2011-10-02 [†Sweets†]: theres a website called and its pretty good lol

2011-10-03 [Lord Josmar]: Hmm. It doesn't really show that the scorpion was affected by the alcohol since it started stabbing itself suddenly after being cleaned (maybe it wanted to kill itself to end the torture the guy was putting it through.) I will look to see if I can't find some more proof since there seems to be a bit of validity.

2011-10-04 [Susie-Q]: Alright :(

2011-11-11 [niame]: i have some nifty thing thing to say, do i just edit the page?

2011-11-11 [Lord Josmar]: Yes.

2011-11-11 [niame]: :D

2011-11-14 [Susie-Q]: I wont work for me next year. 22+90=112 :(. But it works formthis year :)

2011-11-14 [Lord Josmar]: I wonder how that works then?

2011-11-14 [Susie-Q]: Idk. But it did work for this year.

2011-11-15 [niame]: that is odd :/ should i take it down? (if it doesint work proper)

2011-11-16 [Lord Josmar]: Im trying to figure out why it doesnt might have to do with it being 2011 since the additional year throws it off.

2011-11-16 [Lord Josmar]: Because if you take your age for next year and do this your will come up up 112.

2011-11-16 [Susie-Q]: Yeah. Im 21. Born in 1990. If you add those it is 111 but anything before of after doesnt match. Strange thoughf it happened to sync this year

2011-11-17 [niame]: that is funny, and odd

2011-11-19 [Susie-Q]: Indeed.

2012-03-07 [Lord Josmar]: Ah. That is what I thought you were saying. My head wouldnt wrap around it.

2012-03-07 [Yami]: It's fine, I was trying to word it so that people who don't watch or read Harry Potter would get the irony

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