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2009-04-29 06:23:32
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V53 random pics


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2010-05-12 [khaltzane]: wow you look beautiful

2010-05-12 [Venus 53]: Love how you judge that by random photos I've taken.....

2010-06-22 [Nioniel]: You've got some great shots here!

2012-03-03 [Eyonic]:
*is still trying to figure out what the first thing is*
looks like Christmas ornament... what is it?

2012-03-03 [Venus 53]: It's a light :)

2012-03-03 [Eyonic]: O.O really? but it's so sparkly looking...

2012-03-03 [Venus 53]: I know, right? It was a cool crazy light, hence why I took a photo :)

2012-03-03 [Eyonic]: I could never have one of those lights o.o I have enough ADD-happy objects around me XD

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