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Valzer Scuro Characters


Try to use this Prompt:



Currently at Large:
Plague Doctor



Characters by [Celtore]:
Victoria Serano
Derek Draxey
The True Life Messiah

Characters by [The Black Cat in Your Path]:
Ethan Connors
Harlen Kovitz

Characters by [Artsy]:
Carter Wade

Characters by [ancienteye]:
Leala Daily
Tyler Daily

Characters by [Eyelash-Wishes]:
Sophie Millar
Dominic Browne

Characters by [~Valkyrie~]:
Lucy Owens

Characters by [Asdroth]:



Characters by [Flisky]:
Alexander Dane


Valzer Scuro
Valzer Scuro Histories
Valzer Scuro Roleplay

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2016-11-14 [ancienteye]: Reread Leala and Tyler's profiles. Laughed at Tyler. S'all good. :3

2016-11-14 [Celtore]: Lol Awesome

2017-01-05 [~Valkyrie~]: Yay!:D

Now where should I put her? There is no reason for a 19year old cultist to be in a cop bar, lol

2017-01-05 [Celtore]: right lol

2017-01-06 [ancienteye]: I need someplace to put my characters, too. One is a prosecutor, there a workstudy thing for lawyers?

2017-01-06 [Celtore]: *Taps chin* Hmmm I dunno...

2017-01-06 [~Valkyrie~]: I dunno, she's working on becoming a paralegal, not a lawyer. She's a bit early in school to be doing internships or anything... Maybe she went in to the DA to try to get an internship early or try to get her foot in the door as a secretary

2017-01-06 [Eyelash-Wishes]: Sophies free too if anyone needs her. Also do you think Lucy and Dominic would know each other Valkyrie? They both have links to the cult afterall

2017-01-06 [Celtore]: Oh, I forgot that about Dominic!

2017-01-06 [~Valkyrie~]: It's very possible. Let's work something out.

2017-01-07 [Artsy]: Oh hey Sophie's still here... For some reason I think I was under the impression you weren't playing Eyelash.. and yet I knew you were. Wow I'm out of the loop... Yay, I can play with Sophie and Lucy!

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