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Name:Vincent Mareena

Age: Appears in his late teens (17-19) but is centuries old.

Race: Vincent is a leech, but not in the sense of what you think.

Powers: Vincent is a leech, but doesn't drink blood to survive. Instead he feeds off the life energy of others to stay young and healthy. The best part is that no one knows that he is "feeding" off them unless the drain is drastic or intentionally harmful.

This leeching gives him a wider range of abilities, the primary one is that his body appears to never age, when infact it does, but is just rejuvenated by the absorbed life energy. He can see the life energy that everyone gives off in a sort of bright vapor, this allows him to see a bit through walls and other objects as well as telling how healthy or near death a person is. He can use leeched life energy to heal himself of any damage he may have sustained, but only while awake, so if he is knocked unconscious he will be unable to heal himself. He can vary the speed of the leeching at will, and, should the need arise, can tap right into the persons life flow by inserting the thorn like protrusions that are in the palm of his hand, into their flesh. Doing that usually turns the person into a dried, husk of a corpse within ten seconds. The most interesting, and least used variation, is that he can take from his own life energy and put it into someone else to heal their wounds, this however is dangerous to Vincent and therefore he shies away from it as often as possible.

Description: Vincent tries to look as unremarkable as possible, figuring that the less people notice him the more he can follow them and leech off of them. He has shaggy blond hair with brown eyes and stands about 5'7" with a slim, unremarkable build.

Clothes: Usually wears decent button-up shirts (From Hawaii print to near dress up) with blue jeans and black Crocs.

Personality: His personality gets in the way of his anonymity often, as he finds it difficult to keep his nose out of everyone's business and try to help with everyones problems. He isn't quick to anger, but once he is he wouldn't think twice about reducing someone to nothing.

- Silver Wind High

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