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The Kingdom Of Darkstorm.

<img600*0:stuff/Best%20examples%20of%20free%20wallpapers%2c%20hot%20wallpapers%20and%20free%20desktop%20___.jpg> King Issac Van Wielder of Darkstorm and Demons.

<img:stuff/C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved%20Images_large.jpg> Princess Luna Diana Dragomir of Meridian and of Dragons. Secret Queen Luna Diana Dragomir Van Wielder of Darkstorm and of Demons.

The Kingdom of Mist Haven

Queen Evelina Hallowell Everwood of Mist Haven and of Magic.

<img700*0:stuff/Fantasy%20NED_%20Five%20Classes%20Unveiled%21.jpg> King Xander Everwood of Mist Haven and of Magic.

The Kingdom of Meridian

King Roman Wyatt Dragomir of Meridian and of Dragons.

<img:stuff/Snow%20by%20Zolaida%20female%20elf%20princess%20wizard%20sorceress%20witchr%20_%20Create%20___.jpg> Queen Dove Marbella Snow Dragomir of Meridian and of Dragons.
The kingdom of Darkstorm was ruled by a demonic human Van Wielder family while the kingdom of Meridian was ruled by pure souls and dragon tamers Dragomir family and the kingdom of Mist Haven wad ruled by wizards and witches Everwood family. All three kingdoms have been rivals for the past 3000 years due to a Mist Haven Princes death.

The Darkstorm kingdom had gone through a horrible tragedy when the youngest prince Vladimir killed his family with the help of an evil witch, however the eldest brother prince Issac survived barely. Princess Luna found Issac during her early morning dragon ride, she had hidden him away and nursed him back to health. She sneaked him out of Meridian and back into Darkstorm so he could take back the kingdom. Once Issac and Vladimir had fought in a demon circle for the kingdom of Darkstorm, Issac won after a 3day dual. Issac became King and kept Luna's help a secret but he did write to her, they soon became penpals for a year.

Issac married Luna in secret when she ran away from her kingdom, he kept her hidden in the west wing of the castle for her own protection, only Issac could only enter the west wing.

Now the evil witch has been watching and waiting oh so carefully to take down Darkstorm and Meridian kingdoms. The witch,Evelina, married King Xander Everwood of Mist Haven and of Man. As a Queen, Evelina has the power to start a war between the two countries but all she needed was proof that Luna was sleeping with Issac and inform Luna's parents. Oh yes that would indeed start a war that Evelina would win and she would be queen of all three kingdoms.

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Rose looked around a little then she looked at Anders."Lots of nobles are questioning if the queen is real and others think the queen is pregnant."

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2016-03-07 [Scarekrow]: [hmmm I had a reset idea for this.

In this one instead of falling in love with Issac, Luna falls in love with one of Issac's shemale royal guards. Dove comes to talk with Issac about what to do (Meridian doesn't want to give up Luna, especially as she could be used as a hostage if things go bad, at the same time Issac isn't to eager to lose one of his best guards to Meridian).

Roman in this one has been straying in his marriage, sleeping with a few girls. Dove has kept silent, not wanting news to get out and she doesn't want to upset her children. While talking with Issac, Dove ends up finding herself attracted to him and begins to have an affair with him.

One of the women Roman is sleeping with is one of Evelina's spies, but she begins to wonder if she should cut her ties with Evelina and instead sink her claws into Roman. Why settle for being a spy when you can try and become a Queen?

Evelina meanwhile is worried that she hasn't fallen pregnant. She and Xander go at it like rabbits but for 3 years nothing has happened and Evelina is worried Xander might stray to another more 'fertile' girl is she doesnt have a child, despite Xander professing he loves only her. Evelina begins to consider having a one night stand with someone to fall pregnant and pass it off as Xander's child

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Few could enter the west wing of the Weider castle, a myriad of spells, wards and traps ensured only those cleared to enter would ever pass. Many rumors ran around the castle about what was hidden inside; some claimed it held prisoners from the civil war, others claimed it was a powerful weapon or creature, kept sealed until it was needed. No one ever suspected the truth, a truth which could either bring peace or instant war depending on how it played out.

One of the few people granted access to the wing was Magnus Soclaire. A scholar and advisor to the Darkstorm Kingdom for generations he had the face and bearing of a kindly old grandfather. The only things that were off were two large sweeping horns the came from his forehead, yellow cat like eyes and his black nails ending in claws. He was one of few Issac called a trusted friend and one of only three who knew about what really laid within the west wing. The old mans eyes rested on Luna Dragomir as she read over a book, a genealogy of the Darkstorm Kingdoms nobles. Magnus had been entrusted by Issac to help educate his wife about Darkstorm so that when they went public she would know everyone. "As you can see Darkstorm nobility is a twisted family tree. Marriage between cousins and even siblings has occurred more then one, and sometimes multiple marriages between different parties. The demon blood in our veins ensures no child born of incest will suffer any deformities so some families prefer to keep their bloodlines...'strong'. Lord Norbius for instance married his sister, and when she died married his own daughter. Needless to say that caused even more difficulties following his family line" Magnus said, noticing Luna blush as she read "I would recommend you do not try and marry any sons you may have, King Issac may grow jealous" he teased.

King Roman lowered his hands in frustration as once again the floating glass orb failed to find his daughter Luna. Luna had disappeared from the castle months ago without a word and a large search had been launched, however the search had also been kept secret from the other kingdoms, fearing they may try and capture Luna themselves. The only reason he was not panicked about her disappearance was the fact he knew she was safe and happy. The orb wouldn't show him where Luna was but when he tried he felt a pulse of positive emotions from it, as if Luna was telling him she was fine and not to worry. Roman rose to try again when he heard the door open and saw his wife Dove enter. Unlike him Dove had been satisfied by the pulse of emotions, seemingly unconcerned about where Luna was as long as she was safe and happy. Roman lowered his hands agin with a sigh "You are going to tell me to put the orb away and stop worrying arent' you?" 

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