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Name: Wayne Butler

Age: 73

Affiliation: Resistance

Gender: Male

Description (hair, body, clothes, etc.):
Body:Wayne may be 73, but he has the physique of a fit 46 year old. He has rich auburn colored hair swooped back in the usual 1940s style. His cheeks are dappled with freckles and framed with thick sideburns. With broad shoulders of a working man, Wayne has a stockier body, but has strong arms and back muscles. His forearms and chest contain hair that matches that on his head.
Fun fact: Wayne has a small scar on his upper lip and eyebrow, caused from wrangling calves as a young boy.

Clothes: His hair is often hidden by a large, heavily used cowboy hat. Wayne wears thick boots and a button up shirt embellished with iconic western flare around the shoulders.(think:

Enhancement: Advanced healing.

Weapons: Rope, Two daggers, and a 1932 thompson submachine gun(tommy gun).
Fun fact: He wears a belt with matching revolvers in the holsters. Though he rarely uses these guns. They were his father's.


Born out west with his pioneering family, Wayne grew up a pure bred country boy. His family owned a small cattle ranch in Wyoming. Despite their efforts, their business floundered and at the age of 55, Wayne headed back east.


Being 70 years old when the Nazis invaded, he thought himself safe from their bullying. After some rude, drunken remarks, he ended up pissing off a few guards. They in tern took the old man to the enhancement labs and used him as a specimen. The Nazi scientists would test on civilians and if it was successful, transport the DNA to a Nazi host. No matter the outcome, the specimen was put to death immediately.
After the injections and tests, Wayne showed no chance or enhancement. Perhaps he was too old of a specimen for their research? Either way, he was too frail to protest against their next move. He was reluctantly dragged outside and shot before being tossed into a ditch of corpses. Unknown to the Nazi party or the scientists, Wayne's enhancement had been a superhuman healing factor. A few hours passed before he woke up in a heap of dead bodies under and on top of him. The alarming thing was, the 70 year old man was able to lift the pile off of himself and scurry away without being noticed.


Now, three years later, his healing factor had improved. Any injuries that he would succumb to would dissipate in minutes. There also seemed to have been an age reversal as well. Although Wayne was 73 years old, he had the body of a young 46 year old. His weak joints and brittle bones had strengthened and firmed at an alarming rate. Not to mention, his age spots and wrinkles had faded and rich, auburn-colored hair grew back on his scalp.

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2011-04-03 [Lord Josmar]: I think I like the "Fun Facts" the most.

2011-04-03 [Chel.]: Hehehe..

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