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We Suck at Life, but We're Wicked Cool

I originally started this story with my very best friend; however, my friend I started, she left and no longer wanted to work on this project, but never fear. I have found a replacement for Eva's Point of View, [*Phoenix*].
We shall put together and leave you with an awesome story to remember for all times. So sit and enjoy the story that has come for you.

By: [Eyden13] and [*Phoenix*]


Eva and Aaron are the best of friends, and they are always there for each other. However, life is changing for the two of them as they continue to grow up. Boys, enemies, parents, tragedy, joy, and tears are what the two girls must face, so join the thrill ride with them, and experience what it's like to completely suck at life, but have a wicked cool factor no one else can compare to.

~WSAL,BWWC Characters~


Book One WSAL,BWWC- Done, 6 chapters.



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2010-05-26 [Eyden13]: I have ^-^

2010-05-26 [Mrs Vicious.]: ooohhh whassis?

2010-05-28 [*Phoenix*]: A story collaboration by me and [Eyden13] about 2 girls' random lives. We do a viewpoint of each of them. [Eyden13]'s Aaron and I'm Eva.

2010-07-26 [Eyden13]: WE HAVE A FAN!

2010-07-26 [Mrs Vicious.]: who what were?

2010-07-26 [*Phoenix*]: SQUEEEEE~ *glomps [Lirerial]*

2010-07-28 [Lirerial]: *falls* lol

2010-07-29 [*Phoenix*]: *giggles and pulls you up* <img:44166_1164145197.gif>

2010-07-29 [Mrs Vicious.]: *blinks and takes a step back* lol.

2010-09-03 [Eyden13]: Ch 10 up for wsalbrwc

2010-10-22 [Eyden13]: Hello!

2010-10-22 [Mrs Vicious.]: *casually chews on a page*

2010-10-22 [Eyden13]: TWO NEW STORIES COMING SOON!

2010-10-24 [*Phoenix*]: YAY! I still have yet to read and edit it. >_< I'll get that done once I have time and feel like reading.

2010-10-24 [NukleaЯ EveЯgloW™]: Cool storry bro

2010-10-24 [Eyden13]: Thanks ^-^

Phoenix don't worry to much. It took me months just to finish it, the deadline doesn;t even matter anymore.

2010-10-24 [Mrs Vicious.]: hey eyden did you try to add me on msn?

2010-10-24 [Eyden13]: no, I only have AIM, not msn.

2010-10-26 [*Phoenix*]: That's okay. With school it may take me a while too so there's definitely no hard feelings. ^^

2014-10-23 [twitchboy]: this active... or whats the story here?

2014-10-27 [Eyden13]: my coauthor has left me.

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