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Day One

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Calsax Ireland:
It is a small village nestled in some woods, isolated from the rest of the world and steeped in history and lore. Today the sky was overcast and it seemed the locals were apprehensive about something as newcomers began to show up. Calsax didn't usually get visitors because few people knew about the village. Those that did were usually associated with occult.

Nadya walked up to the path into Calsax. She was going by Bryte right now, but she has been to the town before. Though everyone that she has ever meet always seemed to disappear after meeting her. She had lost so many friends and those that had taken her in as family. "Calsax.... please don't let it happen again...." she whispered to herself.

She spotted Enna entering the village as well.

Enna came upon the village of Calsax relatively early in the day. Looking at the small village one wouldn't have thought anything strange about it. She'd done some reading, though, and listened to several accounts of strange activity and disappearances that went back farther than anyone really cared to remember. Adjusting her worn cloak she pulled back the hood, enjoying the slight, cool breeze that blew past as she stepped into the village and began to look around.

Enna spotted the young girl entering the town.

Enna smiled briefly at the girl, "Hi there, visiting Calsax as well?" She questioned in a friendly tone.

Before Nadya had a chance to respond their was a loud crashing sound and a young man rushed out of one of the buildings. "Stop...thief!" Called the owner. The young man rushed by.

Almost without thinking Enna stepped into the young man's path, bracing her legs and throwing her arms out, "I'd stop if I were you." She warned.

"Move out of my way!" He said as he slid under her feet and continued to run

Nadya watched the young man.

Enna tossed her bag to the ground and gave chase to the young man, "Don't run, you're only making things worse for yourself!" She called after him.

He ran faster and than he seemed to fade into nothingness before their very eyes

"The hell?" Enna blinked in surprise.

She had no answer and he didn't reappear

Enna frowned, "How odd..."

Nadya just stared where the man had been. "" she whispered.

"Are you okay?" Enna frowned, looking at the girl.

Nadya looked over at Enna. "I...Ah...ha...." she said nodding. "I...he was strange..." she said turning the attention back to the man, or at least trying to.

"He was strange..." Enna frowned, wondering where he'd gotten off to.

A breeze swept by carrying the faint smell of woodsmoke

Nadya looked off towards the smell. "Fire??"

She couldn't figure out where it came from.

Nadya kept looking around. "Where...where is it...?"

"Perhaps... A camp fire?" Enna frowned, glancing around.

"I...I don't know..." Nadya said.

"I don't see smoke..." Enna replied.

"What are you two prattling on about?" Asked an older man as he approached.

Nadya jumped, and spun looking at the man scared.

"The scent of smoke on the air..." Enna smiled faintly, "We're only making sure that something isn't burning away..."

He frowned. "I don't smell anything..."

"Perhaps the wind switched direction on us again..." Enna replied.

The old man shrugged. "Maybe..but I don't smell anything."

Nadya smelled the air for the smoke.

The smell was no longer there

Nadya just looked confused.

"How strange..." Enna murmured.

The old man nodded. "Maybe it was your imagination."

Nadya looked around some more.

She saw nothing out of the ordinary

Nadya looked back at the old man and Enna. "I...should go..." she said softly.

"I've got... work to do myself..." Enna frowned in thought.

"Yes should hurry on to school young lass."

Nadya looked at the man. "School? I don't go to school..." she said.

"What? How old are you lass?"

"I am nine...sir..." Nadya said softly, backing up.

"Then...what are you doing about schooling...where are your parents?"

Nadya backed up again. "I...don't have any...not any more..." she said, and then ran off back into the woods.


"Poor kid..." Enna frowned, she didn't want to scare Nadya by giving chase, but at the same time she didn't think it wise for the girl to run off alone, she was torn.

The man looked at her. "Can you go get the girl...she is headed strait for the woods and if she goes there she may never return."

"Why would she never return?" Enna asked quizzically, bracing her bag over her shoulder.

"People vanish around here...especially around the woods."

"That little mystery is precisely why I'm here." Enna sighed, "I'll go look for her. She's a bit young to be wandering around alone out here anyway." With that she quickly made her way through the underbrush and into the woods.

The man walked on

"How am I supposed to find her when I don't even know her name...?" Enna mused, frowning as she searched for the girl.

She thought she saw her

"Hey!" Enna called, "Wait up, please!"

She saw a flash of light in front of the child

What is that light? Enna wondered with a frown, picking up her pace in case it held some sort of danger...
(head down to Nadya)

Nadya didn't turn back. She didn't want to be the cause of any more disappearances. She ran as fast as her leg would and could carry her into the shadows of the woods.

She heard something

Nadya looked around, but then continued to run.

Something grabbed her arm

Nadya jumped scared, closing her eyes. "Please...please...don't hurt me..." she whispered, struggling as much as she could in her child body.

She noticed it was a tree branch

Nadya sighed, and worked to detangle herself from the branch.

She heard something rustle nearby

Nadya quickly moved to hide behind a tree.

She saw a flash of light

She heard someone call "Hey! Wait up, please!"

Nadya closed her eyes in her hiding spot. She didn't know what that light was and she didn't want the young woman to disappear.

Enna slowed her pace and peered around cautiously.

She spotted the little girl

"Hello?" Enna called softly.

Nadya peeked out from behind the tree. "Hi...." she said softly.

"Why don't we head into town? Its not safe to be wandering the woods on your own," Enna said, "What do you say?"

"You'll disappear too...." Nadya said softly.

Enna was silent for a moment, a frown tugging at her lips before she shook her head and allowed herself a faint smile, "I won't disappear," She replied confidently, "I'm a detective, its part of my job description to find lost things, not become one myself."

"But...but..." Nadya started softly, with the start of tears in her eyes. "Everyone near me disappears...."

"Well I'm near you and I'm not disappearing, so don't worry," Enna replied.

"They don't right away...." she whispered. Nadya hugged herself.

"I'm not going anywhere," Enna said kindly, "Is there some place I can take you? Is there anybody waiting for you in town? You really shouldn't be out here alone..."

*snap snap*

Toru was already up and about, he was a morning bird and liked to get up and have his shop ready an open. He cracked his neck and opened the door to the outside, entering the streets of Calsax, he looked around, grinning for a while before he got out a wooden stool and placed it in front of the 'open/closed' sign above the door. Toru stepped onto the stall and reached up, having to get on his tip-toes to even be able to reach the thing. He muttered.
Toru managed to finally grab the sign and switch it from closed to open, he grinned and clapped his hands. The stall beneath him gave way sending the frail man tumbling to the ground, he made an odd 'doof' noise as he landed and remained on the floor, spread out like a swatted fly.

"Clumsy as ever..."Came a bored male's voice.

"Don't be hating on me." Toru pouted, he didn't get up, he just laid there and tilted his head back to get a good view of the guy.

A man stood there with long red hair. He recognized him as being the famous local author Devon Louis. "I wasn't hating on you." He helped him up. "You really should make sure to get a more sturdy stool though."

"Oh, I don't usually get such visitors." Toru, who was blind, obviously couldn't see it was him though could tell by the mans very distinct voice. "Now who comes walking by, a real celebrity huh?"

"If you say so...Sorry I saw you were opening up so I wanted to see what was for sale. My wife's birthday is coming up."

"Oh then come right in kind sir." Toru rolled over and leapt up, opening the door for him. "I have a very wide selection of goods." He lead him in to the strange store, and true enough there was an insanely large number of items with seeming no set genre.

"Do you have jewelry?"

"But of course." Toru reached out to find the counter and soon worked his way around the shop, he ducked down and appeared with a small case in his hands. He opened it. "Take your pick."

He started to examine each piece.

Toru stood, hands behind his back, he guessed the man was browsing so kept quiet, he couldn't exactly comment on each piece since he didn't know what he was looking at.

"How much is the black sapphire necklace?"

"Ah, a nice choice." Toru took a deep breath of air and then grinned wider, if it was possible. "May I inquire first as to who the gift is for your esteemedauthor-ness?"

"I already told you, my wife, her birthday is coming up."

"Ah but what is she to you, a wife can be many things?" Toru grinned in a knowing way. "Each gift represents something different along with granting both helpful and troublesome effects, so, you should be sure you buy a fitting one."

"She is my treasure. I know that may sound like a cliche but it is true, she is what completes me and gives me inspiration for my writing, gives my life meaning."

"Then, may I suggest this one." Toru reached out, his fingers played across that pendants for a while before clasping a red gem attached to a silver chain, he pulled it up to show him. "It's a strange one, it reads the intentions of its holder, works wonders for ones in such love as yourself, but be careful your heart doesn't turn sour for so will the pendant."

"My heart will never turn sour. I told you. I love her and will always love her. He inspected the necklace. "How much is it?"

"Interesting." Toru proclaimed to what he said first, he then held it out for him too take. "Not much, it's around the middle expense wise, but I'm sure money means nothing to someone so much in love."

"No...but I still need to know the price."

"Pay as much as you think she's worth." It was obvious Toru was being slightly weird, but that was to be expected, he was playful and it was hard to get a direct response out of him. He waved the necklace around.

He regarded him carefully. "She is worth more money than I ever will how am I to do that?"

Kimi walked through Calsax.

She heard something rustle in the brush to her right.

She looked cautiously.

Lesile came out of the brush he smiled when he saw her. "Hey Kimi...shouldn't you be in school?"

"Ahh!" Kimi stepped back in surprise, "Oh its you, Leslie! I got bored... Besides shouldn't you be at school too?"

"I am off for the day. And your teacher called asking where you were. You can't just leave school or not go because you are bored, you will get stupid that way." He said tussling her hair affectionately.

"I am not going to get stupid,stupid"she said as she moved the hand off her head.

He grinned. "I am not stupid, I am a teacher and know allot, oh and might I say I never skipped classes either, little miss 'I don't want to go to class because it's boring?' You need to learn."

"It's a review I put the papers in you bag, Mr. "I'm off today" and i was getting
my staff".

"You should have had your stuff to begin with. And what papers?"

"I thought I had a report any way it's your fault you should have watched me better." she said looking at him with self confidence. 

"I have my duties as well." He grabbed her ear and started to walk toward the school. "Let's go and I will prove I can watch you."

"OWWW!!lat go that hurts Lesile! I'll go I'll go." she said struggling to git away.

He gently released her and smiled. "You better hurry than."

she began to walk away glaring at him and rubbing her ear.

He laughed and headed off down the street

Kimi slips into her next class try to make sure nobody notices.

"Kimi? Where have you been young lady?"

"I was looking for Lesile. I thought he was here. I'm sorry" kimi said in a sweet innocent voice.

"You should be more concerned with school than finding your brother. Now I want you to answer question twenty four."

"okay". Kimi said with her cold non caring tone.

She asked her the question

she answers.

"Good." After the class was over she was handed extra homework for skipping part of the day.

Kimi started to head home.

She thought she heard someone following her

"What is it Lesile" she said as she began to turn around.

A large wolf stood there teeth bared.

trying to keep herself calm she began to slowly back up.

It walked closer growling low

She tried to spot a tree she could get to before the wolf got to her.

She spotted one sturdy looking one several feet away

She carefully headed toward it trying not to get the wolf excited.

It started to stalk toward her with a growl

She moved toward the tree as fast as she could trying not to excite the wolf any more then it already was

The wolf licked its lips and looked at her. She noticed one of the eyes was a smoky blue and the other was gold. "You look tasty child." It said in a low growl.

"Great...your not a normal Wolf...You really dont want to eat me." Kimi said continuing to the tree. Great if it's a wherewolf it will easily get me, even if I climb a tree...but I dont see any other options..No one would be able to hear me if I scream either...crap.

The wolf prepared to lunge at her but before it could a blurr of white whipped past Kimi nearly knocking her to the ground. The sound of snarling soon filled the night as the first wolf tried to defend against Kimi's savior, a larger white wolf that seemed bent on harming the first wolf.

Kimi was in a state of shock for a moment unsure wither or not to leave the wolf that was protacting her."Thank you!" She called before diciding it best to get out of there while she could.

The wolf seemed to nod as it lunged at the other wolf.

Kimi ran home as fast as her legs would take her. She couldn't help but think of "the boy who cried wolf" as she ran. She always made up tells like what had just happened, so she wouldn't get in trouble....but now it really did happen. would anyone beleive her? She wandered.

Her Leslie was on the porch looking frantic when he saw her he looked relieved. "Where have you been?!"

"I..*pant* the woods..looking for...ghost." Kimi replied still shaking as she looked back towards the woods.

He looked at her closely. "I thought I told you to stay away from the woods especially at night. Come inside...did you find one? You are pretty pale."

"No..I."She hasitated before continuing."I think I...found some wher..wherewolfs..though."

Leslie looked at her and sighed. "Those don't exist."

"I know what I saw...and heard!" Kimi protested as she went inside.

He followed her. "Kimi...tell me what happened."

Kimi tried to exsplain but seemed to be having a hard time beleiving it herself.

It was a quiet day for one bookstore owner in Calsax. Alone in her store Tala was quietly cleaning away. She had barely had any costumers that day and was feeling the boredom creeping in. Tossing away her dusting rag she sat down behind her counter and put her head in her hands feeling her exhaustion creeping in.

She heard the jingle of the bell on her door. "Hello I seem to be looking for books on tracking."said the young man who entered the store.

"Oh hello" she smiled "I have a few books not to many" she got up and walked over to the bookshelf pulling them out for the young man "Here you are" she smiled at him handing them to him.

"Thanks how long can I rent these without buying them?"asked the young man.

"Come with me over to the desk" she said walking over behind it and sat down as he sat the books down. "Lets see here." she looked at the books. "How long are you thinking about renting them?" she asked curiously patting the largest of the books that had an old leather binding on it with leather buckles on it as well.

"As long as it takes to read and study them"He said with a smile.

"Well this is an old book right here and with the others I would say thirty a week." she said with a smile.

"Can I do a job in exchange for a week?"Asked the young man.

"Well I have a shipment of books coming in tomorrow if you can help me move the boxes. Then lets say two hours a day every day you rent the books from me?" she asked with a smile.

"Sure love to help with that"He said

"Wonderful, the books are yours then let me just run into the back room and grab a bag." She picked up the small pile of books and walked into the back for a moment. opening the cover of the old leather bound book she placed a small tracking seal on it that vanished into the back of the cover. So if the boy didn't stay true to his word she would be able to find him and get her books back. Doing the same small tracking seal on the others she bagged them up and walked out. "here you are" she smiled. "Now my shipment will arrive at eight tomorrow morning."

"Great I will be there.Thanks"he said

"Wonderful I'll see you then" she smiled.

He grabbed the bag of books and says"Thanks again"and leaves

Tala waved as he left and went over to the bookshelf grabbing one of her books. Bringing it back to her desk she sat down and began to read to pass the time.

After awhile she heard the bell ring once more

"Come in! we're open!" she called to whoever was outside.

She saw the door open and close but no one seemed to be there

Tala went still and looked around the room knowing something had just come in.

She heard something messing with a stack of books

Whispering a quick spell of true sight she stood and slowly headed towards the sounds.

It came from her special store room

"Damn it" she got up and hurried into the back.

There was someone rifling through her special items

"Hey!" she snarled and summoned magic coating her hands with it ready to attack.

The figure whirled around and held up a small tube which she remembered contained an important scroll, but for some reason she could not remember what it did. "The king will be needing this." The figure vanished.

Tala rubbed her temples. "What was that for again? oh this is not good." Opening her books she began to flip through trying to find information on it worried about what it might be. What that damned king might need it for.

The record was gone.

"Bloody hell!" she snarled slamming her fist on the table accidentally hitting a letter opener cutting open her hand. Quickly she grabbed a rag and placed it to the wound.

She heard the ring of the door as someone came in

Tala hurriedly found some strips of fabric and wound a bandage around her hand before heading out to the other room to greet her customer.

There was a young man standing there with a package in hand he seemed to be inspecting it to ensure he had the right place

"Hello there sir how can I help you?" she asked as she held her bandaged hand lightly curious on what the man could want. She wasn't expecting any packages today.

he jumped and settled down he had long black hair bound in a ponytail and brilliant gold eyes. "Umm...are you Tala?"

"Yes I'm Tala" Curiosity filled her seeing his eyes. Humans didn't have eyes that brilliant.

"This package...a man told me to deliver it to you."

"Ummm alright" she said nervously. "Do you know who it was?" she asked holding her good hand out for the package.

He handed it to her and shook his head. "No...but umm...there were people chasing me the whole time."

"Oh heavens me I wonder what is so important to be sent to me like that" she took the package and opened it to see what it was.

Inside lay a book she could feel ancient powers resonate from it. There was a letter included

She stared at the book confused on why such a powerful artifact would be sent to her. Opening the letter she took a look at it.

It read:"Keep this book secret the king will stop at nothing to get it. You must await the true king and give it to him when he comes. The young man before you is in danger and the king seeks to have him. Please keep him safe."

It had no signature. The young man turned to leave

"Wait don't go, its not safe for you out there." she said putting the letter down.

He turned to look at her. "But...they shouldn't be after me now that I don't have that...right?"

"But you had carried it and they would still come after you because you had carried the item and they would want to know who had carried it. Trust me the courts have not changed since I was with them so you are in danger"


"Lets just say the place where this came from" she examined him intently to figure out what he might be.

He looked confused. "I...don't understand..." He seemed to have an ancient and powerful aura and yet he looked like he genuinely didn't understand.

"Oooh how can I make this easier..." She thought about it for a few moments trying to explain it to him.

"You're insane..."

"Oh this is like talking to a human. Listen there is a world out there that you don't know of and people in that world are going to come after you" as he made his way to the door suddenly she snapped her fingers and the two plants that flanked the door suddenly shot out and covered it in an intricate web of vines along with the windows as well.

His eyes widened in shock. "Th...this...can't be happening..."

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"Oh yes it is kid and their are people who are powerful and because you touched this package you now became their target, I couldn't bare the thought of an innocent getting hurt for such a thing." Tala said standing there.

"But...I was only doing my job..."

"Trust me they will not care" she pulled her sleeve up and revealed a long jagged scar on her arm. "This is because many years ago I delivered something for my master at the time. The people tortured me to find out what it was I delivered and why I delivered it and to get the name of my master out of me.

He shivered. " what...what can I do? How do I get them to leave me alone? How did you?"

"Trust me you don't want to do what happened to me, I served my torturers as their slave for many years until they grew tired of me. But I am not the weak woman I once was, You would be safe here with me if you would like to stay. Trust me you will be safer with me then you would alone" she said pulling her sleeve down.

"I wouldn't feel right staying here it would place you in danger..."

"Please stay its alright, I promise you will be safe here with me. Don't worry about placing me in danger. I'm stronger then I look" she smiled at him. She had been called Earth maiden for a reason in her past.

"Can I work for a thank you than?"

"That would be great thank you young man. Do you have any items you need to get from somewhere or anything like that first? just so your situated, my home is just down the road and I would feel better if you stayed with me while your in danger"

He looked down sadness in his eyes. "No...just what I have on me..."

As she stood she waved her hand banishing the vines from the door turning them back into the plants as she walked over to him and gently placed her hand on his shoulder. "Why don't I close up shop early today and we can go grab you a few things from the clothing shops in town and get you situated at my house?" she asked hopeful that it would cheer him up a little bit.

"I couldn't do that to you...and I don't want to sell my equipment..."

"Trust me its more then alright" she patted his arm. "It might not look it but I'm more well off then I look and I'm glad to help you out" she smiled at him. "Please let me do this for you?" she asked looking up at him.

"I will work extra hard than!"

"That sounds great" she said with joy that he had agreed. "you can even help me around the house I have somethings there I need help with as well. Now I do have somethings I need to take home a box of books do you mind carrying them for me? After which we can head to town and get you some things." she smiled at him before walking over and grabbing her messenger bag. slinging it over her shoulder she slid the Book into her bag and closed it up tight sealing it with a small spell so there was no chance of it falling out.

He nodded and picked up the box and readjusted his backpack. "Thank you ma'am."

"Please just call me Tala, Ma'am makes me feel so old" she said with a playful giggle. "Let me just go make sure everything is locked up in the back then we can head out." she turned and headed into the back room. There she made sure to enhance her warding spells in the back and made sure everything was locked up tight grabbing another small box she then headed out closing the door to the back room behind her. Alright lets head us out." she smiled at the man as they headed out. Closing the door behind them she locked the door tight placing another ward before they headed off together down the street. Their was only a few minutes before they reached a large house that sat on the edge of town. "This is your new home." she said sweetly.

"It looked lovely." He said with a smile. " name is Liam...Liam Archer."

"Its an honor Liam, come on lets go put everything inside." she smiled before she lead the way heading in.

He followed her

Inside the house was very warm and homey. Not to over the top but still very impressive indeed. "Follow me to the library where we can place these boxes down." she said watching him close the door behind him before they headed down the hall together.

He followed but took the place in

There were paintings and a few statues in the hall unlike he had seen. The scenes in the paintings something out of people's dreams it seemed like. "Right in here" she said leading the way turning into her library. Turning the library was larger then he imagined bookshelves towered high filled will all sorts of things. While there were also pieces of more artwork and plants in here as well. On one bookshelf on the top there was a plant which vines curled all the way down to the floor. The plant had white flowers with bright pink centers decorating it. "would you place it on the desk?"

He blinked tearing his eyes from the room and sat the box down. "Wow..."

"I'm glad you like my home and I hope you can enjoy it as if it was your home, go ahead and look around a bit more I have to go put this away" she said holding her bag and then headed off to the side of the library where there was a set of sliding doors. sliding the door open she headed off inside the room. It was her special room for certain books in her collection.

When she came back out he was already reading one of her largest books.

"I can see you will be enjoying many hours in here" Tala couldn't help but giggle. "That would be my Fae codex of all the different Fae species" she said walking over and standing infront of the book with him seeing him look over the description of the Brownies.

"Yea...I have read this before...somewhere...I just can't remember where. But yours is missing a chapter..." His eyes had a distant look as though trying to remember something that was lost. "The chapter on the Sulaighlii..." The term meant nothing to her, she had never heard of it and yet hearing the name made her shiver in fear. The name had a dark and sinister feel.

Tala shivered and rubbed her arms at the name. "Well with a reaction like that I don't think I want the chapter." she said standing there.

He blinked and his eyes no longer held their distant look. "What chapter?"

Tala looked at him curiously. "Nothing I was just babbling a little bit; but anyways feel free to enjoy any of the books in here" she smiled at him.

He smiled. "Thank you...before my parents...well...when I was younger my home was full of books..."

"I love books they have always been a part of my life. the rich stories that can be woven through the written word. My best friend is actually a writer and lives on the other side of town." she giggled as she leafed through the book infront of them gently.

"What's his name?"

"Rainier Harding, best known for his romance novels." she giggled thinking about the fact that he was a sex demon so he knew alot about romance.

"Oh I see. I haven't heard of him..."

"I didnt think you would, the type of romance he writes lately is a little, Mature" she giggled

He blushed in understanding. "Oh..." He re-shelved her book and started to look for something else that caught his fancy. "My father was an author too."

"Was he? what kind of writing?" she asked curiously.

He was looking away as though something troubled him. "He wrote recordings of mythology primarily and fantasy novels. His pen name was Aes SĂ­dhe..." She had heard of the author, there had been a great uproar in the courts due to a human taking the pen name of the ancestors of the courts. Some fae had even spoken of punishing him and his family. His writings were very accurate portrayals of what humans believed to be myth, as though he had the power to see the truth and record it as it was. Liam was running his finger tips along the spine of one of the older books. "He once told me that the truth had to be recorded, that people had to remember the past...I never dreamed the stories he told me were true..."

"I never thought in all of my years I would meat Aes Sidhe's son. I never met him personally but I have read some of his work." She walked over and sat down on the couch in the room.

He turned and smiled but there was sadness in his eyes. "He was a great author and father. I hope you enjoyed his works. He always told me he hoped his writing helped others."

Tala stood again and went over placing her hand on his shoulder. "He did help many people and I thought he was a good man for writing everything he did."

"Thanks...but his writings got him mother too..." His hand went to his chest as though remembering something painful.

"I am sorry for bringing up such painful memories." she said sadly hating seeing him like that.

"I was the one who happened when I was young. But thank you for the concern...I just don't want to go back to...where I was taken..."He shivered.

"I promise Liam with all that I am I will not let you be taken." she patted his shoulder.

"Can you fight them know...of the courts...well...I do too..."

"Trust me I can fight, I am stoic but fierce." she said looking up at him. "Now lets take you out and get you some new things." she smiled.

"Are you of the courts?"

"I used to be hand maiden of the Seelie court nobles but I left due to circumstances, So no I am no longer of the courts" Tala said standing there.

He backed away a little looking uncomfortable. "Are you...still loyal?"

"No no no no don't worry about that, I broke my pact with the courts years ago its been a long time since I served them" she walked over and sat down on the couch watching him calmly.

"The king...wants me..."

Tala looked at him shocked. "No... are you serious?" she asked surprised. "Ooooh now I have even more of a reason to hate that bastard" she growled to herself.

He took off his shirt and turned around. The king's mark was branded into his back and whip marks crisscrossed his back.

Tala gasped putting her hands over her mouth. "Oh you pour man" she then to his surprise lifted her skirt up to her thigh and revealed the king's mark. But her's was heavily scarred as if someone had tried to rip it off of her. "No one should have to go through that pain you went through I know all to well."

He looked down. "I parents slaughtered in front of my eyes...I was eight..."

"Oh I'm so sorry" she covered her mouth feeling so bad for him.

"I am sorry for you too..." he replaced his shirt and sighed. "I escaped them...but I have been captured again and again...every time I believe I am free they catch me again..."

"I promise with all that I am I will keep you safe" she said with true sincerity to her voice.

"But what if they take you too?"

"Trust me if they take me they will highly regret it." For multiple reasons, she held immense power over the element of earth while she was engaged to one of the top men in the Unseelie court and Rainier would throttle them as well and that man was like a hell hound on steroids when he was pissed.

He slowly nodded but still looked worried.

Tala patted his hand. "its alright. Now lets go out and get you some clothes and things" she smiled at him.

"Thank you for everything..."

"Your very welcome Liam" she smiled up at him.

He smiled back but looked a little nervous still

Tala lead the way out of the house and they headed into town. Keeping her senses open around her as she brought him to a clothing shop run by a friend of hers.

He followed her looking around. "Ahh Tala how are you? What can I do for you today?"

She turned and smiled at the store owner. "Hi there, I'm here for my friend he needs some new clothes." She giggled.

He smiled and looked over at Laim. "I see. Come lad lets measure you."

Liam nodded and followed him. The store owner turned to her and whispered with a wink. "I didn't realize you like them young Tala."

Tala turned red "Oooh its not like that at all" she whispered back. "I'm just helping him out. He's going to be working for me in exchange for staying at my house. All he has is the clothes on his back so I thought it would be nice to get him a few more things" she smiled.

He smiled. "If you say so..." He took Liam to get measured

Tala let out a breath of air and walked over sitting down on one of the cushioned chairs waiting.

After awhile Liam came out wearing a nice outfit.

"Oh you look so nice" she smiled seeing him.

"I do?"

"yes its not over the top, its great it suites you just right" she smiled at him.

He smiled a little. "Thank you."

Her friend was regarding Liam with a critical eye. "Hmm...I don't know it still isn't right..."

Off on the side of the town that flanked the woods their was a large mansion surrounded by gardens. Inside this old mansion a man sat at his desk thinking. He had long blood red hair and eyes like golden pools. He had been at a loss of what to write all day. Taking his glass of whiskey he sipped it gently. "To think I'm a sex demon and I can't come up with what to do next" he chuckled to himself as he looked at the computer screen which held his next Erotica novel. Saving his novel he chugged the last of his whiskey before getting up. "I need to go for a walk maybe that will give me something." Grabbing his coat he headed out locking the door behind him and headed off into the town.

He heard something rustling nearby.

The man stopped and listened, the sound was to noisy for an animal. 

He heard a rattling hiss. and what sounded like a whisper on the his name.

The man stood there silently listening to this as the hair on the back of his neck went up.

"Food....for the fae..."

"I don't think you want to be thinking about eating someone like me" he growled.

He saw a strange unnerving beast move out from the woods. It looked almost like a hell hound but was as large as a bear and had wings. Saliva dripped from its maw and sizzled as it hit the ground.

"Well now aren't you a curious beast?" he cracked his knuckles ready to fight. He had lived far far to long to be taken down by something like this

It snarled and bared its teeth. "Not you...your future love."

"My future love? are you sure you have the right demon here?" he asked confused by the beast.

It growled but soon he realized it was laughing. "Yes...and she is food if she doesn't return to her father. The beast turned and rushed off.

He stood there staring at where the beast had been, confused on what had happened. "Me a lover?" He snorted and headed off into the town.

It started to rain as he entered the village.

"By the darkness" he mumbled to himself. Looking around he found himself an alley. there he found one of the overhangs of one of the abandoned homes that were here and there in the town. Standing beneath it he. Using some of his firemagic he heated up his body drying himself up as it began to rain harder. "Nice stuck here now" he sighed.

He saw someone walking but with an umbrella. She was very beautiful with long black hair. She spun the umbrella as she walked but she seemed to enjoy the rain because she would hop into the puddles here and there as they formed and would giggle as the water and mud hit her legs. She looked to be around 20 or so, she was too far away to see her eyes.

He watched her curiously as he stayed dry out of the rain; he didnt recognize her from the village.

She tossed the umbrella up in the air and caught it with a giggle and a twirl. She turned and looked at him with a smile. Her eyes were a deep purple. "Oh hello there." She tossed him the umbrella. " need it more than me oh man of fire." She giggled and started to skip away.

Cocking an eyebrow he watched her skip away as he held the umbrella. "she didnt seem like a water being." he said putting the umbrella over his head as he headed off returning home to get out of the rain.

He felt someone tap him on the shoulder

Jumping shocked that someone was able to sneak up on him he turned facing who it was.

It was the young girl and she smiled at him with pearly white teeth. Now that he saw her up close she was indeed beautiful. She wore a blue skirt and matching top. She had a moonstone and pearl pendant in the shape of the crescent moon. She had a slender face that made her look almost child like. Her large eyes were purple with flicks of blue and her black hair had a blue sheen to it as it fell in soft waves and curls. She was slender but looked healthy and had an elven look to her. Her ears were even delicately tipped. Even though she was now very wet she seemed happy. "Hello Mr. Fire how are you this gloriously wet evening?" She didn't seem human but he didn't recognize the aura or scent she gave off.

He couldn't help but eye her curiously. "I am well Ms. Rain thank you for the umbrella by the way and yourself?" he asked as he stood there under his umbrella watching her.

She smiled. "The name is Boann. I am fine, perfect actually."

"Glad to hear, I'm Rainier. What brings an interesting woman such as yourself to a tiny town in the middle of no where?" he asked curiously. Standing there he was still using his firemagic to keep himself dry even with the umbrella.

She smiled. "Actually...its because of you and others...of your kind."

He cocked an eyebrow at this. "And what would a woman such as yourself have interest in the Gancanagh?" he asked curiously watching her with his gold eyes from behind a pair of red lensed glasses.

She giggled. "Not just the Gancanagh but all of the fae...I want to see how the war that is to come resolves itself. I wonder...what will you do with your brother too?"

"Gancanagh are closer related to demons then fae and if I have a brother out there I don't know about them. I havent been a part of the fae courts in many years my lady so whatever happens I'm keeping my nose out of it."

She smiled knowingly at him. "Not when your friend and future love is involved. Oh and your brother. Even if you are closer to a demon you are still fae...and the Morrigan...she and her child are involved as well...or will you refuse her aid?"

"Who are you and how do you know about my involvement with the Morrigan?" in his mind it was racing wondering about her child. She had, had a child? It made him wonder so many things. He hadnt seen her in so long.

She smiled. "I am Boann. You're child is in danger will you stand by or will you help? I wonder if that will be an incentive to get you involved...good luck I will see you soon enough." She turned and vanished.

"What the hell?" Rainier asked himself confused.

It started to let up on the rain.

Rainier sighed and decided to head home.

He reached his home and noticed his front door was open wide

Rainier growled to himself. Shifting from his element of fire to his one of shadows he pulled them around him as he entered the house vanishing as if he didnt exist. Sneaking through the darkness of the house he looked for his intruders.

He saw a young man in his early teens laying on his couch. He had long red hair with black streaks he was short for his age making him appear younger than he trully was.

Rainier slowly went towards the young man not knowing if it was a trap.

He rolled over in his sleep and he could see he was bleeding

"Oh no" he ran into the other room and grabbed his first aid kit before returning and bandaging him up.

He stirred and tried to pull away. "DON'T HURT ME!"

"Easy Easy kiddo!" he held the man down to stop him from thrashing and pulling away. "Your really hurt and I'm trying to bandage you."

He trembled looking scared. "Please...don't take me back..."

"I'm not going to take you back I promise your safe here kid" he said kneeling there.

He slowly settled down. "I...thank you...thank you so much..."

"Your welcome kid, what's your name?" he asked as he began to clean and bandage his wounds.


"Its nice to meet you Whisper I'm Rainier" he said as he continued to work.

He sat there shivering a little. "You won't hurt me will you?"

Seit moved the closed sign to open, and started to move around his shop. He had changed the window displays to feature painting that went along with the change in weather, throwing in there some of the portraits he had done.

He heard the sound as if something had fallen toward the back of his store.

Seit turned quickly and hurried to the back of the shop to investigate.

It seemed to be from the ally on the back side. It sounded like someone or something crashed into something.

Seit shiftily headed outside to see what could have made the noise.

A beautiful young woman lay sprawled over the cans. She cradled her arm and he saw she was bleeding.

Seit hurried over to her, and started to help her up. "What happen, miss? Are you okay...?"

She looked up at him with frightened eyes that showed pain. "Don't hurt me...I am sorry sir..."

"I'm not going to hurt you....please...I wish to help you..." Seit said softly.

She looked up at him and shivered. "I...''she passed out and slumped forward

Seit carried her inside of his shop, but before heading into the main area, headed up a set of back stairs that lead up to an upstairs apartment where Seit had set up as his home. He carried her into his bedroom, and laid her down on the bed, and then went quickly to get his first aid kit.

When he came back she was curled into a ball trembling in fear

"Miss... shhh... you are safe... let me look at your wounds....please...." he said gently walking towards her.

She coward looking scared but slowly held out her injured arm

Seit gently took her injured arm, and began to mend it with the things from the first aid kit. He carefully wrapped a bandage around the wounds. "There... that wasn't bad...was it?" he asked gently.

She shook her head slowly. "T..thank you..."

"You are welcome.... what is your name...?"


"Sage... that is a very nice name is Seit..." he said gently.

"Seit....thank you...I should go..."

"Please don't... you should rest..."

"But...I...will cause you trouble...I am sure of it..."

"No more than I have seen before..." Seit said watching her.

"What do you mean?"

"Trouble that is...I have seen my share of trouble, Miss Sage..."

She bit her lip still looking worried

"Allow me to help you..." Seit said softly.


Seit smiled gently at her. "Hungry?"

She blushed and nodded. "Yes...thank you."

"I'll go make you something...and I am sorry in advance...I'm really not that good of a cook..."

"I..It's alright...thank you."

Seit brought her in some soup. "Here you are..."

"Thank you..."

"You're welcome..." Seit said politely.

She blushed and looked down and began to eat. (

Seit sat in a nearby chair and just watched her. He felt something for her, but he didn't want to drag her into the Fae community.

She blushed and ate. 'Thank you...I...I should leave. Or they might hurt you."

"Hurt me?" Seit questioned. "We all have a past that may haunt us....please don't leave..."

"But...they will come...they will hurt you!"

"Who?" Seit asked. "Who will come?"

"The fae! The ...dark court...."She was crying now and trembling in fear.

"Sage...." he said gently, sitting beside her. "I won't let any harm you...."

She trembled still scared. Suddenly her eyes went red and she threw him away from her. "Stay away..."Her voice had changed and he felt it wasn't her. "Sage is mine. I will protect Sage from everyone."

Seit looked at her, watching her. "You can't be her only protector.... the dark court is not one that someone can defend against alone...."

"I can try...I don't know if I can trust you."

"I left the courts.... I had been one of them, but I was an outcast among them....I left because I wanted to paint...." Seit said. "I had gone by a different name when I had been with the court.... but I am now Seit, and have been Seit for many...many years...."

She bit her lip and slowly nodded. "I...will try to trust you..."

"That is all I ask... I was outcast for what I do...but I will protect you with all my power...I promise..."

she nodded slowly. "Thank you..."

The young man starts to look for a place to rest for the night"Does anyone know where the inn is?"he asked.

A passerby stopped and looked at him. "Yea the Green Man's Inn is a few blocks from here. You want to take a left at that corner go straight until you get to the last house down that street and than take a right it will be the third building on the right."

"Thanks see ya" He said heading that way.

He finally reached the establishment. It looked like a very old inn but it had a well kept atmosphere as well.

The young man goes in and asked the rate for a basic room.

The inn keeper looked at him and gave him the price. It was fairly reasonable. "I need your name and a form of identification though if you check out a room."

"Akiko, I don't have or know anything else sorry"he said

"You have no form of identification? Where are your parents?"

"Wish I knew"he said.

He frowned looking concerned. "Do you know how old you are?"

he smiled and said"somewhere between birth and death but no I don't"

He sighed. "I see...I can't just turn you away, you may stay in room 3 but...would you mind do work to pay for it?"

"Not at all but I am booked tomorrow at 8:00 in the morning"he responded.

"That is fine. If you have time tonight to help out I would appreciate it. That is when we usually get more people. My name is Ian."

"Hello you already know my alias when do I start?"

"Well... after you get settled and rest for a bit. You look tired."

"Alright"he said then pretended to pass out on the counter.

Ian looked surprised he gently picked him up and took him to his room. He gently laid him in the bed and tucked him in. Than he left the room after taking his shoes off. "Poor lad..."

He wakes up looks around "comfie bed wonder what time it is"walks to the door

He could hear the sounds of a fully busy common room. It was obvious the inn was getting allot of business

He walked to the bartender and asked "what can I help you with?"

"Are you up to helping or do you need more rest?" He asked looking concerned.

"Fine I w will work now...'kay"

"Alright could you help serve food?"

"Really that sounds boring but okay." He replied.

"I am sorry but it is necessary for business."

"thanks"he said in reply

He gave him a tray of food and drinks and directed him to table three

"Ok"he went to table three and asked"Is there anything you wanted?"

"I want a beer." One of them said. The others began to place there orders as well. He noticed a young man who hadn't said anything was watching him carefully. He could have sworn the man's eyes flashed red for a moment.

"Ok and do you want anything?"he asked the red eyed person.

He regarded him with a smirk. "No, I am saving my appetite." The others snickered as though sharing in inside joke.

"I see pick what you use as food & drink carefully have a good day"he said as he went to get there stuff from the kitchen.

He heard them laugh as he left.

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