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Wiki of Wikis!!

I think it's done...for the most part. This thing is constantly updating..

All double dashes represent a sub-page.

All sections are in alphabetical order.

Phoenix's a member of...


Wikis I've Made/Own

April's Art
--April's Dragons
--April's Angels
--April's Elves
--April's Fairies
--April's Other Pics
--April's Fanart
--*phoenix* art 2009
--*phoenix* art 2010
April's Badges

A Rape Story
April's Stories
April's Poems
Random Christian Stories and Poems

The Random Life Story
--TRLS Characters
--TRLS pg2
--TRLS pg3

April's Photos
April's Pictures

Show What Your Belief Is! Closed.
Wish Upon a Star Contest

April's Application for Crew
April's Characters
Fruits Basket Zodiac
The Star Wars Club
What's an artist?
--Artists' Work
Wiki of wikis


All super-sized " * "s mean that I have entered these contests.

~Elftown Competition Ideas~
Cafe Rondine Storefront Contest!
*Colloquialisms: a photo contest
*Council Portrait Gallery Donations
--CPGD, Page 1
--CPGD, Page 2
*--CPGD, retired I did a portrait for [Artsieladie].
*Draumr Du Dragon Art Contest
Draw It!
--Draw it! Character
--Draw it! Scene
--Jane Johnson
--Ichigo Sareno
*Elftown Creature Marathon
--Elftown Creature Marathon Contest List
--ECM Closed Sessions' Submissions
--ecm werewolf/werecreature art voting Closed and I won 3rd!
*Elftown Photo Reference Marathon
--EPRM Wiki Submission Template
*haiku contest
--Haiku Contest Archive I entered Contest 1.
*Halfbreeds Contest
The Phantom's Contest
*The Plague Entries
*Watchful Eye of the Dragon Art and Poem Contest

Christmas photography competition
--Christmas Photograph 09, page 1
--Christmas Photograph 08, page 1
--Christmas Photograph 07, page 1
*ECM Phoenix Art
*Magic Art Contest for Newbies Entries
*The Best Artist Contest
--TBAC Voting

Wikis I'm a Member of

Groups, Hangouts, etc.:
Anime Nation
Cafe Rondine
Densetsu no Zelda
Dragon Adoption
Dragons Club
Dragons of the Flame
Draumr Du Dragon
Editing Assistance - Elftown
--eae - editors
Final Fantasy Fans Unite
For the Love of Reading
Geek wiki
House Zapper
How on earth did you pick that name?
Huggers United
I believe in Elftown
I dedicate my candle to:
Keep elftown shallow free
Oh look! a chicken!
Poke'mon Lovers Forever! Co owner and Editor!
Random People 
Safe Zone
The Creative Minds of Elftown
The New Word Dictionary
The One Campaign
The Straight Way
Top Anime Badasses
United artists
We Are All Idiots Committee
Welcome to the Wizarding World
What is a freind?
Which Font are you?

Christian Groups:
Christian Youth Group
Gay marriage debate
Love the Sinner Hate the Sin
The Christian Gathering
The Proof
The Straight Way
What We Are

Dragon Quest
--Knight's Tales
ShaRP Minded Coven
--An Elfish Idea
The Tale of the Civilhood 131
The Tale of the Civilhood 141
The Tale of the Civilhood 151
The Tale of the Civilhood 161
The Tale of the Civilhood 171
The Tale of the Civilhood 181

Unknown of where to put:
Badge of boredom
--Moar stuffs
Holiday Greetings
--Holiday Greeting Cards
Gods of de'gal Roleplay of a friend of mine, but I am not in.

Wikis I Like/Helpful

*Sakura-chan*'s drawings
*Sakura-chan*'s chibi drawings
Alien invaders adoption
Amazing Drawings
Anime's Comics
Apache's Drawings
Art of Derek Henderson
Astro Adoption
Daedelus' art page 2
Elftown GraphicsThanks for dividers!
Empty_one's art
Eragon manga
Illadriel's Dragon Art
Jaraden's charcter studies~1
Kit's emotions
Kuruni's art
My Freakin Art
Silvie's moods
Sketch Shop
Tsome-chan's Drawings!
Copyright and Intellectual Property
Works of Art and You
uploading art rules
featured art archive

Stories and Writings:
Rosario Dreams
Aiden Augustine's Poetry
Roses in the Rain
Kay's Poetry and Prose
Daedelus' poem blog
Taco of the funk's stories
The Unicorn and the Wizardess
Vampire Heart2
Wise things
Eyden's Stories

Captured moments
Reference pictures
Teddy bear pictures

Copying vs Fanart & Referencing
Imaginary Dragon Store I got Dorao!
RP Wisdom
Role playing for noobs
Tsome's food house
Tsome's messed up songs game
You are angel's what?
Farewell Party For[Araglas]
Suggest a poll
Ramblings and Inspiration!
Handmade sketch books!
Pseudo HTML
Anime and Manga Reviews


1This RP has ended and restarted. I am no longer a part of it and someday these pages may be erased.

2Very long, but REALLY good. ^_^

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2008-07-12 [*Phoenix*]: Astro Adoption

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