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2004-12-28 05:43:06
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Hello is there anyone out there who like to role play as wolves? is so here is a good place to be. Just ask me [Eloura] to join then i will give you the passward but if i tell you it tell NO one else goodday.


1. No cussing if you can help it.
2. Be nice.
3. Do not be someone else's charecter.
5. Have fun.

That is all for now.


[Eloura]: charecters name
: Setsumi Setia aka Setia. A cute little wolf puppy.White black fur and a puple dimond on her shoulder she has brite green eye's.And is a 4 month old wolf pup.

moonglow: is a younger pup that setia it is setia's more or less cousin that somehow turns out being her sister and is the color of a well a moonglow with deep purple colored eyes and she is only 2 month's old.

charecter:[I Heart Jason]
Discription:a cute wolf like creature but you don't want to anger me ^^.

character:[Siraku The Demon Wolf]
Discription:I can appear to be a Grey Wolf but when I get ticked off I turn into a demon with black fur and red eyes and when i howl it is so high pitched it can make the human ears bleed and it can break windows.I also have a grudge against the Night Wolf.

character:Night Wolf
Discription:I am the God of the night and I have many battles with Siraku.

Discription:im a totally black wolf i dont know my place in the page and i do what i whant i got yellow eyes i can be nice but if oyu get on my bad side you beter run fore your live 

Character: [Light for the Darkness]
Name: Nina
Description: Black wolf with silver paws and whiteish blue eyes.

Character:[Gaunt the Elf Wolf.]
Description: I'm a mix bettween elf and wolf and I'm very teratorial my arms are two seperate creatures!


Setia walks around in a deep dark forest not sure where she was the pine tree's where so unfimilar the ground so very muddy the air so very deens.Suddenly,I,Siraku come and join you,but i have a hidden apperance so no one knows who i am!I go by the name wolf.Wolf turns around to see Setia.

Setia: who are you? she asked while getting even more worried and wondering where her friend had went.

Wolf:My name is Sir.....I mean Wolf!^^'And are you lost or something?

Setia: ok Wolf. i am lost sorta.

Wolf:ok where are you headed to and why?I can point you in the right directions.

Setia: I do not know because i got separted from my mom and my pack and i can not sniff them out because of all the mud.

Wolf:Ok well if you want you can follow me because i am lookin' for my pack to!I got seperated because of a fight.

Setia: Ok.

Wolf:Well let's go!We gotta get outta here before the Night Wolf appears again.

Setia: The Night Wolf who is that?( hey you can have other charecters ok. )

Wolf:Well the Night Wolf is a terrible demo........i mean wolf.He is the one who killed my parents and I am on a quest to find him except when i am ready to fight him he flee's because he is not strong enough to defeat me yet so he could come tonight!So we must not get lost or you loose your life and how long have you been seperated from your pack?

Setia: ok. I have been separated from them for more than 3 days and this the 4 night. i have been hoping to find them.* she thinks this is no oridinary wolf nore is Night Wolf by the sounds of it. Maybe they are like me.

Wolf:Well lets get going before it's too late.*starts to mumble to self*I wonder if she'll find out my secret?O well that's not what i need to worry about now i have to my pack!Ok Setia try to sniff out your packs if you can I'll look for mine!But try not get seperated to far from me.*starts to walk off into the night,damp,dark woods.*

Setia: But i could have done that but i can not smell them. * she thinks should i hope to ever find home and lead him to her pack that might kill him * * stops and yawns and countunes walking and sniffing *

Wolf:Seita!!Where are you?!* looks around to find Seita.Turns around and falls on ground in shock.Seita Get Over Here!!!!!!!!!!!!Please help!!!!*Night Wolf strikes me down till i can't get up.Night Wolf stands in the shadows waiting for Seita to come*Seita don't come over here what ever you do!It's Night Wolf he's gonna kill you get out of here!!

Setia: No he will not. * setia turns into her true from still as a baby one but then turns to Night Wolf and say's. I may be small and young and little but i am stronger than you think.

Continued on Wolf Rp2abd Wolf RP 3

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2005-01-21 [Eloura]: hmmmmmmmm where to start???

2005-01-22 [wolf-pack_NL]: wel that dosent mater just start, hahahahahhaha oke im bored now sorry fore the bored part

2005-01-23 [Eloura]: tis fine

2005-01-23 [wolf-pack_NL]: so wat did you get ?

2005-01-24 [Eloura]: get get what??? i didn't get anything

2005-01-24 [wolf-pack_NL]: nvm

2005-01-24 [Eloura]: ok?

2005-01-24 [wolf-pack_NL]: so wat are you up to

2005-01-25 [Eloura]: nuthin *says with a slight giggle cause she is laughing at some kids at school*

2005-01-30 [wolf-pack_NL]: so wat is so funny

2005-01-31 [Eloura]: some kids at school

2005-02-03 [wolf-pack_NL]: oke but wat did he do thats so funny

2005-02-07 [Eloura]: i forget know.

2005-02-08 [wolf-pack_NL]: ooh oke lol

2005-02-08 [Eloura]: ya sorry.

2005-02-08 [wolf-pack_NL]: wel dosen mater but how are you to day

2005-02-10 [Eloura]: tiered

2007-09-06 [Eloura]: HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2009-04-13 [wolf-pack_NL]: the snake is back

2009-04-15 [Siraku The Demon Wolf]: hi!!

2009-04-15 [wolf-pack_NL]: hey how are you ppl doing

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