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2004-11-07 07:13:44
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Wolf:Seita?Is that you?*looks at Night Wolf* you!you are gonna pay for what you did!*I attack Night Wolf but I do not transform.Throughs Night Wolf on the ground and Suddenly he flee's!

Setia: Yes it is me. * suddenly emmbaressed so takes off into the dark dark woods *

Wolf:Seita wait!*but it was too late*Darn it!Now she's gonna be killed!*thinks to self*Gotta find her before it's too late!*heads off into the woods to find Seita.*

Setia * she stops at a large large oak tree and sits after turning back into her wolf form *

Wolf:Setia?????wait!*walks around an large oak tree and finds her*There you are!Don't ever wonder off like that again or he'll kill you!And don't worry about the transforming thing!I have a confesoin to make to!*transform into her demon form*See you are not the only one who can transform into diffrent things!Now,lets get going so we can find our pack!^^*both head off into the woods*

Setia: * follows not worried about Night Wolf. * ok. * she follows also with her head down *

Wolf:*Turns around to look at Setia*What's wrong now?Don't worry about it is ok.*turns back around*

Setia: Nothing is wrong now i am just thinking about my mom and father my sister Ali i wish she was here. * keeps head down following *

Wolf:*turns back around and thinks to self*I wonder if they are ok?

Setia thinks she see something and run's off in to the dark woods. and hoping she is right on what she see's.

Wolf:Not again!!!Setia wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*runs off into the woods with Setia*

Setia * stops seeing it was nothing so lays down *

Wolf:*runs up to Setia while panting*Jeez!Why did you stop?

Setia: It was nothing i just thought i saw some one i knew.* she sighs *

Wolf:Well, next time ya decided to run off tell me because if it is Night Wolf again he'll kill you for sure!Now I need you to cry out for your pack and I'll try the same after you ok?But make this quick because if Night Wolf hears us we're in trouble!

Setia: Ok but i will call my sista. CONIANA CONIANA.

Wolf:SHHH!!!!Quiet it down a little!!!*bushes start to shake*

Setia: Ok sorry. * cry coniana quietly *

Wolf:*looks around*What was that?!*turns around to see a little wolf pup standing in the shadows*Setia?Is this your little sista?

Setia: * does not ansew is already over there sniffing making sure and loving the little wolf*

Wolf:Well is it her or not?

Setia: Yes it is her it is my little sista conia.

Wolf:Well at least we found her.Let's get going and find the others but first get as much information out of her as you can!While your doing that i am gonna watch out for Night Wolf.

Setia: We might have a problem from what she say's.

Wolf:Oh ya?Why's that?

Setia: Well acualy me and her have a problem but anyway i just found out that i was pronuced dead to the pack and that for some reason she was outcasted bcause they hated my mom and dad who where in fact the main leaders are are are dead.

Wolf:*Sits and thinks to self*Well we have no choice but to find and kill Night Wolf.*Turns around and gets sucker punched and falls on ground*What the.......It's.....Night Wolf!!!!Setia, Coniana run!!!Get out of here!!!or he'll kill you!!!Go now!!!!!!!!!!!I'll hold him off till your gone and i can't smell your scent anymore!Go!

Setia: No * setia transform having conia hide * i shall help you it is time an past time for me to learn to fight another thing like me in a way.

Wolf:*looks at Setia*What in the world????????????Oh well you ain't the only one who has a secret!!!*transforms into Siraku*Are you ready to fight till ya die cause this guy isn't just a walk in the park!!!So get ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!![Go to Wolf RP 3!!!!]

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