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2009-02-27 21:06:57
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These are some of my poems, please do not copy them. I will have more to come.

I Love You Kalituke Deshwitat!

From the time that I can remember,
I would dream peacefully.
I never was at my current residence
Like how most little kids dreamed of.
I was someplace else; in a different state,
Letting him know that he was not alone.
My best friend, my love, was in my dreams.
Yes I know this may sound strange to some people,
But not to you, for you know that it is true.

Breakdown! I am crying!
And it's all because of the abuse he put me through!
Why does he insist that I am his?
I want to break free, but I can't!
Oh god, I can't breathe,
Where is my best friend?
The one person that I went to for help and comfort.
I search for him, but I can't find him.
Why did he go? I am crying again,
For I can't find him anymore.

Then it happened again, it must have been fate!
I found you again, but not in my dreams!
I never knew that I would know happiness,
Not until I met you.
You banished the darkness,
And opened up my eyes.
You stood before me with open arms,
Your kind smile bringing in the light.

I never knew that I would know this feeling.
I feel so safe when I'm around you.
Your arms are wrapped around me tightly,
Letting me know that I am yours
And that you are mine.
I am so happy to finally found you again,
As I know that you are feeling the same as me.
As each day passes,
Our love for each other grows stronger and stronger,
Bringing us closer to each other.

Nothing will bring us down,
Nothing will tear us apart,
We will stand by each other
And fight anything that will threaten our perfect lives.
We will stick with each other till the end of time.
I love you Kalituke Deshwitat,
Forever and for Eternity!



The midnight is so dreary
Why do I feel so weary?
My love for you is fading;
Why must I always be waiting
For you to remember me?
My heart is aching, crying out
For you to even realize
That I am there, praying that you were here.
Will I always be there?
Mayb, it you don't use me.
The wineglass has been brought out,
The pain is just too much.
I trying to drown out the pain
With my wrenching sobs of longing.
To be still by your side,
Hoping that you can forgive me.
Why are you still hiding,
Always running from your pain?
I can soothe it if you let me.
Please stop pushing me away!
I can't handle this bullshit anymore,
Just leave me alone and go away!
You're just too much for me to handle,
The constant knowledge
Of knowing that I am worthless,
A pathetic waste of human life to you!


Waiting for You
I'm pacing around
Cursing myself out
I don't know if my love will be found.
You could have told me what was wrong,
Instead of running from your fears.
I know it was hard,
Not being able to hear my voice.
The only contact was through messaging.
I should have seen this coming,
But I was blind with my love,
To even see the true truth.
So now I'm blaming myself
And now I'm worrying
For your saftey, please give me a sign!
And then your brother contacts me,
Telling me that it isn't my fault.
So now I have to sit and wait,
Praying that you will make it safely to me.
I'm surprised that I am handling things this smoothly,
Though I'm fighting to shed my tears.
But I must be strong,
For your sake as much as mine!
Oh god, please be safe!
I'm freaking out and I'm stressing out!
And now I'm sleeping, tossing and turning
Dreaming fitfully.
Screaming, crying, pleading and swearing in my sleep.
But something doesn't seem right...
So I jolt awake and head outside,
The wind had picked up,
Blowing my hair in my face.
Walking through the fog,
I see a figure coming towards me.
My heart leaps in delight
Upon seeing the long dark hair.
Zach follows me outside, staring at the figure as well.
I feel his hand grip my elbow, but I pull away from him,
Getting closer, trying to discern who it was.
When he spoke, his voice filled with exhaustion and with extreme love,
"I'm finally here my love." was what he said.
I begin to cry and broke out into a dead sprint,
Flinging myself into his open arms,
Embracing each other like two lovers
Who have been separated from each other for a very long time.


Heartbroken (second part to the previous poem)

Heartbroken, devastated!
I'm never trusting my heart to someone again!
You take my heart and fucking rip it to shreds!
I'm sick of this, I'm done with this,
I'm never falling in love again!
I trust you with my life,
But you just throw it all away.
I gave soul...
I will never see it again!
Damn it all to hell,
What is wrong with you?!
This isnt you!
We promised each other that we would never do this to each other.
Now I'm crying...
Confused with what is going on...
Were all those things that you said to me...
Were they all a fucking lie?!
I pray that this is just a bad dream,
I will wake from it soon...I hope...
Oh God...please catch me my love,
I know that this is all a lie.
Just come back to me
And be happy again; safe within my arms.
I don't want to hurt anymore...
Please don't make me cry any longer.
I don't want to permentally be heartbroken.
I need your answer...
I love you...but do you love me back?

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