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Work Experience Quotes

Courtesy of Emma and Caffy

*Talking about checking veg before buying it*
Shaw Well, I'm sorry, but if I'm paying for it I'm gonna inspect it first to make sure it's okay.
Frenchy That's what I said to the prostitute.

Shaw *talking to Mr. Brown* Stop looking at her legs you sex pest!!

Thomas Are you feeling my vinyl roof?

Thomas *talking about the pasta from the cafeteria* I can't believe how bad that was. *looks at pasta box* Look, it's got a website. No, wait, it's Pasta King.

*talking about Miss. Duffy after she'd had a go earlier*
Cafs Did she say out?
Emma Nar, I only just saw her when I walked by.
Cafs I saw her when I walked in from Science. I saw the peroxide.

Mrs. Steel Thanks for that Catharine, it was very eloquent.
Cafs Eloquent - I like that, that can go on my list of things I am.

Mrs. Steel Mr. Turnball's form group
Cafs Oooh, he can be my form tutor.

*talking about Mrs Sword letting Frenchy cut her fringe*
Cafs You're not letting her cut your hair are you?
Mrs. Sword No, me bush

Emma Frenchy just got a text. Cos her phone made a funny noise, buzzed, and flashed. Kinda like Frenchy herself. Funny noises...buzzing... flashing...
Cafs Yes Emma


Chair Sex lol

Quotage by THE Caffy xD

Buddy! Whoop! xD

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