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This room is often frequented by the students on their days off or in-between classes. It is a comfortable room with a wall full of windows and several couches that are constantly rearranged by the students. There are a few desks and tables next to the corner with the bookshelf, though the idea of anyone doing homework in here is laughable. There is one television, the remote to which is usually lost somewhere between couch cushions. There are also desktop computers available for use by the desks.

X-Men Time

Monday, May 25th

X-Men Center 3rd

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2012-09-07 [ZeoOfFire]: Hey, it worked to stretch an otherwise pretty boring post.

2013-01-19 [Evolution X]: pause for halo or post?

2013-01-24 [Ms. Steel]: I'm going to hold on posting Halo for the moment, since she's just being all weird and non-social in the corner, unless someone directly addresses her er somethin'.

2013-01-26 [Figgy]: There.... there there there

2013-01-26 [Figgy]: Are Anthony's lips chapped yet?

2013-01-26 [Evolution X]: Not yet. ._.

2013-01-26 [Figgy]: Get him some Chapstick!

2013-02-02 [The Past]: Shit, sorry for the hold up guys, didn't realise it was my turn :>

2013-02-05 [Evolution X]: .... soooooo... who's next?

2013-02-05 [Flisky]: Tim.

2013-02-05 [The Past]: Sorry, keep forgetting about this guy XD

2013-02-05 [Flisky]: Poor Tim.

2013-02-05 [The Past]: Hey, he's small enough to forget about XD

2013-02-05 [Flisky]: *pats self down* Now where did I leave my Tim...oh, right, he's in the lounge. XP

2013-02-09 [Figgy]: Tim? :>

2013-02-10 [The Past]: Sorry, been out for the count thanks to work. On it.

2013-02-13 [Evolution X]: sorry, didn't realise it was my turn

2013-02-13 [Figgy]: TIIIM YEAHHHH!

2013-02-13 [The Past]: Godamnit! I swear I just looked here earlier I swore it wasn't my turn XD

2013-02-16 [Evolution X]: TIMOTHY!

2013-02-16 [The Past]: I know I know. Gah, totally running out of stuff to think to type :/

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