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Inside the mission control room is a large, holographic screen that displays various options of missions which the X-Men can undertake, up to five missions per day, updated regularly by Danger. Beneath each mission is the proposed list of three mutants within the mansion who are to be sent out on the mission.

X-Men Time

Monday, May 25th

Mission Rules

1. Missions will change daily.

2. Players are to sign up the character of their choice beneath the particular mission which they choose in on of the three empty spaces given.

3. At no point is any player allowed to have more than one of their characters on missions unless otherwise specified by GMs.

4. Missions are chosen on a first-come first-serve basis.

5. Choose your mission by leaving a comment on this page.

X-Men The Capture
Reports have come in from a colleague who has scouted out another mutant - this one, however, seems like big trouble. He is asking for help from the Xavier network in order to help capture the mutant and bring him back to a safe zone where his powers can be harnessed.
Springfield, Missouri
1. Light Blackburn
2. Sarah Criss
3. Victoria Adelaide Deveau

X-Men Mission Control

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2014-10-04 [The Past]: I don't mind, missions seem to get my RP muse talking more than every day interactions. BUT use her as a back up if needed, I don't mind either way :)

2014-10-04 [Figgy]: Ill think about it. :) Light is bored out of her mind with the people at the pool, so she'll probably be all for the chance to zap a dude. XD

2014-10-05 [Figgy]: Okay, I'll take a team vote, since I'm pretty torn. Who wants:


2014-10-05 [ancienteye]: Imma vote Light and Sasaiya. :3

2014-10-05 [CuteCommander]: Light or Sasaiya

2014-10-05 [Flisky]: Tory likes Light, so I'll go for that.

2014-10-05 [The Black Goat]: so how's tory going to help control Caliban exactly? XD

2014-10-06 [Figgy]: Fiiiiiiine >_>

2014-10-06 [Flisky]: Tory isn't there for controlling him. :/

2014-10-06 [The Black Goat]: so.... how is she helping? Is she running it? Because if she is then there are a lot of chefs in the kitchen XD

2014-10-06 [Flisky]: She is a trained and licensed psychologist. She isn't there to fight. Already two fighters in the group.

2014-10-06 [The Black Goat]: Oh this will be a riot XD

Tory trying to talk down the hulk lmao

2014-10-06 [Flisky]: Yes...hilarious.

2014-10-06 [The Black Goat]: So is Tory just not good at practicing what she preaches? Like the dentist has bad teeth and the cobblers kids have no shoes? XD

2014-10-10 [Figgy]: Hey, CC, if you want, you can set up the page. Or you can PM me the details and I'll set it up.

Bout to call the bitches.

2014-10-10 [CuteCommander]: H'okay, I'll get on that today :)

2014-10-10 [CuteCommander]: Ready!

2014-10-13 [Figgy]: Sorry, guys, couldn't post this weekend.

I'm ready to start, are you guys?

2014-10-14 [CuteCommander]: Yup!

2014-10-14 [Lirerial]: Ready!

2014-10-14 [Flisky]: Okays. ^_^

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