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This mysterious base is a minor enclave of the group that has been kidnapping mutants from Xavier's mansion. The place has a strange reminiscence of the Complex under Xavier's mansion itself, clean stainless steel walls and floors, white halogen lamps seamlessly built into corners and high tech sliding doors. There is, however, a certain spartan simplicity to the base, as if some cost-cutting measures were applied by a military mind. The first room of the base seems to be some kind of a waiting room; some cheap plastic and metal chairs are lined up on one side of the long room, gathering dust as if they had never been used since construction. Opposite to them is a water cooler with some plastic cups resting atop it, and above that, a standard, black, round wall clock of 1950s simplicity, forever stuck at the time its batteries ran out. On the wall opposite to the entrance there are two sliding doors. One seems to lead to a corridor with some decommissioned metal detectors and other security equipment, the other to a square room with large, reinforced glass windows, one looking out to the waiting room, the other, to the corridor. When the base was fully operational, this was probably a control point for anyone or anything entering and exiting.

X-Men Time

Monday, May 25th

X-Men Abandoned Underpass

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2012-08-19 [Lepellier]: -Shakes head in shame- Wow, I'm special... Post coming up.

2012-08-20 [Flisky]: I'll post as soon as I get home.

2012-08-20 [Duredhel]: Don't think you'll be needing any GM posts till you try to leave the facility itself, guys.

2012-08-20 [Figgy]: *waits*

2012-08-20 [Lepellier]: (Well, I might want a quick one for Nathan, trying to figure out what the gas is.)

2012-08-20 [Duredhel]: thar :>

2012-08-20 [Lepellier]: Thanks Dur! :P

2012-08-21 [Figgy]: The Past poke? :>

2012-08-21 [The Past]: Yep yep, I'm on it. I just had a lack of RP brain earlier in the day :B sorting out tonight.

2012-08-21 [Figgy]: Whee :3

2012-08-21 [Figgy]: Flisk poke? *eager XD*

2012-08-21 [Flisky]: Can I give the GM permission to drag my characters along for the time being? I'm really sick right now, complete with a pounding migraine, but I don't feel like holding up the rest of everyone.

2012-08-21 [Figgy]: Sure, we can do that. :3

2012-11-30 [Ms. Steel]: hmmm, velly intellesting.

2012-11-30 [Figgy]: how mysteeeewious >_>

2012-11-30 [Flisky]: Hmmm...interesting...and my ideas are certainly coming to a nice sort of plotline if this is what I think. XD

2012-11-30 [Figgy]: <_<

2012-11-30 [Flisky]: Yeah, I try to figure out your plotlines before you play them out. I've been on a roll lately. :)

2012-11-30 [Figgy]: Ahaha, we'll see if you've got it. Don't tell anyone though ;3

2012-11-30 [Flisky]: Cross my heart. I usually don't, anyway. Too nervous that I get it wrong. But in this case, I don't think so. :) (One advantage of being a constant plot monkey for my joint story with my bestie.)

2012-11-30 [Figgy]: We'll see, then XD

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