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User Name: [Duredhel]

Character name: Shade/Anton Black (Not his REAL name though)

Mutant Name: Shade

Classification: X-Men

Abilities/powers: He can basically manipulate Shadows as if they were tangible objects, particularly a black, tar-like substance. He can draw objects out of them which have the same characteristics as their real counterparts, but are rather brittle. He can teleport by walking into a Shadow and out of another Shadow within sight (he can teleport to places he cannot see, but only up to 10 feet away). He can also see in the dark and has a minimal degree of empathic telepathy. Shade's shadow objects and most of his powers, however, are rendered useless by bright lights.

Gender: Male

Age: 22, December 28th.

General appearance: He's tall and slender, some might even say lanky. He has messy jet black hair which curls slightly around his face and grey eyes. Because of his dislike of bright lights, his skin is very pale.

Additional appearance: When using his powers at their fullest, Shade's eyes will go totally black.

Personality: Shade is a selfish sociopath, having lived all his life looking out for himself, he's an expert at deductive logic, using it to poke into people's personalities and experiences and find out their weaknesses, trauma, etc, maybe as a twisted way of having fun, or to obtain leverage on them. He does not really believe in good and evil, he's simply utilitarian, he can change his mind or position depending on what's going on around him and he's completely capable of "good" or "noble" acts if they're convenient. Likewise, he does not do "evil" things just because, but mostly because things seem more fun that way. He's also very unlikely, almost incapable, to trust others, as he believes people to be just as selfish as he is. According to Shade, they just mask it in social convention or put up a front because they want to be loved or accepted. He has a hard time believing in selflessness in any form, knowing people always lie to cover their asses. Shade has been known to have dissociative personality disorder, it is still unclear whether Shade or his other personality, Anton Black, is the original, and it remains to see if other alters are still locked deep down in his subconscious.

Special Skills: His voice usually sounds whisper or hiss-like, depending on his mood. Maybe because of his power, it seems to have an unsettling effect on people.

Place of birth: Unknown

Weapon(s) of choice: He's fond of using his powers to fight, more so than any other weapon.

Medical information: Shade is slightly photophobic and bright light usually hurts his eyes. He can tolerate it but would rather be indoors in sunny days.

Brief History: Not much is known about Shade, even by himself, he was initially a thug living out in the street with a gang of similarly ill inclined mutants, notably Daniela Morgan's brother, Lance (also known as Sword). Shade and his gang, however, overstepped their boundaries, killing and looting at will, confident in their own powers, and a powerful mob boss decided to make an example of him. Barely surviving the fight, Shade ran away, battered, and another personality manifested, called Anton Black. Black sought refuge in Xavier's mansion, where Kaider Gethalan noticed a mental block which was suppressing most of Anton's power. The psychic unblocked it, unwittingly awakening Shade again, since then, Shade and Black lived in a fragile balance, aware of each other. When several students were kidnapped, Black was amongst them, Shade took advantage of the panic to completely take over. As soon as he was in control, Shade shadow-ported randomly, escaping his captors without getting any information in turn. Now, Shade has figured the safest place to keep out of reach from whoever kidnapped the other students would be near Xavier. He's come back to the mansion knowing that, if anything, the others will provide appropriate fodder. However, since he realized Anton Black's existence, Shade himself has begun to wonder if he's the original personality, or just another alter, given the fact he does not remember anything of his life prior to the age ot 10.

Relatives: None known

How long your character has been in the mansion: A while, but as a different personality

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