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X-Men Time


Day: Monday

Date: 25th
Month: May


9:00 PM


Dark, with clear skies, and rather warm and humid, especially so for the season. A few tiny clouds are drifting slowly across the sky, but no signs of rain. It's Memorial Day!

Temperature: 80(°F), 27(°C)

Cloud Coverage: Clear skies.

Wind: Little to no wind.

Last in-game date - December 23rd

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2012-08-07 [Lepellier]: Well, this changes things. Also, may want to update the Start page.

2012-09-05 [Figgy]: Okay! Day change is done, you may begin posting anywhere in the RP :)

2012-10-14 [Figgy]: Fancy shmancy.

2012-11-08 [XxTsomexX]: Super duper fancy shmancy.

2015-02-01 [Figgy]: Doing away with the clock cause it's annoying >_>

2015-02-01 [ancienteye]: XD

2015-02-14 [~Valkyrie~]: *points* It says morning and then 9pm. :p

2015-02-14 [The Past]: Yes, 9pm in the morning, of course.

2015-02-15 [Figgy]: OF COURSE

2015-02-15 [Figgy]: Like that Panic! at the Disco song.

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