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Why is it when everything seems to be going great and then you hit the big old wall? Well it has happen to everyone and everything. But what if it was caused by something? Well the pelage was caused by the endless dragon war and the opening of unstable portals to Abaddon. This really sucked for the mortal people. But in all and all, everything worked out ok. Till now, when dragons face there biggest problem ever! The Demon Lord has gotten a hold of such an old power tool that the Wyvern used could now be there down fall as well as the Worlds if they don’t get it back. And since none of the creatures have a clue as to how. They are now coming together for a bigger cause. But with the head strong animals really put their differences aside, to deal with this threat and will the IGG help? Why won’t anyone just show the love? It’s not uncommon for dragons to eat people!  How is it that when everything is going right that damn wall just jumps up and stands in your way? How so you deal with it, What choices would you make, and how would you do it? The wyverns and true born leaders who would do anything to protect their steps as well as their mates. But what if a guardian would have to step up and deal? They are more of Rush into it head first and hope for the best, witty and clever. But demon lord is heartless and curl, and has no need for a human. Desire to control all even dragons just to get what it wants. So how can this be over comed? A wyvern? Their mate? Or a guardian? All these choice, you better hope you can handle the otherworld and it demands on its people, as well as take care a few hundred Imps and crazed cross dressing demons, and did I forget out the dragon’s blood?
It’s hard to believe that as a caretaker of the records of life, I have to watch this all unfold, but hey that’s my job right? Well seems all four dragon spets are gathering together to discuss the problem at hand, and even a few guardians were invited to help too! Seems everyone is tense and no one wants to know what might be in store for them, other than this bad weather! And why do Wyverns refuse to find their mates? I do not ever understand these creatures they are told, when given the chance to mate, mate!... they don’t pop up just anywhere… and what about those crazy ass guardians! They use to be so, well thought out, but lately just a mess. I Mean I feel bad for them, I hate to say it but You Slay Me! Ha-ha see I made a funny… no you don’t get it, ok never mind. Back to the wonderful life and times of people who have no clue as to what they’re doing! Your host for this evening is… ME! The wonderful keeper of records of the mortal world…. ABEDNEGO!

And now I will walk you through a few steps to understand that of dragons and guardians! If you surely wished to be a dragon this soap opera, please look at the page once a dragon always a dragon! Or if you want to join the most famous guardians guild!, please take a look at the IGG for more info on guardians so it can help build your character as well as the dragon. Now here’s the thing for the wyverns, its first come, and there only three of them, you must ask and send me your wryer request. If it fits the spet to a T, then I’ll added it, I may ask you change a few things. A wryer of course most you know is half dragon half human. Mating is another thing, wyverns can only mate with those that destiny has chosen to be mates, for that to happen most wyverns will try to share their fire with that someone, but if not careful and the person not a chosen mate, they could die from that flame. Another way they find their mates if looking is by the famous wine called dragons’ blood, favored by a dragon kin. Those only of dragon blood may drink it or if a wyvern mate. Hey the stuff can kill ya too.

Guardians are a little less compatited then dragons and wyverns. To become a guardian you must first chose your title and ECT.. There will also be your demon partner that always takes the form of an animal. They are you dark center parts that help you threw your training and such. But still as demons they can tell you oh so much. Now it isn’t uncommon for a guardian to become demon after be tempted and such you know the story. It’s just that you must send your guardian to me for some proofing and its well on your way. So you think you can make the right choice, and overcome this wall or is it just too big for you to climb?

Once a Dragon Always a Dragon<= infoe to read before making a character!
IGG <= infoe to read before making a character
Dragons and bears oh my<= character page!
In Search of the Phylactery

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2008-09-15 [Piplup]: oh, nope I haven't

2008-09-27 [Draymond]: Alright, when can we start???

2008-09-27 [Piplup]: ....When I wake up? jk

2008-09-27 [shadow_walker]: lol

2008-09-27 [Piplup]: In Search of the Phylactery go there!

2009-06-25 [Amanda Bastian]: hm... this is the other wiki I forgot about. Gah! i'm so pathetic!! >< And i'm sorry. do you remember what i was supposed to be doing here?

2009-06-25 [Piplup]: it kinda died

2009-06-25 [Amanda Bastian]: another dead one!! This so soo not cool! Is there any way I can help here, too?

2009-06-26 [Piplup]: right now...not really

2009-06-26 [Amanda Bastian]: I'm very sorry, piplup T.T

2009-06-27 [Piplup]: its ok

2009-06-29 [Draymond]: I think we can get it running again. Are you in contact with the other RPers much???:

2009-06-29 [Piplup]: one or two; but most aren't around anymore

2009-06-29 [Draymond]: *frowns* Hmm...let me read up on the last few posts.

2009-06-29 [Piplup]: *smiles* ok

2009-06-29 [Amanda Bastian]: Yay, Draygun!!! O.O you can always count on him! lol

2009-06-29 [Piplup]: this is ture

2009-06-29 [Amanda Bastian]: ^^

2009-07-02 [Draymond]: I think we should continue on with the mission anyways. Just don't write people out, have their charies come along and if they join they won't have to fight to get back in.

2009-07-03 [Piplup]: hmm that could work

2009-07-04 [Amanda Bastian]: yep yep ^^

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