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become a member of Bob's here

1.[Sagacious Turkey] da manager!
2.[spitfire_35121]da assistant mannager!! Har,Har
3.[Sir Soapy] bathroom janitor!!! HAR HAR HAR!!! P.S. stay out of the bathroom if you care for your health...
4.[radagast the brown] as soon as he gets unbanned he shall work for me!!! mwa ha ha ha!
5.[sara(:] le blah...
6.[Rolo] strange diner..
6 1/2.[punk princess][da hot n'sexy Waitress]
7.[PixieStickChick] I don't think I'll ever eat here, or will I? *Dr. Evil expression*
8.[dark starlight] I'll work here as long as I don't have to eat the food. lol. :P really....
9.[Left_Side#11] I'll take a half a cracker with a side of artichoke pie
10.[punkin22] [not too bright...]
11.[star_warrior20] give me chicken
12.[Melody "Yami" Anizamu] *twitch twitch* Would you like fries with that, CUASE I WANYT FRIES WITH THAT!!!!TE HEEHEEHEEE*twitch twitch* COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE!!!
13.[there's a bluebird in my heart] Woot I am an item on the menu. OOh!! "Horizon...she's what's for dinner!" LMAO they fell into the pit of knifes. o.O
15.[jraye] umm... i'm joining cause i got a message telling me to join. so here i am.
16.[Radagast] Me too and this is a cool randomly strange page and that deserves respect maan!
17.[electric butterflys] I'm here to join up to, what you want me to do!!
18.[Kanza] Hey!! *jumps up + down excitedly* i'm first ohh, likin' the menu..can we have sushi??
19.[blackenedrose*] Hi all! ohmygosh! [Kanza] i missed ya! yeah sushi plez!
20. [_Ni_] hummm.... food is good!!!
21.[Milk and cookies]NUMMYYYYYYY!!!!!!!
22.[Socially Disturbed]I'm about to eat right now!!!!
23.[Evil-Genious] [another one of these "bright" members...]
24.[Mystii] ummm...
25.[Beautiful darkness] [one of the "brightest" members here!]
26.[nayadrucae] [*sigh* another "bright" un'...]
27.[Deadly_DNA_Girl] [yay, finally a dumb one :D]
28.[I dribble on people] I ORDER A PLATE OF FIREWORKS!!!!
29.[ponylover] i love eating shit
30.[Bringer of Nightmares]
32. [Retired Pirate Captain] just gimme...fried chicken!
33. [juggalo jigless] Hi i'd like the double blunt burger with a side of roaches and a medium Bong Water please! thank you
36.[Acidic Khemica]...
39.[Kristin Danielle] hehehe yeah this diner is craziness lol
41.[Mortified Penguin]darn.....i forgot my password...
42.[kitteleentje] a client of Bob's diner, waiting to be served.
43. [Lethan]still hungry, mmmm big toe. i think i had one of those for dinner, but what the hey, i'll have another.
45.[arabellarose].....*scratches head and thinks for a moment*
46.[Archeress of Mirkwood] *Looks for work application* ...Excuse me...?
47.[Alias.] just trying to find work.
48.[the_short_one] Thas right lalalala
49.[shadow_of_life] A ghost, tied with astral sausages, trying to warn the customers 'No, please don't, it may look dead, but it hides an axe under the plate, no, please, if you value your life, DARN THIS DINNER KILLED ME(IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE), DON'T!...Waiter!Another customer down, how do we get the check if the dinner ate his money?'
50.[Queen] My dick, any offers?
51.[~Crimson Angel~]does anyone like rocky road ice cream?
52. [dreamer_of_you]
53. [Phil Crooked]
54.[steph hates wow.] uhh im just gonna join anyway...
55. [Piercedskull]
58.[Mutha Fxckin GOC]
59.[ikkle sid]
60.[~/xCurley x Jeffersonx\~] o so much choice, so little appetite
61.[WillowWeaver] *waves* hi @_@
62.[White Wolf guardian of snow and ice] i'm the diner's drunk and fighter....heheh what can i say -takes a long drink and hicups-
63.[jamesipoo]-Hi I am the master!!!!!!!!!!
64.[This Profile No Longer Exists!] I SHALL STICK A SPORK IN U!!! MUHAHAHAHAhaha!
65.[The username is used]
66:[bullet with your name]YAY! i passed the quiz
67. [Hello Sunshine] Nummy in my tummy...o.o
68.[Uncle Kracker's Wife]
70.[evil penguin] wooo food!
71.[wilde-beast] im the one in the corner with all the plastic toys around day my pets...
73.[Suicidal_Dreams]im soo hungry
74.[??? (?????????)] ooo, food.
75.[aphrodizzeeack] I keep getting brought back to this place... WHY... WHY I ASK YOU? It must be a sign!
76. [Elinore] quality living calls for quality, this is The Ivy right?
77.[Meta Ridley]food.............yum
78.[Bleeding of my scarz]
79. [The Slave Queen]
80.[werewolf grrrrl]
83.[kamikame] can i order yo mama with a side of fries and a large soda...ha ha ha i thought that one was funny
85.[Delilah] [Sagacious Turkey] is completely insane but still I find him completely fascinating.
86.[DaxFan101] [savage and beast] is an awsome guy!! oh and [Sagacious Turkey] rocks!! lol
87.[~*~Tinkerbell~*~] Lap dance anyone?
88. [Shade Wolf]
89.[Fallen Child Athena] love me
90.[Kooh Estion Mark]
91. [Z!] I'm hungry, Are you hungry?
92. [shir t.] Where's Bob??
93.[Living on a lie] so im here and now im hungry
94.[Aiah] Finally a place to eat in town..Thought I never find one before I starved to death..Let`s see the meny..!!!
What? NOOOO! I´m not the dinner..! I want something to eat!!
Is everybody a bit crazy here...? Finally some suitable company..! Wow!
 While yer joinin' this, ya might as well join this un too... mr. influence...
 Then you might as well take my poll and give me a nickel... <poll:21571> ^_^
95. kramer: Newb for sale...Newbie for sale.
96. [Mel3_2011]
100. [Blvd. of broken dreams]

YEA!!!!!! I"M THE 100th MEMBER!!!!!!! WHAT'D I WIN????????

...our most expensive cuisine... on the house! ...*throws half a cracker on the roof*... there you go!
103. [Pillowthief] Who erased me? I know I was way before 100. Grrrr.
105. [Fearathress] Dam i thought i put my name up a long time ago. lol It shows how stupid i am!!
106. [MoRoxy] o.o
107. [VCNightGoddess]... reminds me of the place my ma works at..... *buhhh*
108. [-dot-] I dunno, wanted to join?
109. [~username~] I love Bob's BLT's!
110. [deus-misereatur] *looks around, frightened*
111. [A sweet 'lil egg named Bob] This place was named after me - 'cos I'm that sexy =p
1452543658409394743837838398. (new number) I have no number [Eloura] Gotta love bob's diner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
112. [*Sakura-chan*] Love it!!
113. [Natuka] Uve gotta love it!!!!
114. [Ukia] A large purple dragon in a diner . . . What to snarf first? . . .
115. [Duke Devlin] I got served ;)
116. [Lite] Someone has to get all this food from somewhere... That's when I come in. I hunt, you cook, they get served. But hey... I've been wondering...


117. [Imperator] I must recommend the your tender, succulent, Hissing Land Squid. *hissssssss* *tentacle sloshes at you* Aaaaaaaaargh! My child's face! Escape to the trees!
118. [Kim_Lundin] What? You expected me to say something funny here?
119.[Mrs. No_One]
120.[orchidflame]this seems like a sufficiently crazy place to join, i think ill like it here
121. [Paul Doyle] I dub myself a fake movie title: The Prodigal Son II: Electric Boogaloo
122.[whitehot] im a person that sais stuffs.....*throws flamingo*
123. [DriDri] hehehe 123...blah!!
124.[HardRockAngel] Because we need atleast one sane person ;)
125.[Kiki the Witch] I'm starving...
126.[RaydensFyre] Waiter! I will have the uhhh...fafagnooganflutternutter suprise....followed by the ummm.....peeKnuckle juice..and the rusty jackrabbit bangers..thankyou!
127. [TheSwedishBot] Wheres the Ketchup!?
128. [twitchboy] funny....this is my current weight....
129. [Jeed] Where on earth is my coffee! i ordered it yesterday!?!
130. [Prater] got served....
131. [Rice] I was served..a flamming puppy kebab with a little toasted kitten side dish.
132. [Captain Rachel Black] get out the plates 'cause I just got served!
133. [Lily~] :D I'm da sexy bartender. hee hee touch my bar and you'll be tender ;)
134. [Ninja Smurf] It is true, we are all a bit mad around here... must be all the chemicals in the food.
135. [bullet with your name]
136.[Nekko fox] I'm the mascot with the indigestion. If there was one before me, they are dead and I've eaten the body. Hence the indigestion.
137. [~*~Music Junkie~*~] Do you have any half decayed squirrel intestines? Possibly with a side of toilet bowl cleaner? Mmmmmm Mmmmm, i could really go for some of that $#!Znat!!!!
138. [Flisky] Have no idea why I'm not on this thing already..
139. [Lord Josmar] SHHH! You don't see me! Im hiding from the little green Androids!
1HAT40. [Top_Hatter] Please, go ahead of me. I'm in no hurry to eat here :/
1000. [9jlriexqk,ktpk] Yay. The thousandth. That means I get four boobs.
1001. [The Crimsonwolf of the Hidden Leaf] number 1001, whats foe lunch?!
.004 [Roma] just a traveler who got food poisoning and wound up sticking around just to puke in your toilet and your toilet only.
1239874982734982374. [Nioniel] - Came for the food (poisoning), stayed for the drama. :P
.005[{{*lil emo bby*}}]
1005. [Dainty Delusive Doll]- Cornflake pisser inner
147. [Stephen] I just wanted to fix the numbering.. :3
#Double Goose Egg. [Master Sifu] I'm a turkey I broke it.
148. [WolfDragon] I'z now a member, now where's all this food that I've been hearing about?? ;p
149. [Little Lion Man] ...still in the bathroom after the curbside kitty.
150. [NibblerLove] hmm.... I am the Kinky Chick.... I think my name kinda gives that away. <3
151. [Csitri] *meep*
152. [SoulOfSet] What ho my beauties!
153. [Jadessa] hungry bypasser twice a year
154. [Kalma] not above eating table scraps and always looking for friends! Or, is it: not above eating friends and looking for table scraps? I forgot.
155. [Froya] Just want some COFFEE.
156. [The Doll Mage] Lucky number 158. This place seems pretty empty now. I'll just nurse a cider in the corner and drown in nostalgia
157. [shinta-dono] Just moved back into town after 6 long years!
158. [Pied Crow] I gotta ask... Am I allowed to join? (i'm so funny!)

Bob's Diner



by [Sagacious Turkey]

-Get it now! Before it gets you...-
-You got served! At Bob's Diner that is!-
-Hungry? Eat at Bob's Diner!-



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2012-11-29 [Kbird]: Yes!!!o.O I just relized my brother is a mamber on here.o.O

2012-11-29 [Nekko fox]: We have mambers everywhere.

2012-12-02 [Kbird]: lol I geuss so.^-^

2012-12-09 [Dainty Delusive Doll]: We should start sending them mam-o-grams

2012-12-18 [Nezeb]: I feel so terrible for laughing at that.

2012-12-18 [Nekko fox]: You should feel terrible, regardless, but laughter is the best medicine. Unless you have cancer. Or bullet wounds.

2012-12-19 [Mortified Penguin]: I had a bullet wound once and couldn't stop laughing. Blood kept gushing out and they eventually had to amputate the leg... but then I woke up and realized it was all just a nightmare caused by the bullet wound in my head that wouldn't stop bleeding because of all my laughter at the dream I was yet to have.

2012-12-19 [Nekko fox]: <img:stuff/aj/45072/1355893845.jpg>

2014-01-27 [kians mummy]: HA HA only just seen this?

2014-01-28 [Dainty Delusive Doll]: I think I'd need several brandies before I attempted something like that. Icky

2014-01-28 [kians mummy]: lol

2014-03-25 [Nekko fox]: Your mother likes brandy.

2014-10-13 [Kalma]: That image is making me hungry : d

2014-10-13 [Kalma]: And thirsty!

2014-12-28 [Armchair]: Scotch, lots of it, and whiskey for the paytient

2014-12-29 [Kalma]: My, oh my, I'd like a Bulleit - Rye!

2015-09-03 [The Doll Mage]: Hello? There's no one left here so I thought I'd try to join here? I've had a place in Elftown for awhile but I am just now moving back, hopefully for a bit if I meet people. Like I said, though, you seem to be the only ones left.

2017-02-01 [I FORGET]: A skillet full of fried assholes goes well with a glass of wine! He he fuck you

2017-02-01 [Mortified Penguin]: Go post on Bob's Diner! What don't you people understand about the comment based economy?! FRISCAL!!

2017-02-02 [Paul Doyle]: CRISCAL, derived from Crisco, derived from you-really-don't-want-to-know-what.

2017-12-13 [Pied Crow]: The page is getting too big! It wants the penguin to make another wiki and split this into two! ... What's that? They're all like that? ...

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