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2006-08-29 22:26:04
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Yours and Mine: Banners


If anyone wants to post a banner for this wiki please feel free!

To place a banner in your house:
  1. copy and paste the code (but remember to take out the stars)
  2. If you want to make the picture smaller on your House/Wiki but don't know how, Read the instructions at image

1. <img:stuff/YAMETPU-banner.jpg?x=300&y=200>
Banner by [Pink_Pixie]

2. <img:stuff/YAMETPUbanner.jpg>
Banner by [Linderel]

3. <img:img/drawing/87698_1149008915.jpg>
Banner by [Pink_Pixie]

4. <img:>
Banner by [Insanelife]

5. <img:img/drawing/87698_1156887842.jpg?x=300&y=100>
Banner by [Pink_Pixie]

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Yours and Mine:Members
My Poetry:Pink_Pixie
Yours and Mine:Member Poetry

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2006-05-30 [Pink_Pixie]: thanks again for helping!!

2006-05-30 [Linderel]: No problem. :)

2006-05-30 [Pink_Pixie]: you made it look so easy. I don't know why it won't work on mine..Hmm..I probably goofed something..o well

2006-05-30 [Linderel]: If you have the image uploaded in your house, you just copy the image location and put it inside the <img:> tag, like how that code beneath the pictures shows. If it's not on Elftown, you need the entire address, but if it IS on ET, then you don't need the http://elftown.... part.

2006-05-30 [Pink_Pixie]: oh that makes sense.. alright I think I got it now

2006-07-11 [Pink_Pixie]: I luv the new banner!! Its awesome!! Thanks for posting it!!

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