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(this page started on 2/01/05)

Owner: [Windwalker] again for a bit anyways lol
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Do you need help with homework, life or just the general insanity that this world brings to everyone's life? Then feel free to Adopt a Parent.

If you are 20 years of age or older who wish to help those younger who are struggling to understand things or need someone older to talk to, there is a need for people for the Adopt a Parent family.


Our Family.... take a peek. If you think you willing to lend a hand, let us know.
Adopt a Parent Staff


Need help with school work? Come on in..
A.P. Study Hall


Show others where you fit into this growing family...
A.P. Badges


Sister wiki(s):
1. Huggers United - if you ever need a hug or just a friendly enviroment to hang out and relax in (run by [Penfalathion] and [crowfeather])


Warning: If it is found that you are not being conciterate to others that come here, the owner or co-owner(s) will delete any and all comments that you have posted. Repeat offenders will be reported to the guards.

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2007-04-06 [Angel In Red]: oh shit..

2007-04-06 [Eloura]: What???

2007-04-06 [Angel In Red]: erm nothing.. just.. nothing.

2007-04-06 [Eloura]: *raises eyebrow and just shrugs and say's* If you say so..

2007-04-06 [Angel In Red]: *nods quickly* totally

2007-04-06 [Eloura]: Yup... *stands winceingly and gets something to drink*

2007-04-06 [Angel In Red]: you okies eloura?

2007-04-06 [Asalli_Angel]: ppl get freaked out by hugs.
*makes mental note.*

2007-04-06 [Angel In Red]: no Red gets freaked out by human contact

2007-04-06 [Eloura]: I am somewhat ok, just really banged meh knee up.. Tis all! *adds a small cheerful note* Now i don't get freacked out so much by hugs, it kinda depends though on the day.

2007-04-06 [Angel In Red]: lol

2007-04-06 [Eloura]: *curls back up in her chair*

2007-04-06 [Asalli_Angel]: will rem not to touch you red

2007-04-06 [Eloura]: *watches them talk, and stay quiet*

2007-04-06 [Asalli_Angel]: ^^

2007-04-07 [Eloura]: :::^_^:::

2007-04-07 [Angel In Red]: uh huh

2007-04-07 [Asalli_Angel]: *hugs eloura*

2007-04-07 [Eloura]: *hugs back*

2007-04-11 [Asalli_Angel]: *ish hugged* yay!

2007-04-11 [Eloura]: CHi!

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