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Dear Kymberlye,
I love you. You make me look forward to my future.
You should smile, because life will be getting better soon.
Someday I will be there to save you from all the wrong you've faced.
You + me = friends and family; forever.
If I saw you now I'd throw you in my trunk, and head for Mexico. :)
I want to save you.
I would not just give a bullet, but take one for you.
If I could sing you any song, it would be Soco Aramaretto Lime - Brand New.
We could tell each other anything and everything :) under the stars.
Love always;
your mother;
your best friend;
You're everything;
your savior;

Cailie is my sunshine;
my light when it's dark;
my smile
when I'm sad;
My heartbeat when
I've stopped breathing;

Cailie puts the beat back in my heartbeat.
She makes me feel like I'm someone
thet means something in life.
That I can be loved no matter what
my conditions are.
Hands down this chick means the world to me.
I don't know what I'd be
these days if I handn't met her.
She tought me that letting people win
doesn't get you far.
I love her with everything I've got.

Stay strong sweetheart!

Distance may keep us apart;
But very close at heart;;

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