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Welcome To My House Make yourself at Home!

Warning House Contains Vulgar Words And Explicit Language If You Are Younger Than 15 Please Skip This House! I am not responsible for any offensive taken by this house, nor is Elftown!

My Dungeons And Dragons Role Play Character Warning: He Fights To The death And Never Gives Up, So If You Fight Him, Either Him Or You Will Die.(currently for hire)

Name: Geno Orphan Drakor Maeglin Véneanár Tribal
Status: Good
Level: 142
Race: Elven Dragon Kin (moon elf half kin)
Age: 3231
Gender: Male
Origin: Myth Drannor (there happy i told you)
Location: The Chaos Castle
Class: Shadow Ninja/Auramancer
Magic Proficency/ Pyromancy/Non-elemental-Time/Necromancy/(Learning Cryomancy)
Occupation: Third in command of a resistance faction known as The Parliment of Dragons
Alignment: Free-Willed
long swords
Tek Bow
Weapon of Choice: The Powerful gun blade known as the Ragnarok-X.
Marital Status with Mia but great friends with Risika

Character Description

Geno is an Elven Half Kin(half elf dragon) that is searching for the meaning of his life; the only things that he acres about are his family and friends. He is very shy, care free, and free spirited. He is a handsome elf; he has silver hair, metallic Green /speckled with gold eyes, and wears a light grey vest and plain pants. He has wings and a tail as well, both of them black as the night sky, mingled with red; he is very charming and speaks in a low demanding voice. In his right hand he carries his powerful blade, the Ragnarok. He was once well-known and highly respected by his fellows, until he was cursed to live among the incorperal as a Wraith, chained to this his castle forevermore, until he finds his lost love. He is a powerful Psionacist, and a talented magic user, specializing in Necromancy/Pyromancy and Non-Elemental magic. He is timid, normally non-violent, but if antagonized, he will show you Hell beyond Earth's comprehension. He keeps his Arc Tek Bow on his back at all times, ready for long range battle. He owns a Library, where a vast treasury of knowledge is stored.


Hit Points 40,000
Strength 239 +80 +D20
Defense 215+80 +D10
Magic 300 +50 +D12
Magic Defense 300 +0 +D6
Intelligence 165 +10 +D6
Wisdom 157 +20 +D10
Speed 115 +10 D6
Constitution 100% save throw D4
Charisma 90 -7 +D4
Psionaic Strength 170 +40 +D6
Psionaic Skills: Grab, Throw, Impale, Slam, Read Mind, and Control

Name Chaos Bahamut(Draconic) Chaotix Palidien
Status Good
Level 142
Race pseudodragon/red subtype (Chaos)
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Origin Parliment of Dragons
Weapons None
Alignment Lawful Good

 Character Description 

Chaos Bahamut is the spirit of a powerful pseudodragon that lives inside of Geno’s body. He was summoned into Geno with the Summoning Orb, and Geno can use the Orb to communicate and call upon Chaos Bahamut. Chaos Bahamut is known for his fantastic powers and kindness, but he loathes insubordination, and makes those that do pay very dearly. He has three forms, all of which very in size, power, and appearance. His first and most common form that resembles a miniature red dragons slightly smaller then a small dog at first glance he is a ruby red and has fine scales sharp claws and a wicked snapping tail with out a stinger attached back is semi barbed and tail is rather flexible , teen form being five feet tall, large wings, and a tail; in this form he is red with black markings on his wings and tail. His . His final and most powerful form is when he goes into thy Chaotix form; during which he is a thirty-five foot tall Grand pseudo Chaos Dragon, with Average wings and tail. Chaos Bahamut is extremely good and law abiding, but he cannot control Geno and is forced to obey him, even if he does not agree with him. Chaos Bahamut is very playful though, and acts like a child despite his age and powers.


Hit Points 55,000
Strength 305 +80 +D20
Defense 355 +80 +D6
Magic 505 +50 +D12
Magic Defense 502 +40 +D6
Intelligence 225 +20 +D10
Wisdom 250 +0 -D4
Speed 205 +20 +D6
Constitution 100% save throw D4
Charisma 126 +0
Psionaic Strength 170
Psionaic Skills: Grab, Throw, Impale, Slam, Read Mind, and Control, all on level six.

Unborn Description 
(remember i only have this ability because at first my character WAS A HARMONIXOR you fruits so stop asking)
When Geno/Bahamut goes into a unborn form it looks as if he is wearing a mehanus armor but he is not its his form he is a silver metallic color with red outlines on him makeing a form of symbolic symbol he loks like geno only just with armor and his wings are incased in a form of spiked pocket on his back like to spikes that open up useing etheral energy to create wings a little more then half his size The drawback is that when he goes into Unborn it severely taints him, and if he stays that way too long, he will die. When in Unborn all of his statistics are increased by sixty, all of his skill and magic levels go to ten, and he is immune to all status induceing magic of grade 19 or lower .

Character description/ history (some time long ago in a holy land of Eberron)

he is a Half moon elf Dragon kin that was born in the Ancient city of Myth Drannor
his parents were from a common noble family before the city was destroyed he was at peace had a decent job as a teacher of pyromancy his father was a grand emperor chaos dragon that was a exiled from the order of dragons known as the parliament of dragons soon after geno’s birth (734 years later) he was executed for hiding the birth of him his mother heart broken raised her son to be a pyromancer because of his interest in fire she also was the 9th Sage of Myth Drannor or as the people of the town call her a Seer she would have precognations of all sorts after a few years of everything happening she begins to teach geno psyonicy then the town was attacked by a huge army of demons that completely destroyed and ransacked the place leaving in what we now call the ruins of Drannor many were killed a lot of the ones that taught the great magic within those walls were slain as well his mother and him ran off to a secluded elfin village and started over not telling anyone that they were survivors of that massacre soon after they arrived here geno joined the brotherhood of shadow (a guild of thieves and assassins) 72 years after they arrived here his mother arryan was then killed by mage knights for almost no reason other then that they wanted dominicy of every plane arrived there geno being torn by his mothers death he set out to find a meaning for his exsitance and get revenge on the guld responsible for this as he traveled on his jurney he encountered the mage knight that had    ed his pisonic mother in outrage he tore him apart leaveing him in a rather distorted state it was then that he had heard of avalon he quickly took flight and sped off north east towards the mage infested land to rid the plane of its unholy inhabitants shortly after he inhabited the avaloinin
lands he came across a brigade of solders and mages they captured him shortly after his arrival and then tied him by rope and left him for death some time later a young man by the name of zeddicus zul zorander helped him out of his situation and offered a alligance to his cause and his own personal agenda thus they embarked and after they had finished making a reputation for themselves they decided to go there own ways zedd decided to go back home to his fathers kingdom in the dark geno decided to go back home and on his way back to eberron he noticed a chapel and some one near it it appeared female and as he appraoched he was suddenly intrigued by the fact that she was a half kin like him self only she was a vampire and was dying of thirst geno not being able to let helpess people die of such fate he let her feed and then he became a vampire as well they decided to induce a life long friend ship her name was risika nomerira although his new found friend was a female the fact that halfkin fallen dragons and drales are usauly a specific gender fallen dragons male drales female she was a fallen dragon like him drales don’t have wings but have more body scales males have less scales and then wings ))now that they are home geno gets captured and stolen from his friend risika and is locked in a celler and left for dead sadly.... he dies this time and the sorrow of his whole life renders him from going to the soul plane as some would call it after about 23 years he becomes a specter and so forth even after he becomes a wraith and learns the ability's to reanimate things he then seeing his new chance at life returns in his old body and makes a astoundingly noisy racket back into the elfin village and is greeted by his drale friend corset and risika. his friend corset tells him of kinyos mission orders that they are to go to some castle in this forest and seek out anything usefull but after he enters the castle that he names chaos castle he is then tricked into a false hope of power and kinyos plan for better fighters genos is implanted with a red chaos ord that enables him to talk and use as his own the ruby red psuedo dragon Chaos Bahamut then they stick raem the pheonix in him realizeing that what they did was to late that the dragon was chaotic in nature it corrupted the lawfull good creature and made it evily mad soon after his curse with myrrah pendent he breaks raems seal on risika since they put it in her after she was corrupted now he is 3217 now for the description part again he has platinum red colored hair hazel green emerald colored eyes elfvish face dragon hands for claws wings tail wing span is 5 feet tail is 6 feet has clawed toes is rather pale perferes to wear a vest veil/ robe draconic leggins tempus armor combat boots rather cute and handsom looking has a batagram on his left hand back side and for some unkown reason when he touchs roses they turn crystal blue he also has a wraith blade and is now trying to figure out why the monsters returned to his beloved castle as well along the castle kiki gets assassinated by something and so he is now clutchmates with corset the emerald green dragon /moon elf drale other then that risika is totaly free from her bonds but he is still trapped to the pendent where a'es he cannot escape where theres that so far
by the way geno and mia are expecting a child ^_^;

chaos bahamut he is a10.000 year old baby looking chaos dragon he is perverted michseveous and adoribly cute looking females adore him he loves the drama also has a thing for cinnamon and he has a things for being in the urge to often then needed he also likes to tackle lick /french any   he seees and pin them and ask whats there find out who they are and why there here or something you’ll have to see him to believe me other than that if you see us around give us a call

this character sheet is copy righted by Brian Matthew Romeri and also belongs to (
geno and chaos are protected and owned by this member of ET [Chaotix Palidien] if you wish to take anything from it get both of are permission from me and from E.Gary Gygax or Dave Arneson

Geno Orphan Tribal

this is zandor,s box character sp please treat nicely ^^

ET Name: [\/\/\Luxord's Little   \/\/\]
Name: Divarkia Micedenrie
Nickname: Div
Gender: Female
Age: looks 15
Race: angelic neko
Hair: long black
Eyes: deep blue
Other Info(wings, tails, ears, ect): large black angelic wings, dark red cat ears and tail tipped in black.
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 120 lbs
Clothing: Lavender long sleeved belly shirt(reaches to the bottom of her rib cage), black pants, green flip flops, 13 thin silver bracelets on her right wrist, skin tight black glove on her right hand, black collar with a blue bone shaped tag on it that says "Lucky" on it, and a short logh sleeved jacket with tan fur along the collar and the ends of the sleeves she wear every now and then.
Weapons: A single sword she affectionately named Falacania and oriental fans as sharp as her sword, one black with a white and orange asain koi on it (named Demikara) and the other white with a black and red asain koion it (name Marakya).
Magic: Ice
Pets: short haired cat-black with a white cresent moon on its chest-named Gaki
ThemeSong: Wasteland by 10 Years
History: Divarkia died at the age of 15 by her own mother who was drunk. Her mother had stabbed her father to    and then Divarkia--> She was disowned by the ones from above there fore Hell took her in but soon kicked her out they called her a threat and she roams about for a new home and some one to call her own.

heres a town bio for you as well on towns i have been to or lived slashed helped rule at likesynitra

The forests of silence
The town of Synitra

And the village

the village of Drannor in the forest is were the survivors of myth drannor went after the eberrionin wars and the releasement of the demonoliths destroyed the grand city the well guarded forest town is now a refuge for any one who rebels against the royal guard house for the parliament and the opposes of mage knights alike now this town or kingdom of Synitra the ruler shadowsoul or Madelyn Turner chaos bahamuts     /queen rules here this place is a peaceful and tranquil town that rebels but doesn’t fight amongst itself or any other kingdom the jade castle made out of jade and Emerald it looks forbidding and forsaken for some reason other than that the library here is not that big or archives the mess hall is where the congregate then the brotherhood of sin barricade guild is in the outskirts protecting the shadow resides in chaos's throne room other then that the marble floor that has jade etched in it it also has a illusion of a map in the center of the road and a enchanted maze that is harder then hell to try and find your way through to get here but for now its just a secluded place for all of the people that survived that massacre and the ones that want to live in a place that you don't need anything really to live here here’s your town for ya but other then that alurana came here met geno so did shadofang and a few others we’ll name them later also apart from that they did illegal experiments ordered by kinyo that introduced
C-24 that made what roams the castle as nightmares abominations of fallen knights as well then later tiamat panzaar and argosax as well as alucard to one of geno’s trainee’s  he originated from synitra and moved with the shadow along the outskirts of mezzerabaroen also you could visit the realm of chaotix or the myth drannor realm where geno came from as well as the other half kins azura knights guarded this to but they are ours so here’s your little history and bio of synitra and its inhabitants

thanks for you time ^_^



Hello Chrissy!!
(See, I put you in my Bio!)

I want a wife!!
(guess what im engaged)

I like Tear this much ^_^

I am an artist and a poet as well.

Hopefully someday someone will be my partner :P and love me for who I am and not what I look like, and they will not use me at all.

I have green eyes, am five foot nine inches.
I believe myself to be very outgoing and cheerful, although my friends disagree.

I can also be very self-centered at times, and I am pervish most of the time, look at the drawings. ^.~

I do not take anyone’s crap!!!! so do not try it!!!

I am a very energetic, hyper, playful, courageous, and skilled Assassin when it comes to the mind  @_@;.

here's a little more about me

-- Name: Brian
-- Nickname: geno orphan tribal ...Chaotix Palidien
-- Birthplace: germany
-- Current location: your basement XD
-- Eye color: metallic green
-- Hair color: platinum   
-- Righty or lefty: righty

-- Your heritage: Germany the Cannath family line main family Branch
- The shoes you wore today: flip flops
--Your weakness: to weak
-- Your fears: being forgotten
-- Your perfect pizza: ham >.>

-- Your most overused phrase: i don't care
-- Your thoughts first waking up: bed....good...ZZZZZZZZ
-- Your best physical feature: eyes =/
-- Your bedtime: when ever..
-- Your most missed memory: many things.......

-- Soda: sobe dragon cola and cocacola
-- Fast food joint: arbys and west peir
-- Single or group dates: single
-- Adidas or Nike: depends
-- Chocolate or vanilla: both
-- Cappuccino or coffee: ick ><

-- Smoke: yes
-- Cuss: sometimes
-- Sing: very good at it ^^
-- Take a shower every day: umm nope
-- Have a crush(es): two but i love certain others >>
-- Do you think you've been in love: uhh Yeah still am
-- Want to go to college: yep
-- Like high school: nope
-- Want to get married: planning XDD
-- Believe in yourself: depends
-- Get motion sickness: nope
-- Think you're attractive: hell no =/
-- Think you're a health freak: who cares
-- Get along with your parents: i only have one =/
-- Like thunderstorms: yes

In the past month...
-- Drank alcohol: yup 21 now been livin it up XDD
-- Smoked: ciggs and pot >>; 
-- Done a Drug:........ a few
-- Had sex : yup im quite the man whore XDD...
-- Made out: yup lol 
-- Gone on a date: yes
-- Gone to the mall: nope large crowd bad x.x
-- Eaten an entire box of Oreos: Do immatator cookies count?...
-- Eaten sushi: nope sounds good :D
-- Been on stage: Yeah ^_^
-- Gone skating: hell yea
-- Made homemade cookies: hehe yeah my hobbie >>
-- Gone skinny-dipping: .....
-- Dyed your hair: yes it looked sweet but it ruined my blone  :D
-- Stolen anything: yes

-- Played a game that required removal of clothing: going to bed XD thats not a game though =/ (sleeps    ....)
-- Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: yup  ether high or drunk been there o.o
-- Been caught doing something: a few times but not what ur thinking >>
-- Been called a tease: nope
-- Gotten beaten up: yep
-- Shoplifted: yea
-- Changed who you were to fit in: nope

-- Age you hope to be married: when ever i find somebody i love ....
-- Numbers and names of children: 3 Skymyrrah Cyllia tribal/ Dyemerina Aurora tribal/Mistearica alice tribal
-- Describe your dream wedding: don't have one ...
-- How do you want to die: anyway that is fast =/
-- What country would you most like to visit: londen or paris

-- Number of drugs taken illegally: i lost count XDD
-- Number of people I could trust with my life: 3
-- Number of CDs that I own: 19
-- Number of percings : want to get punched or no? i don't want them ><
-- Number of tattoes: planning on 6 more 7 in total ^_^
-- Number of times my name has appeard in the newspaper: 12
-- Number of scars on my body: 1764 in total

Please go to my Wiki Page, chaos bahamut

I Support gay marriage!! ^_^ Let everyone be free no matter what they are!


These are my Inner Dragons, I have one for every mood I am in, Good, Evil, and Neutral. ^_^;

Chaos Dragon - This is me most of the time, consider yourself warned.

In the war between good and evil, your inner Dragon self is rotten with the stench of EVIL....
When it comes to the powers of Chaos vs. those of Law and Order, your inner dragon is a risk taker and answers to no one....
As far as magical tendencies, your inner dragon has the ability to conquer the world of magic, but it will not be easy....
During combat situations, whether by spells or by claw, your inner dragon will do whatever it takes to get the job done....
Chaos dragons are the unpredictable, violent dragons of the ever-changing plane of Limbo. They are an isolated branch of the lower planar dragons, being concerned with issues that no one has been able to understand.'
Chaos dragons seem to exist just to perpetrate acts of chaos - destroying order where ever they find it. The chaos of the chaos dragons is colored by evil.'
They are more than just chaotic; they are also violent, evil, and merciless. A chaos dragon rarely shows any emotion other than a wild, maniacal glee. In appearance, chaos dragons are unremarkable. Their scales are a dull gray color, and their eyes are a similar pale color. Of all the many types of dragons, they are one of the few without a magnificent appearance.
This Dragon’s favorite element are: Mercury, Explosions, and Chaos

Crimson Dragon - This is me in a good mood.

In the war between good and evil, Crimson Dragons take the side of the noble and good.
When it comes to the powers of Chaos vs. those of Law and Order, your inner dragon walks a fine line between Law and Chaos.
As far as magical tendencies, a Crimson Dragon's nature does not lend itself well to the ways of Magic.
During combat situations, whether by spells or by claw, your inner dragon will do whatever it takes to get the job done.
Dragon Description:
Crimson dragons are closely related to red dragons. They are nearly identical in appearance to reds. Aside from the brighter red scales and some minor facial differences, the only appreciable difference is the black throat of the crimson dragon.
At greater distances, crimson dragons appear identical to red dragons. Unlike most dragons, the scales of a crimson dragon change little in color throughout their lives. They stay a bright crimson red from birth to old age.
While crimson dragons resemble red dragons in appearance, their temperament and outlook on life are quite different. While they still tend to hoard treasure, Crimson dragons take the side of good during conflicts between good and evil. A crimson dragon's worst enemy is the evil red dragon, who gives them a bad reputation. Combat between the two types are relatively common, and, assuming the combatants are of roughly the same age, these fights are usually quite evenly matched.
This Dragon’s favorite elements are: Roses, Emeralds, and Bravery

StarShield Dragon- This is me the rest of the time

In the war between good and evil, StarShield Dragons take the side of the noble and good....
When it comes to the powers of Chaos vs. those of Law and Order, your inner dragon tends to do things by the book. ...
As far as magical tendencies, a StarShield Dragon's nature does not lend itself well to the ways of Magic....
During combat situations, a true StarShield Dragon prefers to defeat opponents by the use of spells and other tactics....
The StarShield Dragon appears as the darkest midnight blue, with each of it's scales containing small reflective shards that refract and concentrate light into small star-like beams. StarShield dragons are fast graceful creatures.'
StarShield dragons often make their homes in remote areas, often in the far north or south where the weather is cold and human settlements are few and far between.'
These dragons are nocturnal, only coming out at night. They mostly keep their distance from humans, and spend their time enjoying the comforts of nature. StarShield dragons see well at night and can sometimes be seen hunting during a full moon. StarShield dragons are mysterious in nature and seem to have a direct link with the universe about them, they are known far and wide as the bringers of good fortune.
This Dragon’s favorite elements are: open spaces, opals, and wisdom



A   asked a guy if he thought she was pretty, he said no. She asked him if he would want to be with her forever and he said no. She then asked him if she were to leave would he cry, and once again he replied with a no. She had heard enough.
As she walked away, tears streaming down her face the boy grabbed her arm and said....You're not pretty, you're beautiful. I don’t want to be with you forever. I need to be with you forever; and I wouldn’t cry if you walked away...I'd die...

random stuff will be entering soon. :P


My Poems ^_^

What Love Is
love its sweet and passionate
only if its wit the rite person
that person is you!
i love u wit all ma heart
just do u love me wit all ur heart?
hopefully u love me as much,
as i love u you say the sweetest thing,
you say them meaningful.
you make me happy
inside and out, hopefully i make u feel the same
just i hope,
that our love.
will last a lifetime
if it don’t
don’t worry, I loved and i still love you and i will forever
u will always be in my heart, Love always Brian Matthew Romeri, also known as Geno Orphan Tribal

I think this is the best that I have ever made...

Loving You - Dedicated to my self ^_^
I am afraid to close my eyes.
Closing my eyes evades darkness, Darkness reflects blindness;
And then everything falls into a dream,
When All I want to see is you.
I am afraid to leave your side,
If only for a moment.
I realize that it only takes one second- to change the world,
And only one second to lose it.
I am afraid of your sweet wonder.
Loving you makes me stronger,
But your love makes me weaker.
If I ever lost anything so beautiful,
Beauty would be forever lost.
I am afraid of the future,
But I am ready to shut the doors to the past.
Through my uncertainty, I see your light. You're the warmth in my darkness,
The reality of my dreams, And the dreams within my reality.
You are the world inside my world, The rock of my confusion.
You are the path of bread on a track of a thousand trails.
I follow this feeling of warmth for you
I do not know were it takes me.
I love you for ever and always.
I cannot imagine tomorrow without your love.
Written by Brian Matthew Romeri, also known as Geno Orphan Tribal

[Chaotix Palidien] - Dedicated to my [Angelis Nightfall]
They say that in life
There are things worth fighting for
And others that you should let go.
If they come back to you
That's how you know they're yours.
But how do you know when it's time to give up
And leave the rest to Fate?
What if we realize what we can't live without
Just a little too late?
All these questions scare me
Cause I never seem to do the right thing.
But one thing I promise is
I'll fight for you if you fight for me.
Even though we may argue
Over things that mean nothing at all,
Please don't give up on me
And I promise to be there to catch every tear that may fall.
They say a rose signifies beauty
Even if it's full of thorns.
Just the way a good book never bores you
No matter how much the cover is worn.
Nothing in life is constant,
For we live in a world of change.
Sometimes I cry for no reason
And find myself dismissing the sun for the rain.
I've placed my trust in others before
And they've always let me down.
I want to give you my everything
Cause I won't let myself fail you now.

I'm trying to figure out who I am
And what I will make of my life.
On my journey I want you there
To sail with me through storm and strife.
No matter who I turn out to be
Or what in life I do,
If you promise to fight for me
I promise to fight for you.

Written by Brian Matthew Romeri, also known as Geno Orphan Tribial


I Want To Change The World Poem/Song
I want to change the world
Keep holding on to your desire
You will get our shining love
That you can reach alone
If you go on to get your goal
It's wonderland

They so worried when I spun out of control
Thinking of the future of us
Cause I know there's nothing that I really wanted to know
But then I meet you so I could feel
What you should know
I finally find a love
And now I'm weanling, feeling the right
That's the mat that it's gone
This is the way I love you

I want to change the world
Walk again never meet the way
Don't be afraid I'm with you
And we can fly away
If you can stay with me forever
Change my mind
Won't get lost if your passions true
I'm going to fly weak again
So you can spread your wings and you will fly with me away
It's wonderland

You got to assume against the time and the flow
Till the day when we'll let you go

You would see that your desire will be granted again
This is the feeling you understand
The travel life
It won't be to bad to face
And any problem you will see would not be to hard
If we can walk beside you

I want to change the world
Walk again fight against the wind
Don't be afraid to be true
Cause now you have to breathe
The power of your smile and your face
Change my mind
Keep on holding on your desire
You will get our shining love
That you can reach alone
If you go on to get your goal
It's wonderland

I want to change the world
Walk again never meet the way
don't be afraid I'm with you
And we can fly away
If you can stay with me forever
Change my mind
Won't get lost if your passions true
I'm going to fly weak again
So you can spread your wings
And you will fly with me away
It's wonderland


A   and guy were speeding over 100 mph on the road...
Girl: Slow down! I’m scared…
Guy: No this is fun.
Girl: No its not please, it’s too scary!
Guy: Then tell me you love me.
Girl: Fine, I love you! Please slow down!
Guy: Now give me a BIG hug.
*Girl hugs him*
Guy: Can you take my helmet off and put it on? It’s bugging me.
Paper the next day: Motorcycle crashed into a building because brake failure. Two people riding only one survived.

The truth: halfway down the road, the guy realized that his brakes broke; he didn’t want to let the   know. Instead, he had her say she loved him and felt her hug one last time, then had her wear his helmet so that she would live even though it meant that he would die.


Here Are All Of My Friends ^_^ and some special ones >_> <_< ^_^ Erin!! ^_^ and dassy ^_^ Muwahahahahaha!!

With whom: The relation's name:  
**Sweet Angel Of Mercy** friend for now ^^ LIcks her face all ovewr alot 
*PinkPrincess* friend 
*~Dark_Angel~* friends 
Ajiya friends ^_^ 
amybeth friend 
an angel prevails friends? 
angel_69er muhahaha friends? 
caught in the rain Relation, realation,. relation ^^; ahahahahahah XD got it ^_^ Well Brian You're a wonderful friend and If you would do me the honour *bows* I would love to be yours ^^; >> << >> ta da 
chappey friend 
Core Caim Vengance Matthias friend 
CrmsnShdws My guardian angel...*huggles* ^.^ 
daddys gurl hey friends ^_^ 
Dasner friend 
demithedragon mine!!! 
DEMONCOW this is what I see in u... a rage within, almost spilling over the edge, alive in sucha away to be known al dead... gaurdian of the underworld, lord of the night, keeper of lost souls, the one who controls the vast army of hell.................................. heh heh 
Dr House female dragon that likes my name muwahahahahaha ^^ 
Dreamer Of Twilight DND friends 
EvilCowmonkey friend 
frow person who i have helped who has very interasting artwork^^ 
God Loves Ugly hewwo ^_^ 
God's Dark Warrior hewwo friend ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
<c> [Angelis Nightfall] </c>
Hey girl im sorry i forgot to add you on here but you'll no doubt have your own speech here as always ^^; first off id liek to say youve been through so much of my shit and whineing as well as all of my other problems yous destroyed half of my insecureities enough to make me bolder and not so shy even as to shy away from my problems its because of you ive renewed my motivation to better myself and through all of this  your help you listening to me and much much else that won't be said for id be here all day but im gonna type till i become ill of typeing  what i want to say is youve shown me what it is to care all over again you have shown me that irrigarless of what is in your past forgiveness can be found atonement is always possible irrigardless of what mistakes you have and as youve said if i truly did't care i wouldint have the gult of it still to this day which proves  what you told me even more i can't quote what you told me word for word but let me just thank you in telling you this you remember what this saying means right ?  [Advin kukinku ameaya trablay] it means [ I love you forever and always till dusk dies] im telling this to you cause you showed me how to love once more and i beleive because of all youve done i can't give you much in return regretibly but i can say i love you and i still miss you ill get you up here i promise all i ask is you be pateint of me im still new to this yea we will probly have our arguments our fights but id rather work them out then run from them like i usually do i want you to be happy you deserve so much more so then you give your self credit for and im gonna tell you you deserve the world thrice over even if you don't get it just know that thanks to you i finally understand what it is to be loved and to return it and lastly my angel i hope you watch me for the rest of my life and hopefully your with me as well cause you'll always be here with me theres no way i can forget the things youve done for me people will probly give me shit for finally breaking out of my shell for some one and im glad its you now im gonna officialy ask you will you be by my side with me for as long as you'll tolerate me ? and remember ill never take this down irrigardless of what happens between us i love you my [Angelis Nightfall] Brian Matthew Romeri.

[Gsmack_rocker] hewwo friend ^_^ 
[It's An Addiction] friend's ^_^ 
[Itsme2] friend's?  
[Kouga.] Any friend of [Tkaa] 's is a friend of mine 
[LeeAnimal] hedo friendly person ^_^  
[Lionors] mommy^_^ 
[Khronos Atmosphaera] friend 
[Sticky Pistol] friend 
Luxord's Lucky Trinket] rp sister 
[Mickeygirl4u] friends? 
[Mirror Of A Broken Heart] hewwo ^_^ 
[monkey_man301] friends tim 
[The Keeper Of The Night] friends ^_^ 
[moriafaery] elfchat mommeh for rp if thats ok ^^ 
[Illona] muwahahahahahaha whats your name no jus kiddin sara funny pe 
[Nate the Great]t friend 
[never seen] friend 
[Nienna Nenharma] friend 
[pagan virgin sacrifice] sacrifice friends ^^ 
[princessbrianna] cousin irl ^_^ sup sissy (considers her a sister ^_^ 
[Ryld~Ryu] d&d pales ^_^ 
[SakuraDragon] hewwo friend who owns the most adroable kitty i ever seen ** sneaks away wit da lil harley again** ^^ jk *hands him back * ^_^; friends ? 
[Scion of Tiamat] one of the legendary dragons second of three 
[Prater] Hounds 
[Shadowsoul] best friends 
[showe] friends 
[Snowflame] friends^_^ i hope so ur cool 
[someelf] hi i like pie remember me muwahahahaha =/ sorry 
[WonderTweek] Friend person who happens to fall in slushies 
[steele] family 
[Celtore] friend 
[Taebo] D&D friends (brian) 
[tears of the mist] Friends? I did let you have my blood after [all.. :) :P ^^ *hugs* 
[The Great Cheeto
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[Draconas Lyrr] master 
[twistedman42] Brian 
[Tehrror] brother and sissy ^-^ 
[weapon master] hewwo friend 
[Wingedwolfelf] ^_^ its me 
[Wolf Of Love and lust] little secrets 
[Twilight Princess] hewwo friends ^_^ 
[Ghost the Hybrid] fuuny and friends 
[Zantia] fwend ^.^ 
[Zel Holt] Good Friends 
[Zero HellDragonFlame muwahahahahahaha idk hi 
[~Angelo~ Good Friend 
] hunni bubbuie cutie relation relation muwahahahahaha =/ ^_^ 



[Do not send me any messages like you ass and other crap like that, or I will block you right away, and I can probably guarantee that the Elftown Guards do not like it either!!

Do not send me chain messages, not only are the stupid, annoying and not real, but they are against the rules and you can become banned for sending them, and I will report you if you send them, so don’t!!!
Geeze you people *Frowns* -_-

Do not ask me what kind of porn I like, it is very disturbing and extremely rude and wrong to ask. The only thing I will say is that I like Anthros, and that is all anyone needs to know!! ^_~;

I might as well be considered Bi because the way I see it is Love can happen no matter who you are I generaly like girls but who knows I might just fall for a guy So in this way I have NO sexual preferance.
*smiles and walks off*

Alhana you are one of my great friends and were a wonderful friend ^_^ I will never ever forget you and you will always be with me in spirit, Anyway, remember her and cherish her, and for all of you people who say any crap about her I will adore you forever!! For those that knew her remember her, as I will, and Alhana, I hope you never forget me, I will never forget you!! She is back WOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!! *Grabs her and licks her face, kissing her as well* You had better stay this time or I will put a boot in your butt! XD

Here are the Wiki Pages that I am in

she is a wonderful person she is also my internet mommeh ^^ **huggles really tightly thankish mommeh for all your help ^_^

Bestest friend in the whole world (also thinks of her as a sister ^^)

See how I act in the chat and you will know why

I love Final Fantasy!! Everyone one of them Rocks!!



My Quizzes
Mary you better take this ^_^;;
Take this one too!!

Thanks for taking my quiz! (I need more people to take it!! *Hypnotizes you into taking it* Take it, or become a zombie! Lol, j/k)

My Wiki, Chaos Castle

Welcome to them! Help [Shadowsoul] fight the powerful monster inside of my castle, and restore Geno’s memory!

NOTE: I need a new main character and it has to be a female, please message me if you are intrested.

Here is a great friend of mine who has helped me through quite a bit ^^
[weapon master]


I love practically all nature and I found a place that makes the sky look awesome!!!
The sunset is awesome ^_^


Listen, We live in hell. But everyonce in a while, a flower blooms.. *holds out her hands showing a beautiful flower* A flower sent from up there. *she points to the sky* *looks back at you* when this flower blooms, it lets a spirit free, and that spirit becomes a person.. That person is here to guide you on the right path.. that person protects you.. just wait *she smiles faintly* you'll find you flower soon enough.
And some, they've found there flower, Some have still to wait, And few, very few, never believe.. They let there hopes and dreams drown. Never become one of them. It's a terrible thing to become.
When life seems to suck.. and it nearly always does, have a little bit of hope and faith, for it'll see you through Life's journeys. And as one Great Author said, "Life plays by it's own rules, And for all you know, Luck may be awaiting the next path you take."
*smiles softly* In time your flower will bloom, and In time, you'll be a stronger and wiser person. [Modnoc!] said this to me and it means alot if u even start crap ill punish you greatly thanks friend ^^ ** huggles misty**

<i>Huggles everyone and then kisses the ones he loves
cie la vie

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2009-06-10 [kittykat49783]: I wouldn't chat with you in a chat room anyway it would be to weird for me. lol but your a dork too.

2009-06-10 [Chaotix Palidien]: thankies lol

2009-06-10 [kittykat49783]: ur welcome I mean it in a good way though *smiles sweetly at you*

2009-06-12 [Chaotix Palidien]: i know lol  so what are you up to of late /?

2009-06-12 [kittykat49783]: nothing much

2010-03-31 [Angelis Nightfall]: ** pulls out a pillow & wacks Chaotix over the head.** You so need to update this page & add me to that list of people you have up there you goof! Not to mention i have been on the past few days, but you haven't been. hope you get this message soon, just message me through yahoo. You know what to do, you said you had wanted to talk to me any way. So you need to get your arss in gear now Bri! ** pokes you & waits for a reply.** Hope you know i was not trying to sound mean by this! ^__^

2010-04-01 [Chaotix Palidien]: ** shivers in his usual vase ** O_O  holy crap you scared me << >>;  okies i forgot to update this so ill do that i need to add my advancements to my charecter  as well lol  imma write lots about you ^^  ** huggles and licks face while thrumming* 

2010-04-01 [Angelis Nightfall]: Oh wow.....-__-

2010-04-01 [Chaotix Palidien]: O_O;  what  <<; to much ? @_@;;;;;

2010-04-01 [Angelis Nightfall]: ** Stares at screen after having read the post & then sits speechless.**

2010-04-01 [Chaotix Palidien]: *huggles *  you dun have to say anything  really silence is just right  ^^:

2010-04-27 [Chaotix Palidien]: you gonna stare at teh screen after finding out that poem was for you  XDD 

2010-04-27 [Angelis Nightfall]: ** pokes you & then sits down curling up, then lays on a big bean bag.**

2010-05-27 [Chaotix Palidien]: ** cuddles ** 

2010-05-27 [Angelis Nightfall]: ** curls up against you.**

2010-07-19 [Angelis Nightfall]: ** Smiles quietly & then nuzzles Brian. Hums softly to a song in her head, then glances to him.**

2010-07-20 [Chaotix Palidien]: o.o;  my charecter is a figgity bad ass :O  >_>;  &_&;

2010-07-20 [Angelis Nightfall]: Errrr why do you say that?

2010-07-20 [Angelis Nightfall]: Oh by the way here in the wiki, where it says this ---->
NOTE: I need a new main character and it has to be a female, please message me if you are intrested. Do you still need someone, because i could try to help out there.

2010-07-21 [Chaotix Palidien]: thats what i wa telling you about lol  i need a player to play as mia the main charecter of my stories >>  plus once your up here you could play a charecter of your own creation as well as the main protaganist ^_^; 

2010-07-22 [Angelis Nightfall]: Alright i wasn't sure if you meant that or not, but ok i will do what i can. ^__^

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