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Chi-chi Adreth

Created By [Lin Star]
For Magic Simplicity




User Name:
(Just to know who you are or well your Elftown account, so I can contact you if there is something you need to know.)

Character Name:
(Of course, otherwise what should we call him/her?)
Chi-chi Adreth

Character Age:
(Age of your character, generally around 16 - 19, can be more, can be less but as a student then that's the normal age.)

Character Weight:
(Kilograms preferably but the other can be accepted as well.)
53.5 kg (118 lb.)

Character Height:
(Meters and Centimeters also preferably.)
1.35 m (4'5")

Character Appearance:
(The usual, how he/she is built, their clothing and all that.)
Chi-chi wears exactly what she's supposed to: the uniform. As odd as it sounds, she is usually seen in the most common style school uniform, wearing a plain sleeveless tunic that ends just past mid-thigh over a plain colored, long sleeved shirt, belted around her waist. She wears basic boots that tie around her calf. She braids her long hair in one giant braid all the time. Her pale, peachy skin is as average as her brown eye color is. Her hair is a stunning platinum blonde that is natural. While she is proportionate to her short height and small figure, she packs a wallop with her natural charisma and general personality presence. Despite her age, she looks literally 12 or younger sometimes and knows it.

Character Occupation:
(If he is to actually be a magi or a towns-person, meaning a soldier, mercenary, thief or something like that. And if he is a magi then what grade.)
Magi; Rookie

Character Element:
(For mages, what kind of element they are ^^)
Earth; Creation

(What your character did before and all that jazz.)
Chi-chi is probably the most average person anyone could ever really know. She has both parents back home and an older brother, Jyung, 22, who's getting married in 2 years and an older sister, Ya-ya, 28, who is already married. She is the second child of the Adreth family to become a magi, her sister being an air magi who left to study abroad with her husband, Rolen, 29. Chi-chi grew up quite normally and has only recently shown her abilities and been sent off to school.

Character Weapon(s) and the appearance of it/them:
(Due to both townspeople and magi can have different looking weapons, for example for magis then the shape of their staff, you are by the way here free to use a drawing if you prefer that.)
Wooden staff that separates like stunted branches at the top and twist around empty space, coming together near the top but not closing.

Character personality:
(You know the usual, gloomy, cheerfully, evil or shy or any of all that which you normally put here.)
The words average, plain, ordinary come to mind, but quirky covers Chi-chi far better. Chi-chi is one of those girls who cannot just sit and watch all day, but she can't do something all day long. She's got a very balanced way of thinking that surprises most and some of the strangest interests that she rarely can list them all without distraction. She's not ADD or anything, just can pick things up quickly.


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