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Golden Promise - "Christmas Pegasus" - On Elftown




"Christmas Pegasus"

Oh, thy great Pegasus, flying way up high,
Soaring across the heavens, such wonder in the sky.
Through the clouds on golden hooves you dance,
Gracefully you glide, majestically you prance.
Your shimmering wings glisten, capturing each ray of gold,
Truly an essence of beauty as legends have been told.

<i>Art and poem by [Artsieladie], aka Sharon Donnelly </i>
<i>Poem: © 2010-12-23 04:55:15  </i>
<i>Art: © 2009-12-20 (Golden Promise Pegasus) © 2010-12-20 (Golden Promise - Christmas Pegasus)</i>
<i>SEE ALSO: Christ-mas_Pegasus and Christmas_Pegasus.</i>
(The poem is in its entirety on Christ-mas_Pegasus.)

Brief description in regards to my "Golden Promise Pegasus":
The Pegasus in this artwork is my "Golden_Promise_Pegasus". As I was creating him, the idea of the
rainbow in the sky, which he could be jumping over, continually invaded my thoughts. The rainbow is a
symbolism of God's Promise that He will never again flood the earth.

Since Medusa, Pegasus' mother, a Gorgon, had golden hair and wings, the idea of picturing Pegasus
with some of his mother's characteristics, I rather like. Hence, his golden mane, tail, and forelock, along
with his golden hooves and wings, as inherited golden characteristics, I include in my rendition of the
great Pegasus.

Therefore, these two explanations put together, are the factors that played the definitive role in the
naming of this Pegasus of mine. It has also been interesting and rather a nice compliment, seeing it is
my Pegasus with "golden attributes" that has gotten the attention of many; it is my Pegasus that has
and does stand out among the rest, most of which are white, but in the world of equines, of horsemen
and horsewomen, the colour is really considered to be "grey" or "gray", depending on which English
you use or speak. The only true white horse is the Albino, which also has blue, pink, or glass eyes.

NOTE: With this piece, there are two small details that need to be corrected and I corrected them in my
Christ-mas_Pegasus, when I changed the word "Christmas" to "Christ"-mas, but since I'm working on
another, much more involved image of Golden_Promise for Elftown, non-Christmas related, I'll likely not
worry about this one for it takes me about 2 1/2 hours to upload an image of this size.


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