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This in an anthro pirate roleplay. Feel free to join in if you like, just let me [Himura Kenji] know first!

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Asper had realized that one of the ships had simply dissapeared, as the first longboat for the rescue attempt went out. It didn't take lone, once she brought her full attentions to the situation to realize what had happened. She could feel it... the leviathan. A dead thing... she cursed herself silently, for not having noticed it before. Even as she began to mentally track the creature, simply through the pure level of necromantic energy that had awakened and fueled the dire creature. As such, the wolfgirl was caught a little unawares when the longboat returned, bearing the blanket-wrapped Shadowlin. Adjusting her cloak and her long sword, she swiftly moved to the edge of the deck, helping the others lift the unconscious girl on board. Asper knelt beside the feline, her armored fingers amazingly gentle as she checked the other girl's pulse, and her breathing. "Still alive at least..." She paused thoughtfully, then carefully went about moving the blankets, checking the state of the Shadowlin's body, checking and prioritizing any injuries the girl had taken when the other ship had been taken down- no, eaten. Asper shivered slightly, feeling the creature far below their small fleet shift, circling like a shark. An impossibly large shark...

Drawing a curved knife from her belt, Asper extended one arm, palm up and flexed her wrist. With a quick, practiced movement, she drew the knife in under one of the armor braces that protected her fore arms, creating a long clean cut through the soft ivory fur beneath. Blood welled up from the cut, and she could feel it after a moment trickling underneath her armor. Drawing in a soft, hissing breath, the wolfgirl turned her arm back down, angling her hand down towards Shadowlin. Blood seeped down, trailing across her slender wrist and to her palm. Murmering softly in german, the wolfgirl half closed her eyes, as a soft, icy blue glow formed around her palm. Her blood, as it pooled at her palm and gathered, not quite dripping yet, took on a white-silver light of it's own. Blood magic. Asper's unique healing, as she drew out her own strengths to heal the other girl's injuries, or at the very least bring proper warmth back to her body.

Shadowlin slowly opend her eyes to see a silver eyed wolfgirl looking intently at her. She looked around a little confused as where she was and what acctually had happend. All she knew what that she was not so cold anymore. "what...what happend" she moaned slightly trying to look around but the pain in the back of her eyes still throbed there but was now bearable. There seemed to be allot going on around her. Again she found herself staring at the the wolfgirl understanding that she was there to help and asked "where am i? what happend to the ship i was on?"

Sparhawk was standing near her, towering over other creatures, the large badger looked over at the floating debree and then back to the girl lying on the floor "Uhh... Twas eaten." he said bluntly and hunched down "How're you feeling?" he asked, his face was scarred but warm.

Vanion rolled his eyes and dropped down from where he was standing "How do you think she's feeling Gold? She was almost killed." He said bluntly, his face was hard and cold, his black fur matching his black persona.

"Eaten?" The wet white tiger looked around shocked wondering what could have taken down the ship so easily. "wow what ship am i on now?" "and who are you?" Shadowlin was starting to feel a little better and the chill was slowly leaving her body but she still had a bit of a headache.

Asper gently pressed one armored hand against the Tigress' shoulder. "You are still in shock, please do not strain yourself." She paused, glancing to the reassuring form of Sparhawk. "You are on the Dragon's Mane, captained by the Dragon, sir Kyrax. I am Miss Steinloch, medical officer of this vessel." Her soft voice fell silent, as she glanced to Sparhawk and then Vanion. The wolfgirl gave Shadowlin's shoulder a gentle squeeze along with a breif, small smile. "You are safe here."

Feeling a little reasured Shadowlin relaxed and laydown again sensing that she was in good hands and that nothing would harm her for the moment. "thank you Miss Steinloch" Reasured by the presence of the strange silver wolfgirl. "did anyone else survive?" she asked suddenly hoping someone else escaped the fate of her ship.

Kyrax saw Sparhawk and Asper talking to one of the survivors of the first attack; he walked over to them and knelt down next to Asper “well now!” he said in a calming tone “welcome aboard” he smiled assuringly “how do you feel?”

"Don't know yet, we're still looking," came Fen's voice from a few feet away, "there are a few other longboats looking though, we may still find a few," Fen tried to assure the tiger girl. "Captain, might I suggest a flyer fly over the debris and look for other survivors? It may be faster than searching through the debris by boat,"

Ruben looked up and down the island's shore line, "alright, pick a direction, and remember, we're here for recon, not to take on the entire island by ourselves," Ruben looked at deadeye knowingly, but without amusment. "The sooner we get off this rock and tell the captain what's going on so we can attack with re-enforcements the better," Ruben began walking towards the trees where he would be able to disappear and move un-noticed more easily.

Deadeye grinned “I know our orders” he said in a slightly annoyed tone, he looked down the beach towards the east “I’ll see what’s this way” and he headed off down the beach towards the distant treeline.

The ocean darkened beneath the Naval Ship, Templar's Wind as the Leviathan surged upwards from the inky frozen depths where it had been circling. Despite having more forwarning that the Myrea, nothing on the battle ship was made to fire into targets below the water's surface. Her two full decks of cannon were worthless as the creature exploded out of the water, it's terrible gargantuan jaws sheering away the rudder and rear decks, leaving her crippled in the water. Spines rose from along it's back, as the leviathan snapped it head around. It was like an eel, when it held it's entire head above the water... It's head alone was nearly the size of the Templar's Wind. Nearly the size of a full gunship. Across the waters that seperated the crippled ship from the rest of their small fleet, screams of injured and dying erupted in an eery, echoing din. The gunnery seargent was experienced, and despite the fact that she had already begun to sink, the Wind managed to get a full broadside off into the creature as it remained surface just beside them. It let out an unearthly keening howl, spines nearly the size of masts shaking along its back and neck, black and red glistening in the craters torn through it's unholy flesh from the heavy cannon barrage. It shifted, and struck like a serpent, it's jaws crushing in around the side of the Templar's Wind, teeth crashing down into her top deck and the bottom of her hull at the same time. The leviathan held the side of the broken ship, it's terrible jaws shattering the gun decks all along the side. Then, it simply swung the ship, and impossible feat if the creature hadn't been so terribly monstrously huge. Impossibly, the leviathan dragged the entire bulk of the naval ship half underwater, and then away from the rest of the fleet, towards the island. Far out of their range, but just within sight of telescopes or keen eyes, the leviathan stopped. It couldn't reach the shores of the isle on this side, the shallows stopped it and the ship it had dragged there. The leviathan tore the Templar's Wind in two, sending one half through the air to crash into the shoreline, half submerged, as the other sank as a mass of shattered spars and decks, leaving the ends of it's masts and a mass of wreckage and bodies marking where it lay beneath the surface just off the shore. The leviathan let out an eery, high pitched howl of triumph, then pulled away from the island and dissapeared into the depths again.

Fen heard it again, the sound of wood creaking under strain, and then snappin violently under the stress. Immediately he turned around and ran to the railing closest to where he'd heard the sound comming from, "oh no," he said out loud, "Captain it's got another ship, she's being hauled towards the island sir! With all due respect sir, the rest of the ships should find shallows where that thing can't get at us, for all we know we could be next!" Fen was bordering on panic as he watched the boat hauled and dragged along the rocks leading to the shore leaving debris, and crewmen, strewn into the sea.

Kyrax got to his feet and looked at the debris from the latest attack, he turned to Sparhawk “get out there with your teams, get to those survivors” he then turned to Fen “find every flyer on this ship, if they’ve got wings, I want them out there helping me to gather the any and all survivors” he spread his wings and took off for the growing debris field that used to be a small fleet.

The loud snap of wood shocked the tiger girl. She imediatly stood up throwing off the blankets that had been wraped around her to see the water filled with debris from the two ships that had been distroyed. Suddenly her head started to spin from getting up to fast as she reached out for the closest person for stability as she watched the crew scramble to get help out to the would be survivors.

"Right," Fen said as he took off at a run to the nearest flyer. Fen combed the top deck and the lower decks for anyone who could take to the skies, as per his captain's orders.

Sparhawk instantly took charge when the ship's were destroyed, gently pushing the already injured girl down he rose to his full height speaking to the pirates that had already helped him out "You lot back on the boat, we need to look for more, lets move we haven't got all day!" He said climbing down, once they were settled the boat pushed away and started towards the wreckage "Come on.... let some more be alive." He muttered to himself. After a few minutes of sweeping Sparhawk finally came into luck. There were four creatures clinging to a large hunk of wood, one was concious but the others appeared to be out cold, Sparhawk quickly pointed and started heaving the creaturess on, the wolf girl was the only one awake and seemed more worried about the others. As Sparhawk pulled an unconcious squirrel from the water he grunted "Jeez that tail must have a -grunt- gallon of water innit!" Finally getting the four soaked injured creatures on he looked around before pointing "Back to the ship, then we'll do another sweep."

Now sitting on the deck again after being gently pushed down the tigress looked around watching the crew scramble into the air and onto boats to search the water for more survivors. Shadowlin slowly stood up under her own power and this time not being so dizzy looked at the silver wolf girl who was helping her. “I hope more survive it would be a gross loss of life” she commented, “if only i could do something the help” a hidden sadness reflected in her ice blue eyes as she made her way closer to the water watching and hoping that more could be rescued from the clutches of the icy cold water.

He coughed up the sand that had invaded his mourh, and rubbed the salty water from his eyes. I'm alive? he thought to himself. Slowly, as his vision cleared, and he could see that he was on the island, Oh no, was the only thought that came to mind. Looking around the shore he saw that there were a few other survivors. Quickly, he sprang into action, checking on his fallen camerades. Three were dead, and six were in rough shape and another dozen or so seemed to be okay, if only a bit shaken from the experiance. "Alright everybody, we need to find help fast. The water's to dangerous, so it's not an option. The beach is to exposed, so that only leaves the tree line. There has to be a harbour around here somewhere, so the sooner we start walkeing the sooner we can get cleaned up and outta here!"

Without a sound, a grey-robed figure broke from the tree line, descending down towards the wreckage-strewn beach. A jackal with dusty gold fur. Her cloak was tattered all along one edge, and the bottom hem. Small strips of gauze and parchment was bound to her cloak, as well as tied around sections of her arms and torso. Her clothing was mostly comprised of a sandy beige-white tunic and matching skirt, with more wrappings covering her wrists and ankles. She was beautiful, except for the terrible sinking feeling that seemed to follow her. Nothing that one could see, but an opressive power. The feeling spread. She paused, pushing back the hood of her cloak. Her clawed paws were empty, devoid of any weapons... but there was still something not obvious at first, but inherently wrong about her. As she started walking across the sandy earth towards the survivors, they could finally see at least one dead giveaway that she was not normal... and certainly not one of those they were meant to save from the island. Her beautiful form was marred... pieces of her dusty, soft gold fur was missing, here and there... and beneath, the layers of skin and muscle had been worn away or fallen away, so that bone showed through. One side of her muzzle was even raggedly opened, up by her cheek. The result was a sickening perpetual half-grin, from her sharp teeth showing through. "You... will be going no where..." Her voice was lush, feathery... but seemed to boom out across the beach, as if to every fur there amongst the survivors, she was speaking from right beside them, directly into their ears. She lifted one paw, and another robed figure appeared, and behind this one, a handful of skeletal, rotted corpses. Walking corpses. Already, the survivors of the Templar's Wind had been found by the necromancers of the island...

Deadeye was creeping through the forest trying to keep from being spotted, he had very little information on who or what was running things here so he tried to avoid being seen for as long as possible, as he was moving through the treetops he picked up the almost overwhelming scent of decay, it was so strong that he could barely make out much else, but he did hear what sounded like a child’s sobs so he followed the sounds to a small clearing where he saw what seemed like a small girl in dirty tattered clothes just sitting there crying, he couldn’t see her face because she was facing away from him, after casting his eyes at the surrounding area he slowly approached the girl and spoke in a soft tone “why are you crying?” the child spoke in a shaky, almost eerie voice that made the hairs on the back of Deadeye’s neck stand on end “someone’s light will soon be gone” was all she said, Deadeye took a small step back and gripped the handle of his sword on his back “who’s light?” as the girl slowly stood up another voice came from the shadows “it’s yours I’m afraid” out of the black trees came a cloaked figure with a hood covering his head “so nice to see a fresh face, pity it won’t be fresh much longer” Deadeye pulled his sword free and growled at the stranger “I doubt you alone can beat me” the stranger raised his hand holding up one finger “alone yes, but I’m far from alone however” suddenly Deadeye felt something grab his left leg, it was the girl and now that Deadeye saw the girls face he saw that it was mostly bare bones with rotting flesh stretched and clinging to it, Deadeye swiped his sword down an sliced the child’s arms off at the shoulders, the girl let out a blood-curdling shriek, suddenly there was another loud shriek from above and then dozens of strange black creatures leapt from the trees and bushes, the stranger waved his hand in a wide sweep “my friends the Skree” Deadeye glared at the small horde around him as he spoke in a low growl “I hate magic” he let out a loud roar as he charged right at them, his blade raised.

It was like a rain of small imp things, they surrounded the panther and ran at him with un-seemingly endless numbers. There were others jumping from the branches and landing on the panther’s back. Some were cleaved into halves, but it didn’t matter, they remained focused on their objective paying no heed to the fallen. The one controlling all of the small imp like creatures knew that even a crossed sword could not hold out forever.

Deadeye took out seven of the Skree with each broad swipe of his sword “come on!” he yelled, “I’ve got nine lives and a whole can of whoop-ass” he knew they would win in the end, the sheer numbers of these things would guarantee it, but that didn’t mean he’d make it easy for them, he grinned as he thrust his sword forward impaling four with one thrust as eight more stepped in to replace them.

Two of the skree imps ran side by side along the ground, each holding a rope in hand. At the last second, they separated from each other, with only the rope connecting them as they ran at the panther’s legs.

Deadeye lept up and somersaulted over the Skree imps and landed behind them, spinning around he sliced them in half before turning to face the rest “please!” he said in a insulted tone “I wasn’t trained yesterday”

Another skree swung down directly behind the panther, attempting to land on his shoulder. Three others leapt up at him attempting to tear and claw his skin in distraction. They would have him, as a prisoner, or as dinner, they didn’t care.

This surprise attack from above caught Deadeye off guard for a moment as he swung his blade around wildly, but since he didn’t have a very tight grip on his sword it flew from his hand and landed behind him, he didn’t notice it as he was busy trying to get rid of the Skree who were swarming him.

One of the skree paused a moment as it looked at the shiny thing that had fallen from the panther’s hands. He picked it up with the strength of the undead, and looked at it curiously. The panther was wrestled to the ground by the others, and a grin suddenly appeared on the face of the skree with the panther’s sword. The skree swung the sword like a bat, and hit the panther square in the side of the head with the flat of the blade, laughing incessantly.

Deadeye struggled for a moment until he felt a sudden sharp strike an the side of his head, for a moment everything flashed bright and he saw stars then as the flash disappeared his vision blurred and quickly lost focus “is that all you got?” he said in a woozy voice before he blacked out.

Ezekiel burst from his cabin, a rolled up map still in hand. He ran out to the middle of the deck just in time to see Kyrax taking to the air, “Damn!” he muttered. Looking around the deck, Ezekiel spotted Coran and quickly ran up to him, “Hey Coran, you have to listen to me okay, there’s a path through the shallows that will take us all safely to the harbour on the island. Take us there now! The ocean gets disrupted around the shallows, so you should just be able to see where the path is deep enough for the ships, you up for it, or do you want this ship to be that things next snack?” he asked, having observed the carnage through the porthole in his mapping room.

“I can assemble some of the crew to look over the edges for extra guidance, no offence Ezekiel but your way of spotting the path seems a bit risky, the more eyes in this case the better,” Fen said from behind Ezekiel. He’d overheard the cheetah’s plan and it sounded risky. With a few of the crew watching for obstacles in the water Fen hoped to make it an easier trip.

Coran looked from Fen to Ezekiel and back to Fen “I want you both on this got that” he looked right at Ezekiel “you’ll be our main guide” then he turned to Fen “and you’ll use his teams Diractions to get us to that Harbour” he turned to oversee the rescue teams but spoke to both of them “what are you waiting for GET ON IT!!!”

Ezekiel jumped a bit, but fen didn’t. Fen grabbed Ezekiel by the arm and dragged him off, “C’mon spots, let’s get to work, the longer this takes the more likely were next!” Ezekiel snapped to, and walked on his own, “Um, where’s Layla?” Ezekiel said, and then spotted, her still at the bow of the boat. Leaving Fen’s side, Ezekiel headed towards Layla, “Layla,” he called out, “Layla, I need you to do something for me. Could you look over the edge of the boat, and keep an eye out for reefs? We don’t want to run aground by getting to close to one,” 

After Ezekiel turned away from him, Fen looked for Sparhawk, “Hey Sparky,” he called out as he spotted the giant badger, “we need to keep eye out for reefs as he look for the harbour, you think you could row out ahead and mark out a rough path for us to follow?” Fen said wanting to make the job as easy as possible.

Glancing up a moment from placing rope where it needed to be hearing her name being called, she whipped some sweat from her forehead seeing it to be Ezekiel she put the rest of her work down and walked over to meet him in the middle. "Ok....take a breath and slow down....can you repeat what you wish of me to do....I cant hear you over the others around here at work. Layla smiled lightly grabbing the spoon full with water and swallowed it down.

“We need to get to the harbour where it’s safe. There’s a shallow path between the reefs where our ships can go, but that monster can’t follow. Coran is going to need spotters at the sides of the boat so we don’t run into a reef and get caught by whatever that thing is out there looking to eat all the ships!” Ezekiel explained.

"Do you think that, that in general would be a thing for me to do since I know little of your boats, how you run them, how to minover it.....You know I was doing pritty fine helping the Doctor downstairs or anyone else that needed my help but as for watching out for reefs. That is a responsibility that I do not think I am ready till you teach me more about your ships." With a embarrassing look Layla picked up some blankets and other little supplies that were in cases and began to head back down below ship to help anyone down below.

Shadowlin watched the comotion going on around her and was able to gleem the jist of what what going on. "Can i help? its the least that i can do" she asked just holding her head slightly." At least another pair of eyes couldnt hurt and its the least that i can do to help out after you all saving my life!" She looked around especially at the silver wolf who had tended to her wounds hoping that she wouldnt object.

Hiding in the supply room, rearranging along with getting supplies that will be needed for the journey when arriving on land. Why didn't you just nod your head Layla and help out with looking out....why do you allow yourself to stay away from the others and do things that confind you into solitude....sometimes girl I just dont understand you. Putting down what she was working on she run up the stiars running into Shadowlin, "Oh.....Sorry.." She looked at Ezekiel, "I will take the nest if you wish or if you need me somewhere then I will go."

Sparhawk turned to Fen, and nodded “On it mate,” he said as he turned and headed back to one of the dinghy’s. Grabbing a bundle of sticks he threw them into the boat. Now for the part of the flags, he thought. Heading down into the lower decks, he headed for the cargo hold and began rummaging around. Looking in one of the crates, he found one of the sails that had been damaged by the storm a few weeks back, and hadn’t been repaired yet. Perfect, taking one of the swords that was lying around, he quickly cut the sail into strips, easy to tie onto the sticks, and then hurried back up to the deck. “You, come with me you’re helping,” he called to Layla.

Ezekiel suddenly heard Sparhawk’s voice, and jumped a little when he realized that Sparhawk meant Layla, “It’s okay dear, you can go with him,” he said, trusting in Sparhawk’s ability to keep her safe, and from what he’d seen Ezekiel was sure that Layla could rescue Sparhawk if needed.

"The name is Layla...Mate learn it remember it and call me by it."Tone was slightly rude and strong when Layla spoke tords Sparhawk, but to not allow him to argue with her she began to follow him.

Asper stood up beside Shadowlin, looking first to Ezekiel, then to the tigress. "It should be alright... but please miss, do not strain yourself." One paw shifted, brushing the hilt of one of her longswords as she looked to the wreckage of the second ship. The leviathan was so impossibly powerful... she had never thought to see a full ship of war fall so fast, let alone a navy gunship. Ezekiel had the right idea though... if they got to the shallows, protected by the reefs around the island, a creature of such size wouldn't be able to reach them. At least, not quite so easily. The tips of her ears fell slightly, as she looked out over the water, deep in thought. In the back of her mind, she could still feel the pull of the leviathan... the sheer amount of dark energy that ran it's body. It is not simply strength and size... it has other abilities as well, I'm sure of it... otherwise there would not be quite so much negative energy infused with it's flesh and being. The wolfgirl suddenly shook her head, as if coming out of a trance. "The Veil..." she murmered softly. The wolfgirl looked to Shadowlin, apologetic for a moment. "I'm sorry miss... I vill be right back... I require a few things from the medical bay."

The tigress smiled at the wolf and nodded her head understandingly. "thank you for your help" then she watched Asper walk away with what looked like allot on her mind. Shadowlin looked around to find someone to ask where she was needed to help out as much as possible in her tired state. "Where am i needed?" she asked.

A flier descended from the skies above the Dragon's Mane. His uniform wasn't that of a messenger, but a marine. Dark red feathers blended well somehow with the tailored overcoat. He was armed with a light but accurate rifle and a sabre, though at the moment he was hoping more than anything that he wouldn't have to use either. Out at sea here, there was only the Horrible Leviathan that was destroying ships. The hawk landed heavily, skidding as he dropped to the deck of the Dragon's Mane, scrambling upright after a moment. "I... I need to speak with the captain... It's an urgent message from Captain Selene."

Coran turned to the Hawk “I’m Coran the First mate, the captain is currently out there” he pointed to the group of fliers circling the wreckage of the other ships “helping with the rescue efforts” he faced the hawk with full confidence “while he’s there, I’m in charge, what’s your message?”

The hawk marine turned to Coran, and paused for a moment, just about to salute before he remembered that this wasn't a naval ship. That threw him off for a moment, before he nodded. "Yes sir... Captain Selene requests the assistance of your Medical Officer... a wolfess by the name of Sten-  Steinlock? I believe.  My commander has a plan, to get rid of that Leviathan. I am to escort her to the S.S. Typhoon, sir."

Coran thought for a moment before turning to Dinn, who seemed to be a nervous wreak looking over the side of the ship trying to find the beast that’s been sinking the ships “hey! Dinn” the cat jumped about a foot into the air before turning around his knees still shaking together, Coran glared at him “I want you to take this hawk down to see Asper” Dinn nodded and turned to the hawk “please follow me” he turned and headed, rather shakily towards the lower decks.

Ruben stopped when he heard and saw another one of the boats being dragged towards the shore. I need to help find a way to stop this, before all of the ships are destroyed, he thought to himself. Reaching under his shirt he pulled out the whistle he’d gotten from the griffin, as per the leviathan’s permission. Blowing onto the whistle, it made no sound, but he knew it’d worked, it was hard to say how he know, instinct maybe. In any case Ruben made his way to where he figured the boat had crashed, to check and see if there were any survivors.

Ruben stopped short of the beach, just of sight of everyone that was assembled there. He could see the survivors and two robed figures and a small hoard of undead. Ruben paused a moment to asses exactly what was happening with the survivors.

One of the men who was least injured stood up from helping one of his fallen wounded crewmen, “Who are you and what do you want with us?” he asked, not intending to go willingly. “I know what you want!” one of the random crewmen screamed out, and ran at them intending to try and kill one of the robed figures.

Sparhawk led Layla over to the boat he'd been using on the rescue missions, “Alright missy, the plan goes like this, I'm going to row ahead of this ship, and you're going to thrust these markers into the highest reefs or breakwater's you see!” he explained, , “we're going to guide this ship to the harbor away from whatever that thing is out there, now hop in!” he said as he jumped into the dingy and prepared to lower it.

“I think I can manage taking on this task” Hopefully I can….gah I hope I don’t get sea sick by being on this little boat…..oh man look at those waves. Climbing in she looked back once more at everyone around her watching the chaos for a brief second before looking at Sparhawk. “Alright I am ready when you are.” Layla held on to much of what she can.

Shadowlin noticed Sparhawk and another girl head over to a small boat and decided to follow. The shy tigress taped Sparhawk on the shoulder remembering that he had introduced himself before. "I would like to help if i can?" she asked quietly hoping that her help would be accepted.

Sparhawk paused in the lowering of the shore boat, and looked at the tigress curiously, “You sure you’re up for the task there lass? You just survived a ship wreck and people don’t usually recover from those quickly,” he said, worried that he may put her under unnecessary stress.

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