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2010-04-24 21:57:15
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coffee painting

this is gonna be fun but weird
fun to paint with coffee
its like a cross between watercolour or ink & GLUE!
weird to photo (its shiney in the darkest parts)
and too big for my scanner

How does one paint with coffee?

in a small bowl put two table spoons instant coffee
add/stir in a small amount/a dribble of hot water
just enough to disolve the coffee into a thick paste
you are not trying to make coffee to drink
you are trying to make paint!
have a second bowl of water only to dip your brush into
for controled washes of coffee stain
you can paint with the thick coffee
either as dry brush for texture
or build up subtle washes of coffee stain
the thicker the coffee the darker the colour

coffee assassin

<img0*350:stuff/coffee%20assassin%202a.jpg> <img0*350:stuff/coffee%20assassin%202b.jpg>
<img0*350:stuff/coffee%20assassin%203a.jpg> <img0*350:stuff/coffee%20assassin%203b.jpg>
had to tilt the board alot not to get glare
when Im finished Ill have to cut it down to fit in my scanner
b/c the camera just doesnt like the shine!
and it didnt stick too baddly to the scanner glass
the only thing not done in coffee is my signature.

'bend sinister'

or the coffee assassin
Im making this for
[Kuehne]'s contest Sketchy Characters Competition

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2006-09-09 [Demon Epona]: Wow, that's awsome. I never knew coffee could be so artistic! XD!!

2006-09-09 [moira hawthorne]: yes most of the time I just use coffee to keep me doing art!

2006-11-28 [Lord Dog]: That is pretty cool

2006-11-28 [moira hawthorne]: it was interesting to do...

2007-01-01 [Nite_Owl]: Haha this is really neat! I wouldn't mind trying this someday...if I ever find something to draw that is heh ^^'

2007-01-01 [moira hawthorne]: lots of things to draw!

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