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death art competition

What this wiki is about:

This Wiki is where you post art about death, it can be of anything death related, make sure you keep to the Uploading art rules. If you have a problem then please don't hesitate to contact [kians mummy]

What will happen with my art:

Your art will be displayed on some of [kians mummy] pages and her profile if that would be ok with you, also you can look at past winners on this wiki:
Wiki under construction



Of Death and Decay
Name: [Vattukatt]

Name: [Madame Black]

Name: Drip
By: [Ravenclaw]



competition ends on 8 entries

The badges:


Advance to:

- Death competition staff
- The Death competitions

Username (or number or email):


2012-02-16 [Vattukatt]: Alright alright. I think I got it right now. Well you can just change it if something looks off I suppose? ^^

2012-02-16 [Madame Black]: soooooooooo........... just artwork, or can it be photography too?

2012-02-16 [kians mummy]: there will be a seperate competition for photography in 1 min

2012-02-17 [Littel Wolf]: Thank you for inviting me for the compition. when is the dead line for entering? please keep me informed.

2012-02-17 [The Dizzy Raven]: Littel Wolf, the deadline is 8 entries. :3 So when the entry submission count is 8, it'll be closed for judging. :)

2012-02-18 [kians mummy]: The deadline is 8 entries. :)

2012-02-18 [kians mummy]: [The Dizzy Raven]: it will be closed for Voting. :)

2012-02-18 [The Dizzy Raven]: ok :) thanks for correcting me ^_^

2012-02-19 [kians mummy]: It's ok xx

2012-02-19 [djxmonster]: Thanks for the invite but for future reference, I don't draw/paint/whatever

2012-02-19 [kians mummy]: Don't you write poetry or do storys

2012-02-19 [kians mummy]: To all staff:

From now on, please can you so the invites to The Death competitions as there is a wider range of competitions there. thanks. :)

2012-02-19 [djxmonster]: nope :) I don't do anything

2012-02-24 [Littel Wolf]: thank you all very much.

2012-02-24 [kians mummy]: Aren't any of you artists submitting to the rest of The death competitions. :)

2012-02-25 [The Reverend]: Elior, thats legit. O.O

2012-02-25 [Vattukatt]: I sure hope ^^ thank you

2012-02-25 [kians mummy]: :)

2012-04-16 [jaraden]: sweet! yet another ultra cool comp idea!! why hasn't anyone come up with this one sooner eh?? i have been toyin witha few ideas, what with me having my kids now and trying to get back into me art! here's a random question for you though.. i've been thinking of putting it out there that i'd design badges for people in the elftown format, but truthfully i have no idea how to go about doing that... any suggestions (baring in mind i am clueless at the min about all things computering...)

2012-04-16 [kians mummy]: Say it on Bored?

2012-04-20 [jaraden]: cheers!!!!

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