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1. Dont whine about getting your ass kicked
2. Dont hold grudges outside of death games
3. No Cyber..or anything sexually explicit
4. Dont just use this page for insulting people, some insults are okay, but this page is mostly for physical attacks, take your insults and gotto insult arena if you must.
5. If someone owns (kills) you, accept it. I don't want to be hearin' about your freakin 'clones' all the time. This rule is in place because people will argue in an idiotic way about who died and who didnt.
6. Don't Spam (Common Sense)
7.Keep on topic, i don't want random conversations going on here, you can send messages to eachother, this is not a junk forum.

[Dil*] is now the new owner, fear

hope this works


a ragged samuri eyes all competiters wearily and vanishes with one word

[Milk and cookies]is confused."should'nt there be more people?oh well"she picks up a chair and tosses it at someone

[Milk and cookies] eats a ragged samori"nummy.needs ketchup though"

everyone is scared to chalange [Milk and cookies]?THEY SHOULD BE!

"anyone crazy enough to challange [Milk and cookies] the great??"

"Ahhhhh!! NOOOOOOOOOO!! dont kill me!! Oh, wait, crazy enough, thats me!!! and your right, it does need ketchup" picks up chair and throws at dark_and_pals [eltonandmom]

[Milk and cookies]inhails chair through nose then sneezes it back at elton."aaaaaCHOOOOOO

A wispy character enters the room and asks for a monkey. When he dicovers they are all out, he starts by flinging random objects! "FOOLS YOU HAVE NOT SOLD ME A MONKEY! NOW YOU SHALL PAY THE ULTIMATE PRICE... $10 DOLLARS" The wispy person booms. "MAKE ALL CHECKS OUT TO Vampire_Soul, THANK YOU ALL FOOLISH NO VAMPIRIAN MORTAL SOUL THINGS!!"

yeah whatever.

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Brought to you, painfully by [Dil*]

hey "stop the voilence"lol

[DarkDestiny] *BLinks looks at the person who wanted a monkey and lezitates a chair and throwns it at him then laughs*

[Dil*] *hits [adnihilo] in the face with a metal mallet and her nose stays wrinkled "mauahhaha the irony!"

[Del] catches the metal mallet with a sheet of steel before it gets to [adnihilo] and then smashes [Dil*] over the head

[Dil*] *shrugs shoulders "bah, your ruining my fun, besides how can you prevent it when it has already been done? You fool!"

[Del] deigns to not answer and hits [Dil*] with an iron pole

[Dil*] *sets [Del]'s hair on fire and pours gasoline on her

[adnihilo] douses the flames on [Del]'s head.

[Dil*] *Sighs~ "defending people now? The quality of this death game page is going down by the second with you two here" *steps on [adnihilo]'s face several times and sulks away to the wreck-room

[Doormat] crucifies [Del] on a thorn cross

[Weeman] gives [Dil*] a going away cake.

[chrius] realizes he hasn't done anything for a while, so he starts screaming "Affe!! Verprügeln Sie meinen Affen!!"

[adnihilo] follows suit "adversus solem ne loquitor!!"

[chrius] looks around for anyone that speaks german

[Dil*] *gashes [chrius]'s eyes out with a corkscrew

[chrius] looks for his eyes "What was that for!?"

[Dil*] "this is death games whatcha-ya expect?" *kicks [adnihilo] in the face

[chrius] "Can't we all just get along?"

[Dil*] "die."

[Weeman] raised his hand. "I can roughly speak German. Ich kann ein bisschen Deutsch sprechen. Es tut mir leid, aber dein Hund ist in meinem Kartoffelsalat.

[chrius] looks at [Weeman] "Do you have any idea what you said? And no, my dog is not your potato salad...."

[Weeman] nodded. "Ja, ich weiss was ich habe gesprochen, gesprocht.... ummm, which one was correct?"

[Dil*] *lights a fuse

[Doormat] yells "die u nazi assfaces"

[Dil*] "working on that, [Doormat]" *building explodes scattering fiery matter in different places (and killing everyone here)

[Weeman] shakes his head. "Its just boring when somebody says 'I kill everybody' so I just ignore it now..."

[chrius] says "I'm only a quarter nazi!!"

[Dil*] *force feeds [Weeman] with gasoline and lights him on fire
*grins evilly as he explodes

[The Scarlet Pumpernickle] *chops off [Weeman]'s head* "muahahahahahah..."

A seed was left when [Weeman] died and his new clone grows at amazing speed. "That's just overkill!!"

[Dil*] *stabs [The Scarlet Pumpernickle]'s eyes out with an oversized novalty plastic spork!!

[The Scarlet Pumpernickle] *goes to the nearest jewelers and replaces her stolen eyes with real cat's eyes. "What's with people stealing my eyes?"

[Dil*] "dunno...ooOOoo Shiny!" *rips [The Scarlet Pumpernickle]'s eyes out of their sockets and runs away cackling madly

[The Scarlet Pumpernickle] "NOT AGAIN!"

[Red_Comet] enters the arena. "This is pathetic" He presses a button on his watch. Suddenly there is a giant red robot behind him. [Red_Comet] gets in the cockpit. "Now Sazabi, Lets show them how to fight"

[Dil*] *shrugs* "pathetic? i dont think thats the word for it" *cuts off [Red_Comet]'s leg and beats him to death with it

[Red_Comet] can't die that easily! *Sazabi steps on [Dil*].* *Laughs manicially* *crunch* *crunch*

[Dil*]*grumble mumble* "damn mecha crazed freaks" *stabs [Red_Comet]'s eyes out with a plastic spoon*

[Red_Comet] has a mask on. *gets out of sazabi* "Fine I'll fight on your level" * shoots [Dil*]*

*lol "you just shot me?" *ahahaaha, [Dil*] cuts off [Red_Comet]'s head with a battle axe and puts his head on a pole

[Doormat] removes a bolt from [Red_Comet]'s robot and watches with satisfaction as it collapses on itself.

Umbraven enters arena *shouts war cry* "Pinapple" Umbraven pulls out a plastic fork. "oh you're dead now!, gahhh!"Stabs [Red_Comet] Die die! fu fu fu-evil laugh

[Inuyoukai, Princess of Thieves] comes in.* All right then, who wants to fight me?

[Diablojr. promptly crucifies [Inuyoukai, Princess of Thieves]

[Anime-Demon] grabs the crucified [Inuyoukai, Princess of Thieves] and runs off into a broom cubord (bad spelling) and locks the door!

[Bovine220] grabs the handle of his very big sharp axe... chops the cuboard into two and slices a nice gory chunk of bloody flesh out [Anime-Demon] arm.   [Anime-Demon] cowers in pain as [Bovine220] kicks him in the nuts..........gets out an hammer and repairs the cupbourd!!!!!  

[Anime-Demon] grabs [Inuyoukai, Princess of Thieves] again (much to her discust) and runs off to a big bedroom to hide.
not before handing [Bovine220] a big present with a grenade inside.

[Weeman] shouts "*boom* ha ha".
and chops up whats left of [Bovine220]

An angel appears throught the front door with a mini gun shout "i'm the angel of death ha ha ha ha ha ha ha" every ones surprise it shoots them into tiny bit but misses [Anime-Demon] who's hdiding beneath the bed......angel walks up to the remains of [Bovine220] and says "HI"..........instantly his mangeled body regenerates.......[Bovine220] steals the angel of death's mini gun and shoots it......jumps o the bed an waits................................................................

[Anime-Demon] randomly pokes a big pointy thing through the bottom of the bed and stabs [Bovine220]

[Tableau Vivant] comes in the room, looks around and starts singing so that everyone will fall to the ground!!!

[Tableau Vivant] "Wha..? GRRRR don't you all like my singing?!"

[Mira Ravenheart] laughs and skips around [Tableau Vivant] 'Of course we like your singing!" she makes a face and puts on ear phones.

[drakkar] *pulls out earplugs* yeah its great encore encore  *puts earplugs back in*

[Mira Ravenheart] smiles innocently and draws her twin daggers.
[drakkar] i think the rules are alive they keep growing ruuuuuun

[Dil*] they wont anymore.
[drakkar] my luck that this will not work

[Tableau Vivant] "WHAT?! why do you have earplugs?!
grrr" *he picks up fluffer the cat and throws it to [Mira Ravenheart]*

[Mira Ravenheart] "What ear plugs?" smiles innocently. "These?" she points at ear phones. "Oh, their just ear phones, I'm listening to the LOTR sound track. It is really very good." Catches the kitty and sets it down gently, then grins at [Tableau Vivant]. "Oh, Vanen, would you like to play with our dear friend here?" She smiles and summons a golden dragon. "Just be careful of his claws."

[Tableau Vivant] "what the...?" *picks up a chair and throws it to the dragon!* "ha! take that!"

[Mira Ravenheart] *laughs happily as the dragon tried to bite [Tableau Vivant]'s head off* *claps hands* "Good show!" *the chair is shattered of the dragon's claw and falls to the ground in peices*

[Tableau Vivant] "aarhg NOT MY HAIR!!!" and he picks up a bigger chair and throws it to the dragons head!

[dee jay] casually wlks in2 th room, avin been dancin in th rain outside, an sees th carnage. confused, he pulls out his tambourine, and bangs it loudly. evry1 turns round, sees [dee jay], n ignores him.
'damn them so much' he says, and throws th tamborine at th nearest thing, tht jus so happens 2 b th dragon.
'oh dear' he says.

[Milk and cookies] returns to kick all your sorry butts.
"who wants to go out for icecream?"
or not
[Milk and cookies] pulls out a chainsaw"hehehehehe blood everywere!"
[Cureless_Toxin]walks in, (immeadately sprayed with blood)"i think im in the right place" walks up behind [Milk and cookies] and sinks her hunting knife into the side of his neck and begins giggleing as blood begins to poole around her feet.
[::Live Life Without the F::] pops out of now where with something strapped to his chest. He then walks up to ~deaths~shado~ and gives a hug !!BOOM!! *blood every where*
[Milk and cookies]pulls knife out of her neck and stabs [Cureless_Toxin] with it before dying on the ground and taken away by paramedics
[Eglagrodion] watches the mess and takes up a bucket with soap and starts to clean...
[The Unicorn Queen of Australia] shoots [Eglagrodion] in the heart with a bow and arrow. HA HA HA!!! NOW I AM THE RULER!!!
[Mira Ravenheart] grabs [The Unicorn Queen of Australia] from behind and strangles her. "I think not!"
[The Unicorn Queen of Australia] spins around and punches [Mira Ravenheart] biatch
[Eglagrodion] pulls arrow aut of shoulder'' hey im the wood elve here, grabs 4 arrows
and does a triple shot followed by a new arrow at [The Unicorn Queen of Australia]
and helps [Mira Ravenheart] up.
''let's get the unicorn guy''.

[Mira Ravenheart] grins and takes arm. "Sounds good to me." She jumps to her feet and, retreaving her twin daggers, swings at [The Unicorn Queen of Australia]'s head.

[Eglagrodion] grabs longsword and swings to the neck of [The Unicorn Queen of Australia]
[The Unicorn Queen of Australia] reaches out and grabs the sword before it gets to her.
but the sword is sharp and cuts thru her hand...
[Eglagrodion] luaghs evil and maniacksly

[Doormat] beats [Eglagrodion] savagely with a dictionary,

[angebob] walks in the room and sits in a corner watching the idiots pathentically brutalizing theyre foes with such pitiful attacks, [angebob] waits for someone to attack him.
[Mira Ravenheart] sits down next to [angebob] and smiles. "hello"
[angebob] looks over at faith and says "hello, fighting no fun for you?" and he gives [Mira Ravenheart] a smile back.
[Mira Ravenheart] "I have nothing against fighting... but I'm just not in the mood" she shrugs casually.
[angebob]gives a grin to [Mira Ravenheart] and swings his sheild over his head and down onto [Mira Ravenheart]'s torso, slashing a hole into her.
[A Forgotten Dream] half smiles. "You are all powerplayers, and imature violent ones at that." Not that she minded violent. [A Forgotten Dream] catches the top[angebob]'s shield and twists it sharply, hitting [angebob] hard with the flat side followed with a cuff to the head.
[A Forgotten Dream] offers [Mira Ravenheart] her hand. "So how's the jerk?"
[angebob] pulls his short sword around from his side and slashes at [A Forgotten Dream] while coming up with his knee to hit heart's unrest's stomach.
[Doormat] promptly comes up behind [angebob] and savagely tears off his head with his teeth
[angebob] pulled a grenade out of his coat right before [Doormat] bit his head off, pulled the pin and as his dead body slumps to the floor, he drops the grenade, and it blows [Doormat] up with angebob's dead body
[Doormat] explodes with so much force his torso and trailing intestines slice [A Forgotten Dream]'s head off
[Celorfiwyn]calmly grabs his rifle (that is hidden under his clothes) walks behind diabloJr,sticks the rifle through diablos pants to a very sensitive hole then pulls the trigger,soforth diablos head blows up sky high spreading pieces off skull and brain evrywhere(luckily i got very good cleaning spells ) and stands above the results of the massacare...
[Doormat] shoves a magic wand into [Celorfiwyn]'s stomach and causes him to crap flaming diarrhea and expell his fluids from his mouth.

yumm...sounds delicious,but its not over yet,[Celorfiwyn]grabs[Doormat]from his throat sticks him sitting on a 7meters long flagpole(which by the way is sharp and covered with shatters of glass,tabasko and just for the taste...a cherry on the top)so as he sits on it ,it slowly moves twards his head causing horrible agony(remembering what the whole shit is covered with,it gives a little extra kick to it,don't you think) and the more he moves and stragles the more faster will the pole slip in his a**...oh and by the way this pole is also used as a ground connection for magic so don't even think of morphing your self out of there or anything...enjoy >8]
[Doormat] shoves [Celorfiwyn]'s magic down his throat and rips his spine out. "I always liked my ribs fresh," Diablo says as he devours [Celorfiwyn]'s body

ooff...this is getting interesting..hmm let's see[Celorfiwyn]rips's [Doormat]'s testicles(assumig he's a guy)out replaces them with hes eyes,eyes he sticks to diablo's ass...mmm must be a beatiful sight,after that Celor rips diablos lips and tongue off and sticks em' to Diablos scrotch(this is an extremely hard masturbating form hich is highly adored amongst fakirs and guru's,they're pretty much the only ones cabable of performing this without braking their back),arent you happy i taught it to you,diablo,there arent many who can do that...after this ashaming session [Celorfiwyn]takes his somewhat weird looking tools and rips diablos skin off exposing the bare nerve system to everything possible alone the wind now causes extreme pain,not to mention the chili powder Celor sprouded on him (considering this i propably should let him die)...grande finale:[Celorfiwyn] summons a giant boot which slowly crushes [Doormat] into a little pile of smashed bones and blood...see you in crematory :)

[Doormat] walks out of the boot and slashes [Celorfiwyn] with a dirty HIV infected bottle. Then he throws salt, alcohol, lemons, vinegar, and hydrolic acid on the wounds so they fester.

yikes...i can't respond now please leave a message after the 'beeb'...i g2g...but i'll be back

[Celorfiwyn]returns from the hospital somewhat broken,he gives [Diablo jr] a murderous stare and jumps straight at him,( im sorry ,but i couldn't think of a more painful revenge) and simply rapes him,sticks the antidote to his own arm and laughs hysterically,since that was the only antidote,but then he realizes what he just did and goes home ashamed...damn!

[angebob] walks in and sees a massacure where he used to fight, he looks for a severed head, finds one with long hair laying on the ground, picks up a oddly made glass covered and something else on it, sticks the head to it and starts cleaning. "resurection sucks, i always come back as the janitor" he says then walks away fealing kind f awkward after cleaning a mess like that, "i mgonna take a shower" he says to himself then leaves.

Suddenly [Amor Vincit Omnia] walks in with a huge bright shining smile that blinds everybody in the room including [angebob] and takes a bow and arrow and shoots directly into everybodys heart and they die instantly ~walks away~

"Hey [Amor Vincit Omnia] you missed me!" walks over and on bodies littered on the floor. "Talk about making a girl feel special. You could at least got me in the leg!" Punches [Amor Vincit Omnia] in the face. "But you kill everyone else and let me live! That hurt!" Jumps up wall and uses it as leverage to kick [Amor Vincit Omnia] in the head. Lands on a guy making his way up off the ground and puches him, knocking him unconcious.

[Akayume] kicks [angelbob] "ha!"

[coochycoo] loads knives into an uzi "aaaaaaargh" shoots in every direction

[angebob] wakes up to someone kicking him "bastard" he says then grabs his lag and slams [Akayume] into a wall face first.(its [angebob] not [anglebob])

[Akayume] oh whatever. (and its leg, not lag)

[IcyFollower] picks up [Akayume] and chuck's her at a wall

[IcyFollower] gravs a steal bat and hits [Akayume] upside the head!

[Akayume]*chops off link's head* idiot.

[IcyFollower]puts his head back on with duck tape

[Akayume] <.<''' *chops links body in half and hides one half somewhere*

[IcyFollower] grows lower half back then savigaly bites [Akayume]'s head off

[Akayume] *puts head back on* *sticks tongue out*

[IcyFollower] laughing while mooning [Akayume] then [IcyFollower]'s pet monkey gravs 2 uzi's and shoots at every one in the room except [IcyFollower]and then [IcyFollower] devores [Akayume]'s body

[Akayume] *comes back in spirit and takes over your body*

[IcyFollower] pukes up [Akayume]'s body

[Akayume] makes you walk into a wall numerous times.

[IcyFollower] ow.........

[Jayy Will Murder] walks in strapped with swords, sawed of shot gun, and a wand. (heehee) Points shotgun at [Akayume]s head and blows it to bunch of itsy spiders.

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2007-07-13 [IcyFollower]: <img:stuff/dand-gif.gif>

2007-07-25 [Love and Chaos]: ?????????*gives odd look of unbelief* are a sad, sick , little man......

2007-07-26 [Robert Kerber]: no he is just my little brother

2007-07-29 [IcyFollower]: <img:stuff/m-jpg.gif>uh so?<img:44166_1164218141.gif>

2007-07-29 [IcyFollower]: licks a lolipop waiting for grenade to blow up any second......................<img:44166_1164557371.gif>

2007-08-16 [Love and Chaos]: *BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!* I hope you didn't lose any vital organs as they become my trophies....

2007-09-23 [IcyFollower]: ha ha you got blown up bro what an idiot standing on a grenade(oh god better lock my room door<img:44166_1164903241.gif>)

2007-10-06 [deadlynight shade]: walks into room lifts up a broad sword rams it trough [ Karkur] door openig the lock.... slips trough the door fram and beheads [ Karkur] as he sit before his computer

2007-10-14 [IcyFollower]: "a sly voice comes from nowhere"hahahahaha(shoots arrow at shades head)

2007-10-14 [IcyFollower]: I will kill you with my elven army MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!

2007-11-24 [Love and Chaos]: Uh dude, dont you read? NO ARMIES. its in the rules. * slices up [IcyFollower] with broadsword*

2007-11-24 [Love and Chaos]: Uh dude, dont you read? NO ARMIES. its in the rules. * slices up [IcyFollower] with broadsword*

2007-11-25 [IcyFollower]: it doesn't say it in the rules.......<img:stuff/Br23-gif.gif>

2008-03-19 [Love and Chaos]: Its still cheap.

2008-03-20 [Doormat]: *Eats Karkur's army. WAT NAO!! 'w'

2008-03-20 [Love and Chaos]: Nice.

2008-08-21 [IcyFollower]: <img:stuff/m-jpg.gif> ok (pokes Doormat's forehead with a dead bunny)lol<img:stuff/mood10_gif.gif>{SUCKER}

2008-09-29 [wimplo350]: <img:stuff/walks_in_and_sees_dead_bunny.gif> (walks in and sees dead bunny)and exclaims, THEY HAVE ARRIVED AND THEY SHALL DIE, as I pull out long sword and slices through [IcyFollower].

2008-11-01 [deadlynight shade]: Takes [IcyFollower] remains and uses his entrails to strangle [ Love and Chaos] when his body goes limp and every bit of life is drained from his useless corpse he turns his attention to [Doormat] gouging out his eyes the lobotomizing him with a his bloody fist   

2008-11-04 [Doormat]: *Fires out his spine and eviscerates [deadlynight shade]*

2008-11-30 [IcyFollower]: my tummy hurts<img:44166_1164145272.gif>

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