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Dilandau's Philosophy

Attempted Philosophy.

A bit about my philosophical background
-1st I read about atheism obsessively on the net
-Found out about nihilism, was obsessed with it
-read some Nietzsche
-read some Kant
-read about creationism vs. intelligent design (creationism)
-I debate with philosophers dilandau's debates
-random net articles
-atheology on

Actually, that's nothing really, I'm pretty ignorant. But I'm good at arguing. I could argue myself out of a cardboard box. The significance of that? I'm not sure.

I spend way more time thinking than anything else. I prefer to come up with my own ideas.

Cultural/Moral Relativism is Bullshit
why pro-choice is better
dil's rant on kant
philosopher's asylum
"Why I am so clever"
a criticism of modern art
***strong atheism: A philosophical Justification
morality: my take
Dil: On Death
A take on Free Will and God
random thoughts of a deranged teen
mere morality
self centered philosophy

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2006-06-02 [Jeesum Crowe]: 'Philisophical?'

2006-06-02 [Dil*]: nooooooooooooo spelling error! ahh.

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