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EMO KIDS ARE NOT HUMAN! (written by mandi)

They are actually a type of fish... i will first explain this by relating it to the reproductive cycle of the salmon..

The female salmon releases the eggs and dies, then the male
salmon releases sperm onto the eggs and aswell dies.So this is how i relate it to emo kids: since emo kids dont
actually have sex, cos they are too young, there population
grows there is only one way to explain this; the male and
female emos lay in bed and cuddle for a few hours, then the
female emo becomes drastically over emotional and kills
herself via slitting. the male emo deciding he cannot go on
without his mate also kills himself via sliting by use the
same razor. the blood of the dead emos mixes in the puddle
and out of that genetic mixture of blood rise new emos in a
greater number (usually ranging from 6 to 8 ) than needed to
create the batch.

thus we deduce that emos are in reallity not human, but a
type of fish.

*Charlotte's contribution*


"BOOOOO FRIGGEDDDY HOOOOOO" *slash slash* (me an Guy have a cry over our gayness)


EMO???? scharlote needs to laern how to reed :P (and spele)

emo's smell like whingey music that makes even me go "eeeeeeew"

EMO (ee-moe-)

a cross between skater punks and goths. two of the worst
geners possible had anal sex and a horrible mutant was born

it was emo

Emos are whinging little faggots who cut themselves.. think
only of themselves and how pitifull thier existance is..
they are attention seekers,and try to be hardcore.. in
actuality they have no core and are a soft and as poserish
as humanly possible.

this is an example of what a simple guitar can do to influence
the musically ignorant working class:

maybe we need such a device for emos?!

Here I will attempt to demonstrate the effect some good old fashioned metal can have on an emo kid.

Here we see the emo fag before he becomes enlightened.


We will now introduce some of the following:


I believe the results speak for themselves:


a present from [earthkynd]

Tidings from [-elv-]
Added by [Bad Wolf]
from [member - deleted]

any other material on the subject would be great..

feel free to join this wiki!

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2006-03-14 [imbacon88]: never you mind schmendall you poor little soul, i forgot to go to that 'oh so very important' work meeting tonight hahah

2006-03-15 [member - deleted]: i was sick, so i got out of it :)

2006-03-15 [imbacon88]: i dont think anyone went! haha my car broke! it no longer turns right! its still driveable though i just cant steer that way hahahar

2006-03-15 [member - deleted]: wow sounds safe-like

2006-03-24 [The Magus]: frog luvs the drawing by Mr mi;lles.. it wos funny

2006-04-30 [~HYPERION~]: raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

2006-04-30 [imbacon88]: does anyone know the emo dude from schmendalls most recent contribution? or is he just some random emo?

2006-04-30 [~HYPERION~]: DIE!!!

2006-04-30 [imbacon88]: me? ooow ok :(

2006-05-01 [~HYPERION~]: green is cool

2006-05-01 [imbacon88]: vomiting in public is not fun

2006-05-01 [The Magus]: HAHAHA!! MAD PICTURE SChmenadaldldllall awsomness!!!

2006-05-02 [~HYPERION~]: lalala

2006-05-02 [member - deleted]: can't remember where i found it, but i am just happy to make a contribution

2006-05-02 [powerz]: hahah thAT emo looks like a dick

2007-07-01 [AndreĢ]: This is pathetic...

2007-07-01 [Glassphyxie.]: No, this is SPARTAAAAAA.
...hi everyone :3

2007-07-08 [The Magus]: PWND~1

2007-08-14 [999999#####]: they feed emos in canada to the bears.

2007-09-15 [ubermarcus]: The only bears we have here wear leather and have handlebar moustaches. I don't like that kind. THey're not cute.

2007-09-16 [MotherSOUND]: This isn't Sparta, [Glassphyxie.], this is the EARTHQUAKE SHELTEEEEER.

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